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Sexy Jayden Cole in a Bikini

sexy jayden coleI have to admit I love a sexy girl in a bikini, and Sexy Jayden Cole has the type of look that is just made to be in a tiny two piece.

This set is from her official site, and she mades the most out of this itsy bitsy tiny polka dot bikini, it barely covers in all the right places. Sexy Jayden Cole has a really nice rack too, and this tiny bikini goes a great job of pushing it up a bit to give the type of beach cleavage that has guys turning the heads and running into each other by accident as they stare. jayden has got perhaps what I consider to be the perfect bikini body too in this set, nice boobs, a smooth, roundish tummy with a high belly button and beautiful full hips and sexy legs exposed by this tiny swim suit.

Best of all is that she’s going to take it off! No disappointments here, sexy Jayden Cole is as hot naked as she is dressed!

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Madison Ivy Proves Wet Is Almost Always Sexy

mdison ivy wetThere are a few things that are universally sexy, no matter where you go in the world. Even in the most uptight and staid countries, a wet woman is sexy as hell!

This set from Twistys featuring Madison Ivy has got plenty of wet in it, and as a result a whole ton of sexy too! This babe has got a whole lot off titty and ass, a great sexy face, and a wonderfully sexy attitude. She looks amazing in her little bikini, with her massive breasts trying to burst out, and she looks even hotter totally naked, soaking wet, giving the camera that come hither look that pretty much is inviting you to come have a serious roll in the surf with her. Those sexy eyes, wet hair and body, and overall look makes Madison Ivy into one truly sexy goddess, a walking wet dream, with emphasis on wet!

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Katarina Dubrova Pregnant and Sexy

pregnant sexyNow I know this set isn’t going to be for everyone, but I can honestly say that some women are incredibly sexy when they are pregnant. This girl is pregnant and sexy, that is for sure!

Katarina Dubrova is a hot busty model, a sexy girl before getting knocked up too! She’s got huge DD cup breasts, and this sexy girl knows the power of cleavage and teasing before finally pleasing us. So I am not too surprised to find her in these exclusive shots 6 or 7 months gone with a big pregnant belly, huge milky boobs, and an incredibly sexy look – stunning even. She’s hot as heck and you can tell she is loving showing off her beautiful, natural, sexy pregnant curves. A total turn on, this girl is just sexy as they come! Pregnant and sexy is a perfect combination!

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August Ames Super Sexy One Piece

august ames sexyThe right bathing suit can really make a girl look sexy, and when you start with a sexy girl like August Ames, that bathing suit only makes things better.

This set from August Ames comes from a hot site called Hard-X, and yes, it’s a really hot hardcore site. But they have a good tradition setup of shooting the girls in sexy glamour shoots first, often outdoors in bathing suits or other sexy things. The results are stunning, with some of the hottest girls in the porn world being all glam and sexy! August Ames looks amazing in this one piece bathing suit, it really shows off her sexy cleavage really well, and the high rise really exposes her hips and ass nicely too.

She’s got a really nice look overall, this is the type of sexy bathing suit that would cause a riot at your local public pool or beach!

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Brooke Ultra Super Sexy Bikini In Public

brooke ultraBrooke Ultra is the sort of girl who has so many sexy curves your eyes just can’t stop looking. This set from Scoreland has her giving a lot of people an eyeful in South Beach, Florida.

Brooke Ultra is wearing a very small bikini. Well, actually, it’s a pretty normal bikini, but her huge boobs pretty much overwhelm it and turn this bikini into a cleavage monster, her massive boobs are just so well displayed in this set, as she cruises around South Beach getting plenty of attention on her hot rack and sexy ass. This girl looks amazing, her bikini is so sexy and you can see how she enjoys the stares and the looks as guys can’t help buy check her out more than once!

Brooke Ultra also gives us some sexy shots her sports bra workout set, and in a very, very tiny blue bikini that will have you staring for sure!

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Sexy Underboob with Kayla Kayden

underboobUnderboob is one of those things that is sexy for no real apparent reason, but you know it has to be sexy because it’s one of the things that always gets censored on TV and around the world in different countries.

