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Luna Star Insanely Sexy Wildly Naughty

luna starYou gotta admit, Luna Star is a freaking hotty. This girl is super sexy, and even some fairly obvious man made boobs can’t ruin this girl’s insanely hot and sexy looks. This set is from a site called Tushy (more on that in a moment) and Luna Star is looking killer in some great nearly see thru lingerie that leaves just enough to the imagination to get us going. This Cuban born Latina has got curves in all the right places and a face that can stop you just like that too. She knows how to be sensual, sexy, and hot, and she looks amazing. Even after the bra comes off, her big D cup boobs are pretty amazing, you know they ain’t real but damn they are nice and sexy.

Now, I mentioned this set from from Tushy, and yes, Luna Star has a sexy ass, sort of small for a Latina girl but still quite firm and lush. The little panties and garter belt help frame it up nicely. But the real attraction on Tushy is that girls go all out and have anal sex (in the Tushy, as it were) and Luna Star does just that. Now normally I am not aiming for the hardcore stuff here, but I have to say that this girl takes it in the butt in such a sexy way, that you almost don’t notice that it’s an insanely hot hardcore act. Quite simply, Luna Star is so sexy she can even almost make you forget what’s happening. Now that’s sexy!

Download her insanely hot scene from Tushy, hot babe getting it in the tail here!

Scarlett Skye Proves Cleavage is Always Sexy

cleavageNo matter how many times I post up images of sexy girls showing off their cleavage, I never get bored of looking. I think that for most girls, cleavage is one of their very sexy assets and a great way to get a guys attention.

Sexy Scarlett Skye is a busty young thing that turned up in this hot set from Bignaturals, yes she goes all hardcore and stuff but it’s the sexy pre-game pictures that really knocked me out. Her red top is tight and clingy and so distracting, and I love her very natural look, more down to earth and a lot less pornstar. She takes off the jean jacket and gives us even more great views of her deep sexy cleavage, her red top is sort of like a one piece bathing suit, but more transparent and tasty! One thing for sure, Scarlett Skye has some seriously nice breasts too, this girl doesn’t disappoint when the clothes come off!

See more of sexy Scarlett Skye and her cleavage at BigNaturals, HD busty babes here!

Sha Rizel Sexy See Thru Top

sha rizel see thru topSome girls have that magic it factor that transports them past the sum of their parts and brings them to a level of sexy others can’t seem to touch. That is the impression I get from sexy Sha Rizel.

This new set from Scoreland has this busty hotty in beautiful white top and skirt, and the top is very see thru, so much so that we can see the wonderful pink pattern on her massive bra – trust me she needs it because her breasts are all natural and mind blowingly huge. We are talking something like a G cup of all natural Russian titties here, and they look totally awesome sort of hiding and sort of well exposed. Sha Rizel also has a wonderful overall look, a real hour glass figure, and a very sultry way to present herself. She’s rocking hot and sexy and don’t worry – this girl gets fully nude and then some, no teasing here!

See more of hotty Sha Rizel at Scoreland, they have many sets of this hot busty Russian babe!

Hotty Aurora Does Sexy Many Ways

ftvgirls aurora
Often when you see a sexy scene or a sexy girl, they are being sexy for a given reason. You know, hot body, sexy face, deep cleavage, hot lingeries, and things like that. Well, this time out we get sort of a double dose of sexy from Aurora.

I found Aurora over at FTV Girls, and while it’s claimed to be her first time, she looks sort of like a newbie pornstar girl I have seen around. None the less, the sexy factor is there big time in two ways. First off, her shirt is very see thru, she isn’t wearing a bra, and the back lighting is making her rather nice breasts show up in ways that are sure to catch a guys attention.

Then you look a little further down and wow, this girl has an incredibly sexy ass and a nice pair of booty shorts to show that off with as well, giving us a whole other layer of sexy. Add in a little outdoor nudity (and masturbation, sexy girl!) and you have a perfectly sexy scene from top to bottom and front to back!

Check out more of Aurora at FTV Girls, her exclusive video is hot and very sexy!

Nikki Sims Sexy Mesh Top

nikki sims mesh top

Some girls just have that it factor, that special something that makes them sexier than the other girls. In the case of Nikki Sims, it’s pretty much everything, because this girl is sexy hot.

