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Charley Atwell Tantalizing Cleavage Babe

cleavage, DDF Busty - No Comments » - Posted on April, 11 at 1:45 am

charley atwell cleavage
If you haven’t noticed, I will tell you a secret: I love cleavage. I can stare at cleavage all day, and in the summer nothing better than checking out all the girls with their boobs just about hanging out. It’s fucking sexy as it comes. If you want to get my attention, show me your cleavage!

Charley Atwell does just that in this set from DDF Busty, this girl has phenomenal boobs and a great overall look, and she isn’t just about pulling off her clothes and stuffing her boobs in your face (she will get to that later) but she is also into the fine art of teasing and giving us something to think about first. This Cleavage shot is very tasty indeed, showing more than enough to prove that she has a massive rack, while at the same time leaving us feeling like the guy standing in line for the buffet – you know there is a huge meal to be had in a second but for now, you can only look!

You have to love a girl who knows the power of not showing it all off right away, and this set has plenty of the deep cleavage and teasing shots we all love – and the pay off too because her boobs are coming out to play!

Check out more of Charley Atwell at DDF Busty, big boobs means sexy cleavage here!


Samantha Saint Losing Her Bikini

bikini, Samantha Saint - No Comments » - Posted on April, 3 at 4:56 pm

samantha saint bikiniYou have to admit, sexy Samantha Saint is soft on the eyes. This girl is a real stunner, a sexy babe before she even starts to do anything to seduce you.

This hot Tennessee blond is a total babe from end to end, from her blond hair and massive 34DD breasts to her curvy butt, this girl is hot coming or going. This set from her official site has her in a very tiny bikini that is struggling mightily to try to keep everything in check, but as you can see, it’s a losing battle when a tiny bikini fights against such overwhelming assets. The effect is very sexy indeed, you would love to find this hotty on your local beach or perhaps even in your local strip club, because that bikini absolutely rocks.

Samanatha Saint knows sexy – check out her office site for more hotness!


Destiny Moody Has That Sexy Look

Destiny Moody, uniforms, upskirts - No Comments » - Posted on April, 1 at 8:51 pm

destiny moody sexy
Reviewing galleries and model sites looking for hotties for this blog means I get to see a ton of sexy sologirls. Some of them are girl next door, some of them are hotties, but very few of them have that certain it factor that makes them truly sexy.

Now in the case of Destiny Moody, one look at this stunning girl and you know she’s got that special something that makes her a truly sexy creature. I think it’s her dark hair and sultry looks that do it for me, as well as the fact that this girl looks absolutely stunning fully dressed, before taking anything off. She just seems to give off that amazing vibe of being truly sexy.

Then again, I have to admit that a sexy schoolgirl uniform is always a great way to get my attention, and Destiny Moody certainly looks hot like that. She’s not too shy either, and soon this schoolgirl is losing her uniform in the great outdoors and proving that what is under there is even better than what was promised. This girl is super hot and very sexy indeed!

Don’t miss out – check out Destiny Moody’s hot personal site and free galleries here!


Sha Rizel Sexy See Thru Top

large breasts, Scoreland, see thru, Sha Rizel - No Comments » - Posted on March, 24 at 8:09 am

sha rizel see thru topSome girls have that magic it factor that transports them past the sum of their parts and brings them to a level of sexy others can’t seem to touch. That is the impression I get from sexy Sha Rizel.

This new set from Scoreland has this busty hotty in beautiful white top and skirt, and the top is very see thru, so much so that we can see the wonderful pink pattern on her massive bra – trust me she needs it because her breasts are all natural and mind blowingly huge. We are talking something like a G cup of all natural Russian titties here, and they look totally awesome sort of hiding and sort of well exposed. Sha Rizel also has a wonderful overall look, a real hour glass figure, and a very sultry way to present herself. She’s rocking hot and sexy and don’t worry – this girl gets fully nude and then some, no teasing here!

