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Paige Turnah Come Hither Look

paige turnah sexy
I find it funny that more and more I am finding the sexiest shots to be pornstar girls, rather than the spokesmodel type. Many of those model sites seem to have run into a bit of a rut, while the porn sites turn out sexy shots that are hard to resist.

Like this hot shot of sexy Paige Turnah. She’s a hardcore pornstar, and this scene is pure hardcore (including anal sex… go figure!). This shot however I think is just perfectly sexy, because it shows something that you don’t get much of anymore, that come hither look. It’s that sort of look of “please come on the bed with me now”, as she tries to lead you into a tryst between the sheets. It wouldn’t take me much to get there either!

The best part is that Paige Turnah is really built as well, medium natural breasts are on display, but better is that she has a sexy curvy butt that looks really great in her black panties. She’s a treat to see like this, and it’s wild to see her go all out. She’s sexy oiled up too!

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