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Super Sexy Madison Ivy

I hadn’t really noticed this, but someone mentioned to me the other day that in some ways, sexy Madison Ivy looks like Melenia Trump. As Mr SXXY, I thought about it and said “nope, you got it backwards”. See, I think that Madison Ivy was her sexy self a long time before Melanija Knavs got anywhere near that look (or those boobs!). Madison Ivy is the original here, super sexy with a great look, nice big tits, great legs, and pretty much sexy in all directions. As a bonus, Madison Ivy is also a hot fuck! Sexy as they come, right?

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Madison Ivy Proves Wet Is Almost Always Sexy

mdison ivy wetThere are a few things that are universally sexy, no matter where you go in the world. Even in the most uptight and staid countries, a wet woman is sexy as hell!

This set from Twistys featuring Madison Ivy has got plenty of wet in it, and as a result a whole ton of sexy too! This babe has got a whole lot off titty and ass, a great sexy face, and a wonderfully sexy attitude. She looks amazing in her little bikini, with her massive breasts trying to burst out, and she looks even hotter totally naked, soaking wet, giving the camera that come hither look that pretty much is inviting you to come have a serious roll in the surf with her. Those sexy eyes, wet hair and body, and overall look makes Madison Ivy into one truly sexy goddess, a walking wet dream, with emphasis on wet!

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Sexy Madison Ivy

madison ivy
Madison Ivy is one of the pornstars that has really made a big name for herself, without having to turn into a really dirty girl. Instead, this sexy babe combines a killer body, a unique look, and some well done man-mades for a truly sexy look.

This scene from the Brazzers network is notable because of the lingerie, this set for whatever reason really shows off Madison Ivy’s cleavage to the max, giving us a great view of her deep dish boob trench and making us lick our lips in anticipation. I can tell you if she showed up at my door looking like this I can pretty much be sure what the rest of my night would be like.

Madison Ivy is one of the top 10 pornstars today by public demand, a real hotty with a unique sexy look and a great attitude. She does it all and does it with passion and flair, all the while looking incredibly sexy and hot!

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