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Destiny Moody Has That Sexy Look

destiny moody sexy
Reviewing galleries and model sites looking for hotties for this blog means I get to see a ton of sexy sologirls. Some of them are girl next door, some of them are hotties, but very few of them have that certain it factor that makes them truly sexy.

Now in the case of Destiny Moody, one look at this stunning girl and you know she’s got that special something that makes her a truly sexy creature. I think it’s her dark hair and sultry looks that do it for me, as well as the fact that this girl looks absolutely stunning fully dressed, before taking anything off. She just seems to give off that amazing vibe of being truly sexy.

Then again, I have to admit that a sexy schoolgirl uniform is always a great way to get my attention, and Destiny Moody certainly looks hot like that. She’s not too shy either, and soon this schoolgirl is losing her uniform in the great outdoors and proving that what is under there is even better than what was promised. This girl is super hot and very sexy indeed!

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Penelope Heart Sexy Schoolgirl Uniform

If there is one particular fetish or clothing type that turns most guys on, it has to be Schoolgirl Uniforms. I guess it is a call back to the time of sweet innocence, our time in school enjoying all the girls and maybe no knowing why.

Penelope Heart is using that fantasy to great effect in these shots from Young Harlots Academy. The site itself is actually a very hardcore barely legal and coed site with plenty of great schoolgirl hardcore, but what I love about it the most is that they got all the schoolgirl uniforms right, and the girls tend to look amazing. Great locations too, all of which comes together for some truly sexy stuff.

Penelope Heart is a hotty. Really nice ass on this girl, she gives us some really sexy upskirts, the short skirt and the knee high white socks come together to perfectly frame her well rounded ass. There is just so much sexy going on here, it’s like a feast!

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Southern Brooke Sexy and Happy Saints Fan

You have to think that Southern Brooke probably had a very good night watching the Super Bowl, as you can see she is big New Orleans fan, and they won the Super Bowl! Her Brees jersey tells you all you need to know.

I bet she had quite the party last night. Would you like to party with busty Brooke? She has her own site, and does hot interactive cam shows. I can bet your she is going to be celebrating this big super bowl win for a while! Why not drop in and give her a virtual high five?

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Alexis Love Sexy Cleavage Shot

Alexis Love always sort of amazes me because she is so petite, yet she has such wonderful breasts, and she knows how to use them! Sometimes she is so powerful, I am shocked to find out she is still a teen.

In this case, Alexis Love is doing the innocent schoolgirl thing with the nerdy glasses and all, looking so innocent. But as you can see in this shot, she isn’t shy to bust out of the stereotype and give us all a real shock, with her blouse undone and her sexy cleavage out for all to see. What an amazing pic, innocent and sexy, sweet and naughty, shy and cleavage all together. I just want to lick this latinas boobies!

Check out more of Alexis Love in this set from Innocent High here!

Shyla Jennings Sexy Cheerleader

I think it is a rule of the universe that cheerleaders are almost always 100% sexy. The uniforms are almost always amazing, the girls with their long legs out jumping around with their boobs bouncing and they short skirts flipping up and giving us panty flashes, well, it’s pretty much a given that cheerleaders are sexy.

Shyla Jennings is damn sexy too, so put her in a cheerleader uniform and it’s like spontaneous sexual combustion. She doesn’t even have to get naked, and this set is already steaming hot and sexy. She gives us some serious teasing this time out, with some nice upskirts and some nearly naked flashing, her pom-opms are pumping and she is looking so sexy!

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Sexy Teen Tanner Mayes

For the most part, teen girls are naturally sexy, but don’t really know how to be sexy or teasing. Hot teen Tanner Mayes has figured out totally how to be sexy, and it really shows.

I found this set for Tanner Mayes over at Fresh Outta High School, which is a hot schoolgirl uniform hardcore site, so you know Tanner isn’t just for show, she does the deed too. But it is actually really hot just to see her in her sexy schoolgirl uniform, giving us some nice angles of her still clothed body, finally sliding her shirt open a bit so we can get a glance at her wonderful tiny tits. This girl knows how to tease, and she puts it in overdrive when she loses her white cotton panties and gives us an amazing upskirt shot. Plenty of tease here!