I love that she has the shape and the attitude to wear this incredibly sexy mesh dress. It’s as see thru as you can get, yet it still covers. But her big breasts and tasty full nipples are well on display, and I have to say it would probably be a whole lot of fun to suck her nipples through the material! Naughty! Nikki Sims teases us like crazy with this top, giving us great views of her sexy body and even a nice bending over ass shot that is hot as it gets. This girl loves to tease, but she also loves to show it all off, that’s fun!

Check out more of Nikki Sims on her official sexy site here!

Audrey Bitoni Amazing Cleavage Lingerie

audrey bitoni titsI cannot believe that it’s been five long years since I last featured sexy pornstar Audrey Bitoni on this blog, but hey, have a look at sexy Audrey Bitoni in 2008!

Today, well, she’s hotter than ever in my opinion, her look has matured nicely and she looks just as sexy as they come. Even her incredibly overdone man-made tits aren’t looking so bad, especially in this sexy lingerie set. I mean, wow, she’s matures into a hot sort of semi-MILF babe, with a rocking body and a sexy, sensual look that is hard to beat. her body is tight as they come and she knows how to use her ample assets to drive us wild. See thru lingerie always rates well on my Sxxy, and this set is perfect, her nipples more than willing to show up and drive us all wild!

Want more? Check out this set and all the action from Audrey Bitoni here!

Aaliyah Love Sexy See Thru Pants

aaliyah love
I have done a number of posts here with girls in see thru tops, see through lingerie, see through wet t-shirts, but I don’t think I have ever seen a girl in see thru pants. Excellent!

Aaliyah Love is one sexy girl, a hot blond with a nice natural body, smaller breasts, and a rather nice ass. She’s a teaser, a show off, and a lover of fine pussy, and she loves to show off and play. She also knows how sexy a good tease is, and that is where these pants some in. They are sort of patterned stockings, looking like lingerie, without any panty inside of them. So what you see is her incredibly sexy ass, and a pretty solid glimpse of her neatly trimmed and very sexy pussy too. It’s neat as check to peep in like this!

Plus she doesn’t disappoint us, in the end peeling off those see thru pants and pulling out a nice big ball vibrator to pleasure herself, proving that these see thru pants are turning her on too!

Check out more of Aaliyah Love on her sexy official site here!

Celeste Star Soaking Wet and Sexy

There is always something sexy about a girl in stunning hot lingerie. There is also something incredibly sexy about a girl when she is soaking wet. Combine the two, and well, the sexy meter goes off the charts!

This sexy set from Twistys features Celeste Star doing just that, showing off soaking wet in some very sexy lingerie, turning bath time into play time and really giving us a show. This girl has a very sexy lean body, small tits, and a tight, tight ass that is just so nice. The lingerie is very sexy, although in the end it is lost to lust, as Celeste Star finally strips down to pleasure herself in front of the camera, working her fingers in deep for a sexy, satisfying cum. This girl is uber hot!

Check out more sets of Celeste Star at Twistys, download her stuff here!

Sunny Leone Sexy Traditional Indian Girl

Sunny Leone is a Canadian born Indian babe and pornstar who is not only hot as they come, but also very proud of her heritage.

This set from her hot official site shows sexy Sunny Leone off in traditional Indian clothes, with of course a sexy twist. That cloth is very see thru, and you can check out her newly enhanced boobs (second boob job at least), which has given her some fairly large breasts, but not quite pornstar size yet.

This all matches up with the upcoming release of her new Lies, Diary of a an Escort movie which features plenty of action and even some hot Sunny Leone hardcore for us to enjoy. This girl is super hot, that is for sure!

Check out more of Sunny Leone on her personal site here!

Sexy Lexi in a Hot Mesh Top

Any of you who are regular readers of my sexy girl blog know that I love mesh tops, mesh body suits, and mesh anything. Basically, I think mesh is one of the sexiest materials known to man, because it covers and yet shows everything in a wild teasing sort of way. So when I saw sexy Lexi at, I knew I had to add her to this site.

First off, I don’t really know much about her, has a ton of girls on it, and I couldn’t find her profile. But with so many girls, there is no issue here. Safe to say that Lexi is sexy, she has a great body, nice smaller tits, a stunning look overall, and she isn’t shy to show it all off. The Mesh top is just awesome hot, her sweet small breasts and hard nipples popping through in such a sexy way, really freaking hot.

