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You Can Leave Your Hat On Eufrat

It’s really funny to think that an entire gendre of sexy would be summed up by a Randy Newman (short people) song performed by Joe Cocker from a relatively cheesy movie, but hey, it works so what can we do but enjoy?

We can blame the movie 9 1/2 Weeks for our fantasies of girls in hats I guess, and we can blame Eufrat for driving us wild once again with her sexy body and well selected headwear. Eufrat is a sexy model from the Czech Republic with a body that makes grown men cry and other women get pissed off. An almost perfect combination of bigger C cup tits curvy hips, nice legs, a great overall shape, and a sultry look that can catch anyone’s eye.

Combine it with a clear sexuality that burns inside, and this girl is all hot and naughty, even just sitting there. The sexy hat just adds to the fun, I guess!

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