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Evelyn Lin Sexy See Thru Top

see thru topChinese hotty Evelyn Lin will go down as one of the all time hottest natural Asian girls to ever appear in porn, she has a killer lean and sexy body and a great attitude, and she always manages to look a little bit sweet and innocent no matter what she is doing.

This see thru top set from Jizzbomb is a perfect example. Her smile and look is girl next door sweet, like some amateur hotty that got caught in a lawn sprinkler or something. her hard, darker Asian nipples really poke out nicely, it’s super sexy to see her in a see thru top for sure. But even more so to realize that after all these sexy shots, she’s going to an intense scene that finishes with a big facial. So she may look sexy and innocent, but she’s actually sexy and horny! Gotta love that mix of hot, horny,innocent and great nipples!

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Tigerr Benson Massive Asian Cleavage

Tigerr Benson is certainly one heck of a sexy Asian girl, this UK born babe has been around the porn world for a while, shockingly mostly in fetish, bondage, and other kinky stuff. It’s only in the last little while that she has embraced her sexy look and gone to be more mainstream.

I love this shot from DDF Busty because it shows off her cleavage just so well. This girl has huge man-made tits, something like 34H or so, and they really stick out no matter what she does. With the right bra and the right shirt, her cleavage is perhaps one of the best I have seen, totally sexy and very hot. Combined with her relatively innocent looking face, this girl is one hell of a powerful sexy creature.

Tigerr Benson loves to show off, these set has a nice push up bra under the top, and she gives us plenty of hot lingerie shots before finally losing it all and getting naked. Very sexy indeed!

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Sexy Asian Jada Cheng and her Bikini

This is one of my favorite moments when a girl is wearing a bikini, the point where the bikini is about to fall off.

I found this set featuring the very sexy Jada Cheng as part of a new Asian girl collection I ran into. This hotty is one of those smoking hot spokesmodel, nightclub hostess, import car model… you know the type, stunning, sexy and more than willing to tease you like mad their their sexy bodies. She’s got a nice hot look too, model pretty and babe hot, and she’s totally confident in her look.

This sexy scene has her posing on the balcony of her condo overlooking Miami South Beach, stripping down to drive us wild with her sexy body. I am not sure how naked she gets, but I can tell you that even playing teaser, she is one hot girl! Plus she does hot live sexy cam shows for members on her site each week, and that’s probably pretty damn hot too!

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Lily Figuera Sexy Asian Model

Sexy Asian model Lily Figuera is one sexy babe. I found her in a bunch of hot sets at Alluring Vixens, looking way more than alluring! She’s downright delicious!

Lily Figuera is a Philippines girl, she’s got a rocking hot body (C cup boobs and a very nice ass for an Asian girl) and she loves to show off. She’s worked as a spokesmodel, a trade show model, magazines, and all that stuff… and she loves to show off her sexy body! This girl isn’t as shy as some of those model girls about letting it all out, she’s got nice nipples and loves to play with them too!

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Midori West Sexy In Bed

Midori West is one of the newer teasing amateurs around, a non-nude girl that does pretty much everything except get full nude, but she is more than willing to tease the shit out of us, and that is pretty much as sexy as it gets.

Midori West is a half white, half Asian girl with an amazing nice natural body, a truly unique sexy look, and a love of teasing. In this set, she is in some sexy lingerie on the bed, and I have to say she looks like a wet dream come true. Talk about naturally hot, this girl looks so incredibly fuckable in this outfit, sort of between girl next door and hot newbie hooker look, and she is hot. Surprise for us when she takes it off, she has some carefully placed black tape to hide certain things, and that just makes it even more of a tease!

She does live webcam shows on her site for members, and apparently those get more than a little naughty! If I had this sexy girl in my bed, I can assure you things would get naughty!

See more of sexy Midori West on her personal site here!

Asa Akira Sexy Asian Pornstar

This shot from Asa Akira’s official site just sort of caught my eye, because I think that this Asian pornstar is absolutely sexy, and can really pull it all off.

Asa Akira is a Japanese American girl, who spent part of her life in Japan growing up. She has a hot look, an amazing body, and she isn’t shy about it at all. She got her start actually on radio, as part of the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show, where she spent a couple of years being the generally hotty and “show whore”. From there, she moved on to doing nude modeling, and did plenty of girl on girl scenes (like this one) before going full on hardcore. She has been nominated for multiple porn industry awards as a top performer and general babe, and she does everything including anal! She’s awesome hot and sexy, and more than willing which is amazing.

Check out more of Aka Akira on her official site here!

Sexy Asian Christine In a Tiny Bikini

There are classic battles through all of history, you know, good and evil, right and wrong, that sort of thing. There is one other battle that is waged every day for those who know where to look, the battle between busty girls and tiny bikinis.

The latest salvo in this ongoing war is fired by Christine from Party All Star. This 26 year old Asian American girl has got an absolutely hot body, and some impressive (but not entirely natural, I don’t think) breasts. She is a total hotty, making her internet debut here. She’s a real teaser, and she knows how small is small when it comes to bikinis. Talk about a battle. That is a whole lot of titty jammed into a completely little bikini.

Plus as a bonus, when she turns over, we get to find out that the bikini is a g string, and her very sexy asian ass is hanging out the back for out full enjoyment. This girl is sweet and hot!

Check out more of Christine at Party All Star here!