See more of hotty Sha Rizel at Scoreland, they have many sets of this hot busty Russian babe!


Capri Cavanni Sexy Stripper

braless, Capri Cavanni, large breasts - No Comments » - Posted on March, 22 at 10:11 pm

capri cavanni feature danceFor any guy (or girl) who has spent some time in a strip club, you will recognize this pose and this position, it’s the sexy strip club money shot!

The stripper in question is hot pornstar Capri Cavanni (she was Capri Cavalli, and then changed her name…). It’s not hard to imagine her as a feature dancer, because I actually think she really does feature dance stuff. She’s got the look for sure, from the mesh top showing off her massive melons to the boots… ahh the boots, a wonderful piece of sexy all to themselves, thigh high boots with big heels are classic sexy. They are often referred to as Fuck Me Boots or Fuck Me Faster Boots, and they are totally hot. They pretty much have to be custom made for the girl, so these are expensive and truly hot to look at, making her sexy long legs look even longer.

Capri Cavanni knows all the good stripper moves too, she’s got all the positions and angles right, and she does some pretty distracting things with those little white panties too! It’s like a private visit to your favorite gentleman’s club, and that’s pretty sexy!

See more of Capri Cavanni on her personal site, check out her exclusive videos, pics, and more here!


Kirsten Price Sexy Busty Angel

cleavage, Kirsten Price, lingerie - No Comments » - Posted on March, 15 at 7:12 am

kirsten price bustyI will be honest that in the porn world, it’s pretty rare to get a shot that makes you stop and take notice. There is plenty of poorly lit, schlock stuff that fills the pages of most sites and makes you wonder if anyone even looked at it. However, this incredibly sexy set with Kirsten Price pretty much redeems the entire industry, and the lighting isn’t even that good!

Kirsten Price is a hotty, that much is clear. Before anything else, this girl has that special look that only true babes seem to have. She’s not perfect, and that’s pretty much the key – she’s smoldering hot in a wildly defiant way, sexy because she feels it, and she exudes that sexuality completely. This set has her dressed as a red wing angel (and you have to say there are probably a few snickering jokes that went down at the time), and she looks stunning. Kirsten Price just looks at the camera and most guys start getting wood.

Her lingerie matches and it’s exceptionally nice too, pushing up her (somewhat unnatural) boobs in a more enjoyable way, giving her a big cleavage that still almost cannot compete with her overall sexuality. This girl just smokes no matter what. That she gets full nude and proves that she has the goods to match up to that attitude only makes the whole situation a little more sexy than it already is.

This girl is hot! Check out more of Kirsten Price on her new official site here!


Justene Jaro Massive Sexy Cleavage Shot

cleavage, Justene Jaro - No Comments » - Posted on March, 5 at 5:53 pm

justene jaro titsStunning hot figure model and babe Justene Jaro is back with a new set, and perhaps something more important: A new site dedicated to this sexy hotty.

Justene Jaro is a curvy hotty for sure, a model and babe who is more swimsuit model than porn star. She’s got the sort of look that you know is top line magazine model, and she knows how to show it all off so well. This set from her new site has her showing off in a very small top and a tight pair of black pants that shwos off her generous curves so well. This girl has a ton of boobs, and an ass that is almost a perfect match – she’s got curves all over the place!

This sexy babe has been in Penthouse and all the top men’s mags, so it should be no surprise that she knows how to drive us wild with her sexy ass and amazing cleavage. This shot is a perfect example of how sexy Justene Jaro goes about raising your blood pressure… and it’s working!

Check out Club Justene Jaro for more of this insanely hot and sexy babe – get in here!


Wow Girls Nomi Is So Sexy

Wow Girls - 2 Comments » - Posted on March, 3 at 11:27 am

wow girls nomi sexy
Any time someone tries to tell that sexy is soemthing to do only with tits and ass, you can just point them to this set from Wow Girls with sexy blond Nomi, and you will prove them wrong every time.

