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Sultry Sexy Look From Kristina Rose

kristina roseThis isn’t the first time I have featured sexy Kristina Rose on this blog, and it probably won’t be the last either, because this girl is damn sexy! The last time it was all about Kristina Rose’s sexy ass, which is a fucking awesome piece of tail. But the rest of her is hot as well, and as she shows in this scene from Tonights Girlfriend, she can so slutty, sexy, sultry, and horny all in one look!

Tonights Girlfriend is a fantasy PSE (pornstar experience) fuck site. Rich guys paying for the hottest girls to show up and fuck them in their hotel. As the guys say, they don’t pay for the sex, they pay for the girls to go away when they are done. Ouch! But seriously Kristina Rose is easily fantasy material, a truly sexy girl with a nice look, natural boobs, and that wonderful sexy ass. She’s looking so hot in lingerie in this scene too, she pulls of that look between very sexy and insanely slutty, and looks hot a fuck doing it!

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Kristina Rose Sexy Ass In Stockings

Sometimes sexy isn’t just the girl, or even the outfit or location, it’s all about the pose. A good photographer or videographer can really take advantage of angles to deliver us a truly sexy situations. Bringing all three together makes for a really sexy scene.

When they start with Kristina Rose and her absolutely sexy ass, I mean, wow, this girl has curves on her curves. She has back, and a little more back, and yet it is all tight, round, and totally sexy. Add in those sexy thigh high black stockings, the garter belt, the panties, and high heels, and you have a really hot girl. Turn her around and bend her over at just the right angle, and you can damage tons of zippers as guys get spontaneous boners! She is hot from any angle, but from this point of view, she is sexy define. I mean, hell, who wouldn’t want to go do some stand up doggy on her in that position? Kristina Rose is damn sexy and looks ready for action. Are you?

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