Sexy Justene In a Mesh Top

Wowsa, here is a hotty if I have ever seen one. Sexy Justene Jaro is one hot babe, and she is doing two of the things I like the most: Showing off in a see thru top, and just looking sexy!

This girl is a unique mix of Philippina and Puerto Rican backgrounds that gives her a very sensual and sexy look, sort of Asian but very much latina as well. I found this set of her at a new site called Alluring Vixens, which is nothing but hotties in sexy and teasing sets, great for us fans of see thru and sexy stuff. Justene looks amazing, rolling around on the beach in nothing but this mesh thing, her large breasts struggling to get out, her nipples looking very happy indeed. She has amazing smooth skin, and she looks like she is ready for some fun!

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Davon Kim Nothing But Rope

Davon Kim is a sexy asian model from the Philippines with just a stunning sexy overall look. I found this 20 something model in this sexy set from Glossy Angels, and I have to say she is looking absolutely hot.

It is amazing how much can be covered with just a little rope. Davon Kim goes from bound by the rope to playing with it, all the time revealing her stunning, sexy body in so many hot ways. This girl is pretty darn sexy in all directions, and the photography and color in this set just sets her off perfectly. I love her long hair, her longing sexual looks, and her sweet, sexy body.

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Sexy Asian Kina Kai

sexy asian Kina Kai is one of the hottest Filipino girls you will find in the porn world today, a really hot petite girl with the look, the smile, and the skills to really knock a guy out. I can’t get enough of this hotty’s smoking curves and gentle smile.

Sexy? Imagine that this shot is actually from Cumfiesta, which is a true up and up hardcore site. Kina Kai looks this hot shooting hardcore, imagine how hot she would be if she spent hours working on it. This scene is amazing, her hair is perfect, her body is an amazing and sexy nut brown, and every inch of her sweet body is ready for attention. She can just look at me like this for a while, and this sexy girl will drive me crazy!

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Francine Dee Sexy Bartender

There are very few asian models that are instantly recognizable by most guys, but Francine Dee is one of those girls. This sexy Import Car model also has her own personal website, where she zooms past just being sexy and goes right on to being naughty.

If you love obvious huge fake boobies, then Francine Dee is probably your dream girl, this sexy asian has got some of the biggest and most obvious titties around, capped with well placed nipples, she looks just awesome. This set has her as a sexy bartender, the type that makes lots of tips because they guys keep come back for more. Check out those sexy titties, damn, I would spend all night at her bar!

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Japanese Girls Are Sexy

I will admit that I have always loved asian girls, and Japanese girls are some of the hottest and yet most innocent asian girls around. The Japanese people love sex, they love being sexual, but they are also very shy and conservative at times. So you end up with some of the most amazing, stunning girls, who often come off as innocent as a schoolgirl.

Hiraku here is a great example of how damn sexy Japanese girls are. She is playing outside on a tropical beach in her new bikini, looking both sexy and innocent, sweet and horny, hot and shy. So even when she gets a little more serious and the bikini starts to come off, she is still looking like a naughty girl getting away with something. Her body is amazing, her pussy naturally hairy with the straight, soft, and bush hair that only Japanese girls seem to have.

Totally sexy! Check out all the hot Japanese girls at Unseen Japan, click here!

Sexy Eurasian Dirty Pancake

Sometimes mixed race girls are really hot, like Nautica Thorn, and sometimes they just don’t seem right. I spotted Dirty Pancake just today, a fresh newcomer to the world of modeling and getting naked and damn, she is hot.

Dirty Pancake is a half asian (thai, I think) and half british girl, with a totally unique look. Somehow, she managed to keep all the good parts of both. She has the sexy eyes and look of an asian girl, but a fuller face and a very cute smile. She got the asian body too, with tight, firm, tiny tits and yet, she also got a more white girl ass, with nice full cheeks and fuller legs. Totally awesome.

The best part is she loves to dress up and show off, like in this set from her site,where is is in some really sexy lingerie and looking like a walking wet dream. This is one sexy asian girl for sure, a fresh newcomer that I am sure we will see much more of!

Check out more from Dirty Pancake here!

Sexy Thai Babe Priva

Sexy Priva is a thai hotty that is so stunning in her look that I almost didn’t notice she was naked.

Seriously, I look at tons of pics and hot girls every day looking for truly sexy girls to put on my blogs. When I got to his set of Priva, I was so taken by the picture, so blown away by this girls totally confident sexuality, that I didn’t even notice right away that she was totally naked. With tits like those and a smoking body like she has, it’s pretty amazing, a tribute to how darn sexy this girl is, clothes or not.

This girl is hot, she knows she is hot, and she is more than willing to share her hotness with you for a while. Now that is all I need for a great day!

Check out more of Priva at Private Video, click here!

Miko Sexy Asian Bikini Girl

The only thing in the world better than a sexy asian girl in a tiny bikini by the very blue waters is to have one slowly losing that bikini!

I found sexy Miko over at Club Thaichix, and let me tell you, even with the bikini solidly on, this girl is such a hotty that my screen almost started to smoke. Sheis so hot you think that there is no chance you would ever see this hotty any more naked than that. Then she starts undoing her bikini top, and you know this is going to get even more sexy before she is done.

Absolutely flawless is a great way to describe Miko, and I can’t wait to see even more of her!

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