Violet Sexy in Black and White

Without a doubt, the arrival of sexy fetish model Violet from Violet Erotica has certainly given me plenty of sexy things to think about. This girl is just hot, a smoking hot body, big fake tits (but really well done) a super curvy ass, and a naughty sort of goth / 50s pinup attitude brings plenty of sexy to the table right away.

But beyond the sexy is the subtle and not so subtle use of photoshop to create masterful, very sexy images. like this set called Lollipop, with Violet looking stunning in black and white, yet the lolly and a few of her accessories are still in full color. The images are damn sexy, and they show Violet off in amazing ways.

If you like sexy, you really want to check this girl out, she is so damn sexy! Check out Violet Erotica here!