Sexy Shayla Wild Bikini Bust Out

A friend of mine asked me the other day “What is sexy?” and I was sort of at a loss to explain it. Then I saw this shot of Shayla from Party All Star, and I said “this!”. I think he understood.

There is something just so sexy about a hot, tight body blond in a bikini. That by itself is probably sexy enough to make most guys stop and stare. I mean, wow, Shayla has a great look, a very sexy body, the bikini is tiny and she isn’t tiny in all the right places. This girl has curves!

But even more sexy for me is the whole bikini bust out thing. She undoes the top, and her boobs are coming out of the bottom of the bikini, which is just barely covering her nipples but not quite, and that is just a wildly sexy hot tease. You just want to go up and slide your hands up her sexy body to squeeze those wonderful sexy breasts and make them show off! It’s wild how your imagination can make sexy go!

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