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Linet is a Sexy Latex Fantasy Nurse

I think that anyone who has spent some time in hospital has probably had a naughty nurse fantasy. There is almost always at least one nurse on your floor that gets your attention, and makes you wonder if, perhaps for a moment, she might give you some fun. Even better is she has to give you a sponge bath, right?

Well, sexy Linet here takes this to the next level, with this wildly sexy latex nurse’s uniform that is clearly not regulation, but will certainly help to regulate your blood flow south! This girl is stunning hot in this outfit, and she really looks the part. She’s totally into it, and I love it when she teases us with her sexy body and outfit. She’s particularly hot from behind, she’s got great legs, a nice ass, and the uniform is more than short enough so we don’t miss any of it!

Plus she’s a bit naughty, and ends up having a whole lot of fun with some medical items. Let’s just say her sexy shaved pussy is very well hydrated!

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