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Taylor Vixen Sexy See Thru Top

Sometimes sexy isn’t in what you see, but in what you almost see.

This set from Taylor Vixen for Twisty’s is a perfect example. Her purple stretchy lace top is sexy as it comes, see through in many of the right places, but still covering it all. Covering it is a big job considering Taylor has a rather nice pair of tits on her. But it manages to just barely cover her to the point where you can see everything, but you can’t see anything.

Thankfully, Taylor Vixen fixes that problem after a while, letting her nice big boobs out to get a little sun, and I have to say she is just one sexy girl over all. She’s totally into showing off, and I suspect some of the neighbors got quite an eyeful of this incredibly sexy babe stripping down. She looks sexy as hell covered up, hotter than hell naked, and tasty as they come as she fingers and plays outdoors.

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Sexy Shayla Wild Bikini Bust Out

A friend of mine asked me the other day “What is sexy?” and I was sort of at a loss to explain it. Then I saw this shot of Shayla from Party All Star, and I said “this!”. I think he understood.

There is something just so sexy about a hot, tight body blond in a bikini. That by itself is probably sexy enough to make most guys stop and stare. I mean, wow, Shayla has a great look, a very sexy body, the bikini is tiny and she isn’t tiny in all the right places. This girl has curves!

But even more sexy for me is the whole bikini bust out thing. She undoes the top, and her boobs are coming out of the bottom of the bikini, which is just barely covering her nipples but not quite, and that is just a wildly sexy hot tease. You just want to go up and slide your hands up her sexy body to squeeze those wonderful sexy breasts and make them show off! It’s wild how your imagination can make sexy go!

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Roxy Panther Sexy and Naughty In The Snow

Private Video has some of the most amazing sexy girls in some of the wildest hardcore scenes around. But what I love the most is that they often also have some of the sexiest solo sets done at the same time, letting these truly sexy girls work it for the camera in some great locations.

Like sexy Roxy Panther here, in this set called “Sex on the Snow”. Roxy has ridden on a snow cat to near the top of a snowy mountain. You might think it’s a good place for skiing, but for this sexy girl, it’s a wonderful place to show off her rather hot body. I love this shot with just the ski pant straps covering her firm tits and giving her a great look. It’s cold outside but this stunning babe is so damn hot, she almost melts the snow!

Plus after all this, a couple of guys join her for a rather wild threeway, proving that this girl isn’t just for show, she loves to go all out and be sexy that way too!

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Sexy Justene In a Mesh Top

Wowsa, here is a hotty if I have ever seen one. Sexy Justene Jaro is one hot babe, and she is doing two of the things I like the most: Showing off in a see thru top, and just looking sexy!

This girl is a unique mix of Philippina and Puerto Rican backgrounds that gives her a very sensual and sexy look, sort of Asian but very much latina as well. I found this set of her at a new site called Alluring Vixens, which is nothing but hotties in sexy and teasing sets, great for us fans of see thru and sexy stuff. Justene looks amazing, rolling around on the beach in nothing but this mesh thing, her large breasts struggling to get out, her nipples looking very happy indeed. She has amazing smooth skin, and she looks like she is ready for some fun!

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Sexy Ashley Gets Topless Outdoors

Sexy Ashley from Ashley’s Candy is back with a fresh teasing set, and she is looking sexier than ever in this hot outdoor teasefest.

Ashley has an amazing body, and she loves to tease. These pics are some of her most daring near nudes and near topless shots, with everything out and just barely covered with her fingers. You know this girl has some nice boobs and small nipples if she can cover them with a single finger. Damn, that is sexy. She does plenty of hot teasing like this, and looks great outdoors. I love girls getting naked outdoors, and Ashley looks great doing it.

This hotty does sexy live cam shows for her members too, and loves to chat and have fun. Check out her personal site with tons of videos and home movies too.

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Lacey Brooks Sexy in the Pool

I will admit that I love my girls soaking wet, even if it’s just because they came out of the shower or a swimming pool. Sexy amateur Lacey Brooks is in the pool and looking amazingly hot, that is for sure!

This girl just started her own amateur website, and I have to say she is a stunner. Sexy big tits, a really cute smile, a hot body that just doesn’t stop, and best of all, she loves to tease, play, be sexy, and finally give us exactly what we want. She looks so amazing in her tiny bikini, her big boobs pretty much overwhelming her bathing suit in such a sexy way, and she stops trying to keep it all in and starts to strip down to get an all over tan. She is hot no matter what she is wearing, even if that means nothing!

Best of all, this girl loves to get all sexy for the camera and get off too, and you get to see all of her naughty fun in HD videos. A fresh hot girl with a great attitude!

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Sexy Boroka Nude on the Beach

Some girls just sort of catch my eye and I can never forget them. Boroka Balls (aka Boroka Bolles and Boroka Nubiles) is one of those girls, a stunning blond that I have enjoyed since her debut. I think her sexy long body and her perfect smaller tits are just so tasty!

Now she is one of the new “face” girls for Private Porn in Europe, which means we are seeing much more of this lean, petite hotty, and she is doing a whole lot more too. This scene is the warm up to a wild lesbian adventure in the surf with Kathy Campbell, and Boroka is even doing hardcore scenes exclusive for Private. This girl is stunning, sexy, and so well built, and she is now more open than ever. That is sexy in itself!

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Public Nudity and Flashing is Sexy

Sometimes sexy is a look, the parts, the build, the tease. Other times sexy is the act. In this case, it’s a bit of both, with a sexy girl doing what I consider a very sexy thing.