I guess it’s the concept that it’s not something you are suppose to see, so it’s forbidden. Kayla Kayden is giving us a great example of the old “bikini too small” school of showing off the underboob, her massive chesticles are way too big for this poor little bikini and we get treated to the site of underboob, cleavage, and some sideboob too (tip of the hat to Peter Griffin!). She’s got a great pair of man mades, that is for sure, and I am more than willing to overlook her slightly trashy look in this scene because the bikini is super sexy indeed.

As a bonus, the bikini is also so small that we get some pubic cleavage as well, you know where the front of the bikini doesn’t get anywhere near covering the public bone. So double up on the sexy, because it’s a great view (and yes, she gets all naked and stuff, enjoy!)

You can download this full set from Baby Got Boobs here!

Lilyxo Sexy Bikini Babe

lilyxoTp be honest with you, I haven’t seen many new amateur girls come along who can pull of non-nude and teasing very well. Most of them just cut to the chase and get full nude, which is nice and all, but teasing is sexy too!

Enter curvy Lilyxo. This girl is interesting in part because while she is super curvy and very sexy, she also seems to have a somewhat innocent, girl next door look about her too. It’s sort of like seeing your friends older sister in a bikini, it’s super sexy but you aren’t entirely sure why you keep staring. Lilyxo has a fantastic figure, a nice full and lush ass, big natural boobies, and sexy long hair. She’s a super teaser who knows exactly what we want to see, and uses her mind to really tease us like mad.

This set from lilyxo is shot outdoors, with her sexy star spangled banner bikini. She looks totally amazing, and always about 1 sexy step away from throwing it all off and getting busy with herself. The sexual tension is high with this girl, and that leads to some truly sexy stuff!

Want more? check out Lilyxo on her hot new personal site, she’s a sexy one!

Leanne Crow and The Sexy Too Small Bathing Suit

sxxy-leanne-crow There is something to be said for girls with plenty of curves, especially when they aren’t shy to share them with us. Sexy Leanne Crow has all that and a little more.

This set from The Big Boob Bundle features this sexy, busty, curvy creature in all her wonderfulness. She’s not petite, that is for sure, and for some there may be a little too much. Yet, there is an overwhelming amount of sexy in this girl too, from her great looks and mega busty body to the way she carries it all off. This way too tiny bathing suit is fighting a losing battle with her massive mams, and it’s super sexy to try to predict when that war will be over. It’s a fight to the finish, and one where no matter what, we are the winners!

Sooner or later, the bathing suit gives in and her wonderful natural breasts are exposed in a totally sexy way, a very enjoyable set from an incredibly sexy natural girl!

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Samantha Saint Losing Her Bikini

samantha saint bikiniYou have to admit, sexy Samantha Saint is soft on the eyes. This girl is a real stunner, a sexy babe before she even starts to do anything to seduce you.

This hot Tennessee blond is a total babe from end to end, from her blond hair and massive 34DD breasts to her curvy butt, this girl is hot coming or going. This set from her official site has her in a very tiny bikini that is struggling mightily to try to keep everything in check, but as you can see, it’s a losing battle when a tiny bikini fights against such overwhelming assets. The effect is very sexy indeed, you would love to find this hotty on your local beach or perhaps even in your local strip club, because that bikini absolutely rocks.

Samanatha Saint knows sexy – check out her office site for more hotness!

Heather Summers Shows Her MILFy Deep Dish Cleavage

heather summers cleavageHeather Summers is one of those girls you always tend to dream about, this sexy 20 something babe is really quite a hotty, and this classic set from Hustler shows her off at her very best.

It takes a certain quality of cleavage to pull off a pose like this, girls with smaller boobs try but you know they are pushing them up. No Heather Summers, she’s got a great 34DD-25-33 body and her big boobs are so sweet, and she doesn’t mind showing them off in this set. Her bikini is pretty much overwhelmed, and she has that proud sort of “look at my big boobs” look on her face, confident and sexy!

