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Anya Ivy Smoking Hot Sexy Purple Lingerie

anya ivya purple lingerieHere’s a hell of a hot set from Twistys featuring Anya Ivy and her totally awesome lingerie set.

Anya Ivy is a stunner for sure n her purple lingerie. She’s sexy for sure, her 36D-29-38 curves and dusty brown ebony skin are nearly flawless, in a natural way, and she really knows how to show it all off to the best. Ever more sexy though is her perfect purple lingerie set, the black and purple bra and panties are smoking hot and super sexy, and they really complimenther figure and skin tone so well, giving her a totally awesome look. Plus you need to check out the rest of the set to see how long and sexy her legs are and the high heels she is wearing, this is one of those “total package” sexy girl things where it’s not any one thing that makes her sexy, but the combination of nice looks, big boobs, great lingerie, long legs, and a horny attitude make Anya Ivy into one hell of a sexy babe!

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Amarna Miller Sexy In Lingerie

amarna millerWIthout a doubt, lingerie is one of the sexiest things a girl can wear all the time. There may be sexier things you can wear for a special occasioan, but a girl can wear lingerie every day and be sexy every time. This is even more true if you have a killer body like Amarna Miller.

This stunning redhead has got the curves, no doubt about it. Her 33-23-34 body is fucking awesome sexy in it’s own right, and the white lingerie and stockings are a perfect match for her body type, accentuating all the right parts and causing our eyes to move up, down, and all around to enjoy her bountiful body. Amarna Miller super sexy and the lingerie just like the perfect icing on the perfect cake!

Plus she ends up naked being very naughty, and that is pretty sexy too!

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Penelope Lynn Does Lingerie a Favor

penelope lynnSome girls look good in lingerie, others look great. In the case of Penelope Lynn, she looks so good it’s like she is doing a favor for the lingerie.

I found sexy Penelope Lynn in this set from Twistys, I think it was part of her treat of the month sets. She’s an incredibly sexy girl with one of those nearly flawless bodies you just stare at with your mouth sort of hanging open and that Home simpson style drool rolling out of the corner. She’s DDG, totally amazing, a really stunning girl. Her 34D-25-34 body is all natural, her big tits have a big of a natural sag to them but it also allows them to be pushed up in this bra so nicely as well. I think of them as soft, sexy, and fun to play with, and I am betting most of you would love to motorboat her in or out of that sexy bra.

She has a nice ass and a lovely shaved little kitty too, she’s sexy from end to end, including her sexy long legs!

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Sexy Annelli Hot Blond In Lingerie

Anneli Sexy Hot Blond BabeI love classic looking sexy girls, I get sort of a kick thinking back to those sexy pinup girls from the past. There aren’t many girls who can pull that look off, but I have to say that sexy Anneli has got the face and the hair for it!

I found sexy Annelli over at Twistys looking just hot as they come, I love her overall look, she’s natural and sexy and totally comfortable with herself, and her sexy lingerie is the perfect combination of colors and look for her too. Tiny little panties, a sexy matching purple pink bra, and a little white camisole is all she needs to drive us wild with her obvious and hot sensuality.

I love this shot in her bra, it shows off her natural cleavage really well, and teases us with what is about to come, the dropping of the lingerie and the start of some serious fun. This girl is sexy hot in lingerie, and stunning naked, a totally hot sexy girl no matter what – and horny too!

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Summer Brielle Massive Cleavage In Lingerie

summer brielle tits
Summer Brielle is a super sexy girl I found over at Twistys, doing a sexy strip down from lingerie and looking really hot doing it.

Admittedly, Summer Brielle has big fake tits, massive really making her look more than a little top heavy, because she is pretty much petite otherwise. Yet, somehow the look all works out, because if you love girls with huge amounts of cleavage, then she is just right. This big bra is a push up type but her boobs are firm enough as they are, and they look just fine! She gives us plenty of teasing sexy shots with the bra and panties on, looking sultry and a little big naughty for sure!

