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Busty Kate is So Sexy in a Mesh Bra

Kate from Kate’s Playground is one of my all time favorite teaser girls, a stunning blond that knows how to drive us really wild. She has an amazing body and a very sultry, sexy attitude that makes her walking boner material for sure.

This new set is really pushing on her limits, a sexy mesh bra and panty set that doesn’t leave very much to the imagination. I mean, wow, her big nipples look like they are trying to burst through the mesh to come out and say hi, they are bright pink and hard as heck too, and Kate is working hard to keep them from flying out. The panties are almost as revealing, giving us a tantalizing look at her sexy slit as she turns to show us her nicely rounded ass. This girl just doesn’t have any bad angles!

Her personal site is packed full of stuff like this, plus she does sexy Live webcam shows for her members that you should not miss. She’s a hotty that loves to tease, and you never know what might happen with a girl like her!

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Kate Got Very Sexy For Halloween

Out of all of the Halloween costumes I saw this year, this has to be one that is not only original, but incredibly sexy as well. Kate from Kate’s Playground loves to dress up, and she loves to knock us out with her incredible cleavage. She puts it all together in this great Rosie the Riveter costume, which is pretty conservative, until she pulls the top open and wow!

Check out those boobs! Kate loves to show off, that is for sure, and I think it is just so sexy that she goes from conservative and covered to driving us wild with her sexy curves in one step. She takes off the overalls, and under she has on a class high waisted panty thing, and stunning red thigh high stockings that are just so damn sexy. When it comes to trick or treat, I am sure that Kate is the treat! Don’t forget she does great sexy live cam shows for her members too!

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Kate Shows Her Nice Cleavage

Kate from Kates Playground is back to drive you even slightly more mental with her naughty teasing shots. This new set has her in a tiny, tiny, tiny bead bikini that barely keeps her sweet pussy in check, and a see thru lace bra that pretty much lets us see it all, and nothing at the same time. What a tease!

She pulls down the top and gives us this very sexy cleavage shot, her nipples almost popping out and her big titties overflowing all over the place, totally sexy, almost like she is daring you to want more. Damn, I want more! Kate does sexy live cam shows that sometimes get very out of hand, you never know what this hotty will get up to!

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Sexy Kate Nice Cleavage

Kate from Kate’s Playground has one of the longer running Amateur sites on the net, she has been at this since she turned 18, and she is still looking so damn hot and sexy. She knows exactly how to tease, and this set is a great example.

This is her Chistmas outfit, a sexy red thing that shows off her wonderful curves so well, that top is barely covering her yummy breasts, giving us a cleavage shot of superior quality. Kate is so sexy too, a smouldering sort of sexy that you know will catch fire any second. This hot Canadian has a website packed full of hot stuff, she is certainly a sexy girl worth checking out!

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