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Keira Winters Takes It Off

keira winters sexyIt may be because I spent way too much time in my younger years hanging around strip clubs, but I have often found the moment of truth for a sexy girl is the moment she chooses by herself to take off her clothes.

This set with sexy Keira Winters is that sort of deal. She’s got on some sexy lingerie, a bit different from the usual as the top is more like a lingerie version of a sports bra, which works really well with her smaller, sexy breasts. The bottom is also an interesting cut, which shows off her sexy ass really nice. It’s different from normal, but very sexy.

But this shot is what did it for me, as she turns away and moves to unclip the bra, you know what you are about to get and yet, that moment of waiting for her to turn back is so hot and sexy. Keira Winters plays it perfect too, not giving up the goods too quickly and instead allowing us to enjoy her sexy body in panties only from behind. She has such a nice ass that there is no hurry for her to turn back. Don’t worry, she takes it all off in the end, this girl’s body is perfect – and the teasing is so sexy!

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