Then she slowly strips down, revealing those massive man mades and her sweet nether regions, giving quite the show! This girl is super sexy and more than a little horny!

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Tracy Delicious is So Delicious

tracy delicious
You have to love a girl who’s name is honest and true – please meet Tracy Delicious!

I guess I will reveal a bit about my own age here, because when I saw Tracey Delicious in this sexy blue mini dress, I got a weird sort of cross flash between Suzanne Somers and Loni Anderson, two girls who were absolute TV hotties in my time before puberty. The blond hair, the look, the eyes… it’s sort of weird to get that much of a flash.

Trust me, it’s a good thing too, because those two girls were stunners in their day, and Tracy Delicious is certainly all that. I love this sexy blue dress from this set from Twistys, it just seems to want to fall off no matter how she wears it, and it’s very sexy because you spend all your time looking at her trying to figure out when it will drop. Oh and trust me, it drops guys, and what you get when the dress goes is purely sexy as it comes. Delicious even!

She ends up totally naked and proves beyond a doubt that truly sexy starts with a truly sexy body!

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Sexy Sophia Knight Lets Her Top Drop

sophia knight lets her top dropLong ago, I realizes that one of my favorite times in the game of seduction is the time that the girl finally “gives in”, and goes from playing coy to leading the show. It’s a key moment where all your hard work to seduce a girl and get her all worked up pays off.

I think that there is no better indication of this than the moment that the girl starts to undress herself. She is no longer trying to act like she isn’t going to do anything, rather she wants to make sure that you have full access to all of the goods, and that you can start to truly satisfy all that horniness that the seduction created.

This set from Twistys features Sophia Knight exactly at that moment. She’s turned on and now is just releasing her bikini top so that her breasts are coming out, a moment of triumph for most men know that we are only seconds away from sucking on her hard nipples and having her whimper in joy. Totally awesome, the look on her face is perfect! Now you know why I find this so sexy!

Sophia Knight is the Twistys Treat Of The Month for June, 2013 – a well deserved honor for this totally sexy babe!

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Michele Monroe Sexy Lingerie Babe

michele monroeFor fans of hot girls in lingerie, this set is going to ring a bell for you. For guys who love petite girls, this one will do it for ya too. So if you like both, well, you are in for a treat.

Sexy Michele Monroe did this set exclusive for Twistys, wearing some pretty cool lingerie. It’s an all black set, with sexy thigh high stockings, black panties, and a really neat strapless bra that is both revealing and more than a little bit bigger than you might think. The panties are t-backs, as you will see, and they look fantastic on this girls sexy ass.

In fact, one of the things that makes this set so nice is that Michele Monroe is a really natural sexy babe, smaller breasts, lean body, and even some reasonable arm muscles too, this girl probably spends a few minutes in the gym. She’s nicely shaved and not scared to show it, those lovely black panties disappear in a flash and she proves that a hot girl in nothing but black stockings is also very sexy – and apparently horny too!

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Julia Crown Sexy Lingerie Coming Off

julia crown twistysWhat a hotty! I found sexy Juila Crown over at Twistys, looking just totally hot and sexy. I love a girl in lingerie, and this sexy set has Julia at about her total best, the black color showing off her sexy pale skin and petite body so well. She’s only 5 foot 2 inches tall, yet she seems taller and longer in this sexy lingerie set.

Julia Crown is actually born in Sweden, and she seems to have such a nice and friendly personality to match up to her killer 32D-24-33 body. I love that she isn’t shy to get some of the lingerie out of the way so we can see more of her hot body, and all the stripping gets her more than a little worked up and hot too. In the end, this sexy girl doesn’t just pose for us, but she also enjoys herself to the fullest with her favorite sex toy.

She’s sexy and hot, the lingerie is sexy, and the finish to this set is very satisifying indeed!

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