Natalia Spice Sexy in Lingerie

Natalia Spice has been online for a little while, some of her first shots were released on Pacino’s Adventures. Even back at that point, I knew this girl was going somewhere, and sure enough, this sexy latina hotty has now got her own site full of her sexy adventures.

Sexy is key here, Natalia Spice is an all natural curvy babe with nice big boobs, a great butt, and a natural, sexy look that is hard to not take a second look at. She looks amazing in all sorts of things (and out of them too!), and really gives us a great show. I love this lingerie shoot, I almost think of it as sort of the trashy naughty lingerie because it’s sort of see thru, sort of over white, and sort of fits her in all sorts of naughty looking ways.

She has such a nice body too, I love her nice boobs, great nipples too, as you an see peeping through the material! This girl is a keeper!

Check out her new personal site and all the hot videos from Natalia Spice here!