It is honestly incredibly rare for me to post up such an incredibly hot facial closeup of a girl, but Nomi is one of those rare girls who is just so pretty, so sexy, and so seductive just looking at you that you don’t even have to see the rest of her to know she is sexy. Don’t worry, no surprises, this girl is sexy all over and has great tanlines too. But for me it’s her sexy face, her blue eyes and perfect cute smile that catches me right away, she’s one of those girls who was probably voted most pretty in her class every year, probably had every guy in school trying to hit on her, and gets stared at all the time in public – and that is even if she isn’t wearing anything that shows her off. She’s just that sexy!

Now, the rest of her is smoking hot too, she’s got firm small breasts and an amazing set of tanlines that will tease and tantalize you, her breasts are so perky that you will stare, and the rest, well… you need to discover more yourself because this girl is just so frigging hot!

See more of sexy Nomi at Wow Girls – girls so hot, you will say Wow! Instant access here!


Amy Anderssen Massive Underboob Shot

Amy Anderssen, cleavage, underboob - 1 Comment » - Posted on February, 26 at 1:13 am

amy anderssen underboobWhile it’s sideboob that gets all the attention (mostly because of that insanely funny anti-FCC episode of Family Guy), underboob is perhaps one of the most sexy things a girl can show without actually showing something at all. In many cases, good underboob is a case of a shirt too short, or too loose, or well, other reasons. This is other reasons for sure!

I found Amy Anderssen in this scene from Naughty America, and while the scene is hardcore, the girl is pure sexy and knows how to show it, and this shot is enough to make you stare. She’s a hotty, no doubt about it, with the hair, the eyes, the makeup, and everything else to turn heads. That is all before we get to her absolutely gigantic breasts. I mean, titanic class material here for sure, her boobs are overflowingly good, which in turn leads to this amazing underboob shot. It works in part because there is almost no way for her to get the insanely tight top off gracefully, and also because no matter what, her huge boobs are going to be part of any shot of this sexy girl.

Check out the full set with Sexy Amy Anderssen at Naughty America, she’s a hotty for sure!


Natasha Belle Sexy In Lingerie

lingerie, Natasha Belle - No Comments » - Posted on February, 19 at 3:17 am

natasha belle lingerieSexy Amateur hotty Natasha Belle is back with another hot fresh set from her personal site, and this time out she is proving that hot girls always look amazing in lingerie.

This lingerie set is a black polka dot top with sheer fabric in the middle, just barely shading her equally sexy polka dot panties. Those are some pretty tiny low rise panties too, very sexy and they work well with her curvy butt. It’s funny because Natasha Belle is almost nervous shy in this set, but she looks absolutely amazing and natural, and perhaps that is what is freaking her out so much. She’s really a stunning girl, and she knows how to show it off really well without having to get too pushy.

In the end her sexy smile comes through, and Natasha Belle rewards us with an amazing show of her sexy body and lingerie that will leave all of us smiling too!

Check out more of sexy Natasha Belle here!


Heather Summers Shows Her MILFy Deep Dish Cleavage

bikini, blonde, cleavage, HustlerHD - 1 Comment » - Posted on February, 5 at 11:58 pm

heather summers cleavageHeather Summers is one of those girls you always tend to dream about, this sexy 20 something babe is really quite a hotty, and this classic set from Hustler shows her off at her very best.

It takes a certain quality of cleavage to pull off a pose like this, girls with smaller boobs try but you know they are pushing them up. No Heather Summers, she’s got a great 34DD-25-33 body and her big boobs are so sweet, and she doesn’t mind showing them off in this set. Her bikini is pretty much overwhelmed, and she has that proud sort of “look at my big boobs” look on her face, confident and sexy!

Heather Summers has since retired from the porn world, but sets like this remind us of how sexy this busty Canadian hotty is!

Check out this full scene at Hustler -she’s sexy and naughty too!