Heather Summers has since retired from the porn world, but sets like this remind us of how sexy this busty Canadian hotty is!

Check out this full scene at Hustler -she’s sexy and naughty too!

Marina Viscounti Busty Bikini Babe

marina viscounti bikini babeNothing says sexy like a hot babe with big boobs in a bikini, and Marina Viscounti is really doing for me this morning.

Maybe it’s the fact that winter is here and it’s cold this morning, but this shot of sexy Marina Viscounti is certainly warming me up. This girl has an amazing natural body and sexy full natural breasts, and the bikini is just perfect. She could wear it to a public beach is she wanted too, but she might need a body guard or two! She isn’t shy to show it all off too, and she oils up her sexy body in this wonderful outdoor set.

She’s also more than willing to go, if you know what I mean, so not only is this girl a sexy tease, she’s also hot and ready for some naughty sexy fun under the sun!

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Busty Patty Michova Barely There Bikini

patty michova bikiniI can’t say that I know a whole bunch about Patty Michova, except that she really does rock in this bikini set from Scoreland. Big breasts and a tiny little bikini is pretty much always sexy to me!

She’s a newcomer from Slovakia, a girl who loves motorcycles, and loves to show off her amazing natural body. Yes, those are real, 38F natural big tits that will drive you completely wild. This girl is totally new to getting naked online, and this bikini shoot was one of her first ever of it’s kind. She’s awesome hot, that little bikini gives us plenty of cleavage and side boob to enjoy, and the tiny bottom disappears into her tight ass crack so well. Very hot!

Best of all, for a busty girl, she is very petite otherwise, which makes those massive breasts barely held in by the bikini top look even sexier. It’s quite a battle, but in the end the top loses and her massive mams flow free, and she’s still sexy as they come!

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Natasha Belle Wet and Sexy

natasha belle wet and sexyNatasha Belle is one of those natural sexy girls who looks good pretty much no matter what. Most girls have to spend hours on makeup and hair and stuff to have an amazing glam look, but Natasha Belle pulls it off naturally.

This sexy scene from her hot official site is a great example of natural beauty, it’s pretty hard to be glammed up when you are in a swimming pool, wet and out of control. Natasha Belle proves she has an incredibly sexy body and a hot natural look as she gets soaking wet and strips down to reveal her succulent curves. She has super sexy firm breasts and a great ass, this girl is hot no matter what. She looks really hot being all sexy and glam too, but this set does it for me.

After all, is there anything more sexy than a girl who is wet and waiting for you?

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Rachel Roxxx Sexy Monokini

rachel roxxx sexyI don’t know what happened, but all of a sudden the pornstar girls are really working their looks again and coming out with some really hot and sexy shots for us to enjoy.

This set with Rachel Roxxx is a great example. It’s pure hardcore porn, but this shot and the setup is very sexy indeed. Rachel Roxxx looks hot in this blue Monokini, a great design for girls who love to show it all off and yet keep it all under control too. She has some pretty amazing cleavage, and this bathing suit does a wonderful job of showing it all off but keeping it all just barely tucked in too!

Rachel Roxxx is hot in all directions too, she looks great going away as well, and oh yeah, she looks super sexy as the lucky guy pulls down the zipper on the front of her bathing suit to reveal more of her luscious cleavage and sexy body. Hot stuff for sure!

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Sexy Arm Bra Cleavage

arm bra cleavageSexy models are forever coming up with new ways to tease us with their sexy bodies, and one of the most popular seems to be the hot and naughty arm bra.

I found bikini model Jackie over at Alluring Vixens giving us a great example of this sexy art. She’s a hotty for sure, with an incredibly hot body and some nice full breasts that we are all dying to see pop out of her bikini top. Well, she sort of gives in, but then it’s time for the arm bra and the hand bra and a few other sexy alternatives that show a whole lot and nothing, which is an incredibly sexy way to do things.

The real bonus here I guess is that this girl is hot all over, she’s not just about a sexy pair of boobs and a tease, but also a look that says you really want to be getting with this sexy girl and exploring her all over. That’s a perfect sexy tease to me!

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