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You Can Leave Your Hat On Eufrat

It’s really funny to think that an entire gendre of sexy would be summed up by a Randy Newman (short people) song performed by Joe Cocker from a relatively cheesy movie, but hey, it works so what can we do but enjoy?

We can blame the movie 9 1/2 Weeks for our fantasies of girls in hats I guess, and we can blame Eufrat for driving us wild once again with her sexy body and well selected headwear. Eufrat is a sexy model from the Czech Republic with a body that makes grown men cry and other women get pissed off. An almost perfect combination of bigger C cup tits curvy hips, nice legs, a great overall shape, and a sultry look that can catch anyone’s eye.

Combine it with a clear sexuality that burns inside, and this girl is all hot and naughty, even just sitting there. The sexy hat just adds to the fun, I guess!

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Sexy Jana Mrazkova

Sometimes you just see an image, an angle, or a shot of a girl and you think to yourself just how fucking sexy that image is. That is what caught me on this shot of sexy Jana Mrazkova.

I found Jana Mrazkova on Stunners, and this set is an exceptional high end outdoor strip down. But it isn’t the pure nudity that caught my eye. Yes, Jana Mrazkova is a stunningly hot babe, one of those amazing girls from the Czech Republic with a wonderful full, curvy body, a great face, and a sexy overall look. But it is more to do with the angle of the shot.

I mean, check out those ass cheeks! It’s amazing to look at a girl from the front and be enjoying her sexy ass so much, but hey, I am right there. Check out the cleavage too, totally awesome angle that shows this girl off to all her potential without showing anything, and that is very sexy indeed!

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Roxanne Milana Sexy See Thru Lingerie

Sometimes I see a girl and I get a funny feeling of deja vu, like I have seen her somewhere before or that she reminds me of someone I should know. It’s a weird feeling, considering I see plenty of girls every day researching for this site (It’s hard work!).

Roxanne Milana did that to me, I had to check the pics out twice before I realized: Roxanne Milana has Paris Hilton’s face. Not exactly, but damn close. The smile, the eyes, the overall facial structure, she could very easily be Paris Hilton’s sexy sister. Sexy is key here, and Roxanne Milana works it hard in this lingerie style bodysuit. It’s sort of see thru, but sort of covers everything too. She looks wonderful in it, and just as hot out of it. See if you can find her secret piercing!

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Sunset Beach Nudes are Sexy

This sexy set from Stunners hits so many of my favorite things all at the same time, it’s like christmas for me.

First off, you have a sexy blonde, Natasha Marley, and she has got an amazing curvy figure. Then put her outdoors, fuck I’m liking this! On the beach? Wow! Now, let’s dress her in nothing but a sexy fishnet top, get her soaking wet, and wait for the sun to go down. Holy crap, this is about as sexy as beach pictures can get.

She ends up totally covered in sand, looking very sexy indeed, without much on but a smile and that is more than enough for me. This girl has a super sexy body, a naughty attitude, and she looks like she would be a whole bunch of fun to rolling the surf with and make love. I’m there!

Check out the full set from Stunners, click here!

Monica Sweetheart Sexy Stockings and Lingerie at Work

This sexy set featuring Monica Sweetheart is one that hits a whole bunch of different sexy things all at the same time, it’s like sexy gone wild or something.

First off, Monica Sweetheart is a sexy hotty, no doubt about it. Any girl wearing sexy red lingerie, a garter belt, and stockings is also pretty much pressing the buttons. Add into this her sexy office wear, short, short skirt, and super sexy heels, and this is damn sexy! Right there, I could stop and I will have already had enough sexy to last me a while. But she adds to the fun, giving us amazing upskirt shots, panty flashes, and the slowly strips down to just stockings, garter belt, and a cigarette, for all you smoking fans. All she needs to add to this set is a fuzzy bunny and pizza and she will have hit pretty much everything that gets a guys attention!

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Bunny Sexy Demi-Bra

Sexy can be a funny thin. More often than not, sexy is what you don’t see rather than what you do see, like a girl in sexy panties, an upskirt, or a tiny bikini. But something, it is all about what you can see and why. Thus, the demi-bra.

A demi bra provides all the support of a regular bra, but it doesn’t actually cover anything. So a girl look sexy hot with a nice pushup on her titties, and yet the nipples are out there to tease. I found sexy Bunny at Stunners looking, well, stunning with her white blouse and bra, with her very nice little titties hanging out there and her nipples all hard. Plus she is wearing a matching garter belt and stockings too, which adds to the overall sexy factor here. This girl is hot, her body amazing, and the presentation, well, it’s so damn sexy!

