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Roxanne Milana Sexy See Thru Lingerie

Sometimes I see a girl and I get a funny feeling of deja vu, like I have seen her somewhere before or that she reminds me of someone I should know. It’s a weird feeling, considering I see plenty of girls every day researching for this site (It’s hard work!).

Roxanne Milana did that to me, I had to check the pics out twice before I realized: Roxanne Milana has Paris Hilton’s face. Not exactly, but damn close. The smile, the eyes, the overall facial structure, she could very easily be Paris Hilton’s sexy sister. Sexy is key here, and Roxanne Milana works it hard in this lingerie style bodysuit. It’s sort of see thru, but sort of covers everything too. She looks wonderful in it, and just as hot out of it. See if you can find her secret piercing!

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