Check out more of Lexi and tons of other hot babes at Teen Dreams, click here!

Jenny McClain Sexy Wet Big Boobs

Jenny McClain is one of those models you have seen all over the place, you have always found her sexy, but rarely do people remember her name. It’s hard to forget those sexy big boobs though!

This set for Black Label Skin has Jenny showing off in some sexy lingerie in a swimming pool. Yeah, I know, it’s a weird combination, but mostly it’s hot because we get some super sexy wet see thru shots out of the deal, and Jenny looks stunning. Those massive boobs are incredible, especially considering the rest of her is rather petite, including her tight but smaller ass.

Jenny McClain is a hotty for sure, she has very high motorboating potential with such wonderful breasts, and she loves to get naked. That’s pretty sexy!

Check out more of Jenny McClain and other hotties at Black Label Skin here!

Busty Kate is So Sexy in a Mesh Bra

Kate from Kate’s Playground is one of my all time favorite teaser girls, a stunning blond that knows how to drive us really wild. She has an amazing body and a very sultry, sexy attitude that makes her walking boner material for sure.

This new set is really pushing on her limits, a sexy mesh bra and panty set that doesn’t leave very much to the imagination. I mean, wow, her big nipples look like they are trying to burst through the mesh to come out and say hi, they are bright pink and hard as heck too, and Kate is working hard to keep them from flying out. The panties are almost as revealing, giving us a tantalizing look at her sexy slit as she turns to show us her nicely rounded ass. This girl just doesn’t have any bad angles!

Her personal site is packed full of stuff like this, plus she does sexy Live webcam shows for her members that you should not miss. She’s a hotty that loves to tease, and you never know what might happen with a girl like her!

Don’t miss out – check out Kate’s Playground here and enjoy this sexy babe!

Sweet Krissy In a Sexy Mesh Top

Sweet Krissy knows how to bring the sexy teasing to the game, she is a real teaser who knows exactly what we like. Her sexy body is almost like a weapon of teasing.

This set has her in a sexy mesh top with a blue bra on under it. The bra doesn’t last long, but the teasing sure does. Sweet Krissy knows exactly how to show everything off and still leave us wanting more. I like this shot of her with her massive breasts pushed up against the wall, we can see everything but at the same time she is still covered. Such a tease!

Oh yeah, Sweet Krissy loves to chat to members on her live cam, she is a sexy teaser who really will drive you crazy!

Check out more of Sweet Krissy here!

Rachel Sexton Sexy See Thru Lingerie

Some girls just have that elusive “it” factor, that thing that makes them just so damn sexy. It’s not just what they wear or what they do, but something about them that tells you they are super sexy, super hot, and that you want to take them home and enjoy them so much. Rachel Sexton sort of does that to me.

Rachel Sexton is a sexy amateur with a very cute, natural, and petite build. She won’t blow you away with big boobs or anything like that. But somehow, she manages to be incredibly sexy no matter what she wears. In this case, it’s some wildly sexy purple and black lingerie that is more see thru than cover up, and that’s all good to me. I love her big thick nipples poking through the cloth, and when she turns around we get to check out the sexy little panties trying to hide in her butt cheeks. Very sexy! As you can imagine, this girls live shows on cam for members are hot and naughty, she’s a bit of a tech geek too, so that makes her just a little more fun!

Check out Rachel Sexton on her personal site, don’t miss her sexy live shows!

Ashley Is a Sexy Fishnet Kitty

I had to sort of look twice at these set to really understand it all, but no matter what you see otherwise, I think we are all enjoying sexy Ashley from Ashley’s Candy in her fishnet bikini.

The truth is that it is a kitty cat outfit of sorts. I caught on when she turned around to show off her sexy ass, and there is a tail! Check out the ears in her hair too, and now you have it, she is a sexy fishnet kitty cat. I love the bikini top, I can picture myself trying to suck her nipples through the cloth, getting them to poke through so that I can tease her some more. It’s a great idea, no?

She just looks so sexy like this, a great look and a great tease… and the fishnet is coming off too!

Check out sexy Ashley at her site Ashley’s Candy here!