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Busty Trophy Girls Are Sexy

Now this is sexy! Busty Jenny Mcclain is one of the hottest big titty models from the Czech Republic, a girl with boobs that are just so sexy all by themselves. But you take this hotty and dress her up, and she becomes a Stunner!

This set has Jenny McClain dressed up as a trophy girl, you know, those hotties are car races and stuff that give out the trophies, give the winner a kiss and get their asses pinched while pictures are taken? Jenny is one hot trophy girl, I wouldn’t be pinching her ass because I would be staring at her absolutely sexy cleavage! What a pair of boobs on this girl!

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Anetta Keys Sexy Fishnet Bodysuit

Sexy is such a hard term to define at times, everyone has a different view. But there is no doubt in my mind that this incredible set featuring Anetta Keys is absolutely sexy for so many reasons.

First off, Anetta Keys is a hotty. Totally natural, dark and sexy, nice eyes, perfect natural boobs, and a smoking hot set of curves overall. Fishnet is always sexy, and a full body suit is just a total tease. Then put her in an odd location, this time in the engine room of a ship or something, and it is even more sexy to see. She really knows how to tease too, and this set is entirely designed to raise the blood!

Can you imagine finding a hotty like this in your basement? That fishnet gets out of the way so easily, yet looks so sexy! I love how her nipples and perfect tits are just popping out, and yet still covered. Naughty and nice all at the same time!

Check out the full sexy set at Stunners, click here now.

Sexy Smile from Lenani Cole

If you have ever heard the term “she gave me the eye” and wondered what it means, wonder no more. Lenani Cole is giving you the eye.

This is the sort of look that launches ships, stops traffic, and causes grown men to involuntarily grow erections. It’s a combination of “I know what I am doing” and “I want you to do it with me” that makes you stop, stare, and drool. This girl has got an amazing natural body too, with smaller boobs and a nice round ass, not perfect but somehow just so sexy and ready for your attention. This girl knows how to please, and she wants to please you.

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Lexi Belle Sexy Glamour

lexi belle sexy glamour shots
Ahh, our little pornstar is growing up! I can remember Lexi Belle doing one of her first hardcore scenes for a site called Casting Couch Teens, right after she shot her first nude pics for Nubiles, and she was at that point a scrawny, thin, but very sexy barely 18 year old teen with a spunky attitude and a desire to fuck like crazy. Well, she has made a major name for herself in the porn world, and while that has been happening, we have been able to see this sexy creature grow up right in front of our eyes (and other parts!)

This new set from Stunners is just awesome. You can see Lexi Belle as she has developed from teen to womanhood, with a wonderful smooth body, nice full breasts, and a totally juicy butt! This girl has got sexy written all over her, that is for sure! The guys from Stunners got her at her absolute best, a true tribute to her move from teen porner to true classic star, a very sexy set!

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Lindsey Marie so darn sexy

lindsey marie has that come hither look

Do you that look? Lindsey Marie is giving you that look, the look of “come and get me”. She is looking so darm sexy in this blue lingerie set, and she is all ready for your attention!

Long, blonde and sexy. What a great combination. Lindsey is enjoying the tease as she slowly strips out of her sexy blue see thru, giving you glimpses, a peep, and then a little more of her her soft skin, immaculate breasts, and finally her perfectly shaved pleasure palace, already damp from the thoughts of you ravaging her body.

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Lux Kassidy Long Legs Upskirt

lux kassidy shows off her long legs and nice assHot fucking damn this is exactly the type of shot that registers a 10 on my sexy scale. Lux Kassidy has got a wonderful long pair of legs, and the photographer has schemed together those amazing legs, a great outfit, and the perfect angle to give us a sexy thrill!

I found this set over at Stunners, and Lux Kassidy surely is stunning. They have a whole bunch of stuff from this blonde hotty, but for me these long socks on her super long legs just gets me going. Talk about fucking sexy! Wouldn’t you just love to be walking up those stairs behind her, enjoying peeping at her little panties and nice round ass cheeks as they pop out of the skirt?

Fucking awesome. See all of Lux Kassidy at Stunners, click here!

Stunning Shawna Lenee

shawna lenee is a stunning girlStunners is a hot new website that I have really been enjoying recently. A great place to find hotties like Shawna Lenee, in great details pics and HD videos. Best of all you get to see both solo sets and hardcore sets, so you can really enjoy the hottest babes alone and often in action too!

Shawna Lenee is just amazing to look at, from her sexy smile and stop traffic eyes to her firm tits and sexy ass, this girl has it all and isn’t shy to get naked! I love this set because Shawna slowly gets naked and then uses a pretty big blue vibrator to get herself off. It’s pretty intense!

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