Marissa is an 18 year old hotty that turned up to do her first ever nudes for FTV Girls (First Time Videos). She’s a hotty, sort of a solidly built girl with nice c cup boobs and a nice smile. Well, they take her out on one of the local popular hiking trails, taking some cute pics of her in a white top and cute little shorts. The dare her to flash her tits with some people around, and she does it – and loves it. Soon enough, she is flashing her titties and all that like mad, having a great time and getting turned on. They find a somewhat secluded area, and they convince her to get full nude, taking off her bottoms to expose her shaved teen pussy, and she masturbates like crazy in public. She is worried a bit, because she is sure people are watching (and they are… and probably whacking off too!). She looks so damn sexy getting naked outdoors, it’s a real turn on!

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Angel Dark Sexy Beach Pirate

Angel Dark is a sexy model and babe, a Slovakian hotty with an absolutely amazing body and a a great look.

I found this sexy set of her over at Private, Europe’s top adult entertainment company. They have amazing stuff, and all the hottest girls. This set is a beach tribute to Robinson Crusoe, a sort of swash buckling pirate play. Angel Dark looks amazing in that outfit, and she looks even better as it slowly comes off. She is alone on this amazing beach, under the sun, looking so hot. She ends up totally nude, alone on the beach, just you and her. Can you imagine that? Her sexy big boobs catching the sun, you adding a little lotion to keep her from burning… oh yeah!

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Sexy Girl Naked on the Train

I have to say, this is one sexy scene from Glossy Angels. Gewn (I think they typoed her name, but let’s roll with it) is quite the sexy girl, in a sexy short skirt and a night tight top. She buys her ticket to the train and we follow her through the main station on her way. She gets on the train, and once in motion, she starts to get her clothes out of the way so we can enjoy her hot body.

There is something just hot about public nudity, she could get caught at any time, and I think she knows it. She is damn turned on doing this, and looks so hot. She has wonderful breasts and a smooth shaved pussy that looks good enough to eat right there where she sits. I think a ride on the train with this girl would be a whole lot of fun!

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Sunset Beach Nudes are Sexy

This sexy set from Stunners hits so many of my favorite things all at the same time, it’s like christmas for me.

First off, you have a sexy blonde, Natasha Marley, and she has got an amazing curvy figure. Then put her outdoors, fuck I’m liking this! On the beach? Wow! Now, let’s dress her in nothing but a sexy fishnet top, get her soaking wet, and wait for the sun to go down. Holy crap, this is about as sexy as beach pictures can get.

She ends up totally covered in sand, looking very sexy indeed, without much on but a smile and that is more than enough for me. This girl has a super sexy body, a naughty attitude, and she looks like she would be a whole bunch of fun to rolling the surf with and make love. I’m there!

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Johanka Sexy Outdoor Nudes

Johanka is a sexy little babe I found over at Glossy Angels doing what I consider truly hot: Getting naked outdoors.

Outdoor nudity is sexy for a whole bunch of reasons. I think there is a little of that feeling that you could get caught at any time. I love the play of the sun on her body, I am sure her skin is warm and sort, and of course, a hot girl like this is sexy pretty much all of the time. Johanka is full nude the whole time, yet it isn’t her hot body that has my attention, rather her being naked in some truly interesting places. It’s damn sexy!

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Latina Teen Lola Sexy in Mesh Top

I love this set of sexy teen Lola in her orange mesh top. I think the real turn on is that with the jean jacket over the top, this girl could walk into a shopping center or down the street, and besides guys checking her out because she is so sexy, they might never know the very sexy surprise under the jacket.

Mesh tops are sexy, pure and simple. Wearing a mesh top outdoors is sexy, and on a dark skin latina with nice big nipples, well, it’s so hot! I found Lola at La Zona Modelos, which is a great latina site packed full of all sorts of hotties doing very sexy things, plenty of outdoor nudes, things like that. Lola has an amazing body top to bottom, and a smile that is just so dazzling. Her boobs are amazing, through the mesh you just want to munch through to get to them. Watching her get naked outdoors on the rooftop where so many people can see her, well, that is damn sexy too!

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Japanese Girls Are Sexy

I will admit that I have always loved asian girls, and Japanese girls are some of the hottest and yet most innocent asian girls around. The Japanese people love sex, they love being sexual, but they are also very shy and conservative at times. So you end up with some of the most amazing, stunning girls, who often come off as innocent as a schoolgirl.

Hiraku here is a great example of how damn sexy Japanese girls are. She is playing outside on a tropical beach in her new bikini, looking both sexy and innocent, sweet and horny, hot and shy. So even when she gets a little more serious and the bikini starts to come off, she is still looking like a naughty girl getting away with something. Her body is amazing, her pussy naturally hairy with the straight, soft, and bush hair that only Japanese girls seem to have.

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Teen Zafira is a Sexy Showoff

I love girls that love to tease, it’s the reason why my blog is all about sexy and not about anything else. There is a magic moment in the tease where the girl can cross the line a little and still be teasing you senseless. This picture shows exactly hot it can happen.

Zafira is a sexy European teen with the most amazing eyes and a look that says “take me”. In this set she is outdoors near a pool, sitting on a park bench. She teases with her long legs, sultry looks, and gentle peeps, but at this moment, she has crossed the line from tease to please with an excellent show of her nice little teen tits. There is something about a girl pushing her clothes out of the way so she can present you her fine charms, sort of in a ruch so she can’t wait to get undressed, rather she just hauls those little nubs out over the top so we can enjoy them. That’s damn sexy.

Just as sexy is watching this girl strip down entirely and pleaseure herself in many ways, showing off her very pretty pink parts and using her talented fingers to give herself the orgasm she needs, all while you are right there watching. A very sexy set from a very sexy girl.

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