Curvy Alexia Has Massive Cleavage

alexia xlgirls
So today we look into the sexy, entertaining world of the slightly plus sized babes. I found Romanian housewife Alexia (imagine… housewife!) doing her first ever nudes for a site called XL Girls. If you haven’t sussed it out already, Alexia is, well, a plus sized model. In fact, XL Girls is all about sexy bigger girls, from the merely chubby all the way up to near BBWs.

Now, not everyone finds bigger women sexy, but I think this set of Alexia is proof positive that bigger girls can be very sexy indeed. In fact, at least some of the size of her massive breasts and deep, tasty cleavage can be attributed to her overall size. Yet at the same time, Alexia is generally pretty darn hot, you certainly wouldn’t turn her away is she showed up in this sexy lingerie near your bed! She’s got a hot, smooth, soft body, sexy curves, and yes – when the lingerie comes off she also has some seriously large natural breasts that are sexy, full and ready for your licking!

It’s nice so see a truly sexy bigger girl, especially for fans of big, deep, hot, cleavage!

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