Patty Michova Cleavage To The Max

braless, cleavage, Scoreland - No Comments » - Posted on January, 21 at 10:41 am

patty michova cleavageThis is the second time that I feature busty Slovakian babe Patty Michova and her amazing natural breasts here on the sexy blog, because this girl really knows how to get our attention.

Stunning Patty has an amazing natural body with a pair of 38F breasts that are all natural and all yummy. She doesn’t just whip them out either, she knows the power of cleavage nad how sexy it is to make us wait just a bit, so she gives us a great show in the front zipper workout thing, looking just so hot. Her big titties are awesome, that is for sure, and her deep sexy cleavage is traffic stopping quality stuff for sure.

Moreover, she isn’t shy to finally let them out either, so you don’t have to worry about the tease – this sexy hotty gets her big baps out and proves that they are just as sexy when she lets them loose!

Check out more of busty Patty Michova at Scoreland, check out all her exclusive stuff!


Black Mesh Top With Nikki Sims

Nikki Sims, sexy eyes - 2 Comments » - Posted on December, 31 at 9:14 pm

nikki sims mesh topIt’s not the first time I feature Nikki Sims on the SXXY Sexy Girl blog, and these is a reason: She’s frigging hot in an almost natural sort of way.

It’s also not the first time I feature Nikki Sims in a mesh top, it’s one of those things that seems to do amazing things for her look. She’s a hotty for sure, near fashion model babe with a totally killer body and a great attitude. She’s also more than willing to flaunt her sexy body and drive us wild. She’s super sexy but almost approachable, the sort of girl you might meet in a bar and actually chat up with some success, rather than getting the cold shoulder.

Nikki Sims also has her own website, packed with plenty of exclusive sets, videos, and playful things, and this hotty is a bit of a show off that loves your attention!

Check out Nikki Sims personal sexy site here, this girl is hot and sexy and ready for you!


Marina Viscounti Busty Bikini Babe

bikini, large breasts - 2 Comments » - Posted on December, 18 at 8:57 pm

marina viscounti bikini babeNothing says sexy like a hot babe with big boobs in a bikini, and Marina Viscounti is really doing for me this morning.

Maybe it’s the fact that winter is here and it’s cold this morning, but this shot of sexy Marina Viscounti is certainly warming me up. This girl has an amazing natural body and sexy full natural breasts, and the bikini is just perfect. She could wear it to a public beach is she wanted too, but she might need a body guard or two! She isn’t shy to show it all off too, and she oils up her sexy body in this wonderful outdoor set.

She’s also more than willing to go, if you know what I mean, so not only is this girl a sexy tease, she’s also hot and ready for some naughty sexy fun under the sun!

Check out more of Marina Viscounti in this hot set by clicking here now!


Malena Morgan Is Just So Damn Sexy

Malena Morgan - 2 Comments » - Posted on December, 10 at 10:00 pm

malena morgan sexy
In many of my posts here I am trying to highlight what makes a girl or a scene seem sexy. Often it’s the sexy way they dress, maybe lingerie or short shorts, or perhaps it’s the location, the action, or the way that the scene was shot that adds a certain amount of sexiness to the whole deal. From schoolgirl uniforms to see thru lingerie, all different things can make a girl sexy.

Then there is Malena Morgan. Forget what she wears, forget where she is shot, forget what she is doing – this girl is just plain sexy from the word go. An informal survey with some of my friends got me the same feedback all the time, this girl is hot no matter what she is doing, and even some candid pics of her without any makeup and stuff still shows her off as hot. How hot? Well, Mila Kunis has been marked as the FHM sexiest girl on the planet, and Malena Morgan blows her away at every turn.

Malena Morgan has an amazing sexy body, firm breasts, a wonderful ass, and sexy legs, and oh yeah, she loves to get naked and play. This set from Sexart shows her off in all of her glory and then some, a truly sexy, stunning babe!

Check out more of Malena Morgan and hundreds of other sexy babe at SexArt, soft and hardcore action here!