Sexy Asian Christine In a Tiny Bikini

There are classic battles through all of history, you know, good and evil, right and wrong, that sort of thing. There is one other battle that is waged every day for those who know where to look, the battle between busty girls and tiny bikinis.

The latest salvo in this ongoing war is fired by Christine from Party All Star. This 26 year old Asian American girl has got an absolutely hot body, and some impressive (but not entirely natural, I don’t think) breasts. She is a total hotty, making her internet debut here. She’s a real teaser, and she knows how small is small when it comes to bikinis. Talk about a battle. That is a whole lot of titty jammed into a completely little bikini.

Plus as a bonus, when she turns over, we get to find out that the bikini is a g string, and her very sexy asian ass is hanging out the back for out full enjoyment. This girl is sweet and hot!

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