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Stacy Silver is a Sexy Babe

You never know where you are going to find the next hot babe, and this time I found stunning blond Stacy Silver at Mikes Apartment. That’s right, now only is this girl sexy as hell with a stunning body, but she is going to go all the way to rent Mike’s Apartment for free.

Now, normally I am not so much of a fan of big fake titties, but I have to say that these sexy big breasts really fit with her body type. Stacy Silver is just damn hot, I love her shapley legs and great use of tiny white panties to really drive us wild. She doesn’t have to be doing anything to be stunningly hot, that is for sure.

Imagine though that this sexy girl doesn’t just look great, but she really loves sex, in all kinds, and in all ways. This girl does it all, in every hole and pretty much every position, and she looks absolutely stunning doing all of it. What a hotty!

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Petite Allison Busty Cleavage in Lingerie

For some reason, I found this shot of petite and busty Allison to be so damn sexy. There is never anything wrong with acute girl with big boobies getting ready to show them off, giving us a cleavage shot. There is more to this one thought for me.

First off Allison is really quite petite. Her boobs are quite large for her, creating a rather distracting amount of cleavage. I love the lingerie / bustier thing too, she was wearing a see thru top over it before, making it even more wild. Undoing the strings and letting her big boobs force the top open is pretty darn sexy too, if you ask me, and the look in her eye, the one that says “yes, I am going to fuck you now” is so sexy it almost melts my screen!

Oh yeah, she does the nasty too, this girl isn’t just teasing! Check out her full video at Mike’s Apartment, she is a hot and sexy girl naked too!