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Annette Flashes Her Cotton Panties

For those of you who visit this site often, you will already know that I love schoolgirl uniforms. I am particularly a fan of upskirt shots, I find them to be so sexy and teasing!

I found Annette Allan over at Fresh Outta High School, which is packed full of hotties in uniforms doing all sorts of nasty things. The best part for me I think is that they take the time to shoot sexy video and pics of the girls before anything major happens, so people like me and you can enjoy the sexy part of the shoot before the hardcore part. So we get to enjoy sexy upskirt shots, and man, Annette is one smoking girl, with sexy legs and a lovely pear shaped ass peeping out from under her skirt, damn!

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Schoolgirl Uniform White Panty Upskirt

upskirt white panty schoolgirl uniformThis has got to be one of the most popular and hottest fantasy shots I have found. Many high schools and junior colleges are going to uniforms these days, and it isn’t unusual to see barely legal girls wandering down the street with a skirt just a little too short and a little panty peeping out now and again.

I found this sexy set of stunning teen Marie McCray over at Fresh Outta High School, and let me tell you, this set left me with all my blood flowing to the south. Talk about an innocent look and a sexy shot, the shy revealing of the perfect white cotton panties, well, this is about as sexy as it gets!

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Teen Soccer Players Kissing

teen soccer players making out
This is about as sexy as sexy can get as far as I am concerned. Watch two girls kiss is just instant drool material for me.

Jayme and Tiffany are on their university soccer team, both in their first year at school and both a little shy. But when they both found out they share a secret, well, it was easy for them to get together. They both are really attracted to girls, and they start out so innocent and sweet, sexy teen girls exploring each other in some truly sexy pics.

You can imagine that later on this is going to get really wild. I found this over at Hot Teens Kissing, and as you can imagine, when these girls get naked, you never know what they are going to kiss next!

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Gigi Spice the Sexy Assassin

gigi spice is a sexy assasin
Halloween is always a great time of the year for sexy girls dressed in sexy costumes. Gigi Spice is one smoking hot latina teen with a body that won’t quit and super sexy attitude, so this sexed up assassin outfit is exactly her style.

Can you imaging going to a Halloween party and meeting up with her? God damn, this latina girl is so sexy, her skin so smooth and perfect, and she just loves to tease you with her guns. Don’t worry, she won’t shoot you, but I suspect you might want to shoot something all over her!

The set does end up with Gigi Spice all naked and playing with a black toy, so you know that for every trick, there is always a very nice tasty treat!

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Audrey Bitoni Sexy Workout

sexy audrey bitoni gym workout nice titsIf you have ever spent time in a gym, you know that one of the best reasons to go to a gym isn’t to get healthy or fit, but rather to enjoy the girls in their tight outfits in all sorts of positions where you can enjoy their sweaty hot bodies. Gym clothes were certainly designed by men with the intention of showing off the most of a girl possible while she stretches and works out.

Audrey Bitoni is one of those girls you love to see working out. This set from Flexible Positions certainly takes that whole sexy gym thing one step further, going all the way in the gym. I love checking out her hot body in this little stretch top, her boobs are succulent! She works out in ways I want to work out too.

Flexible Positions is hot and sexy. Check out more of the action here!

Sasha Knox Sexy Upskirt Pussy Flasher

sasha knox upskirt pussy flashing is sexyRegardless of hwo you feel about schoolgirl uniforms (I love them), you cannot deny that an upskirt to a cotton panty is one of the classic porn images. We have all been exposed to this in real life, and damn it’s sexy!

Well, Sasha Knox takes it a few steps further in this hot set from Fresh Outta Highschool, she not only gives you some amazing upskirt shots, but she slides the panties to the side so you can enjoy her very nice shaved pussy. It must have the right effect, because it isn’t long before she is getting a nice good screw from some guy while still wearing those panties and uniform, just pushed off to the side a bit.

Fucking sexy stuff! Download the movie at Fresh Outta Highschool here!

Sandy Summers Delivers

sexy sandy summers plays delivery girlCan you imagine opening your door expecting your usual balding sweaty UPS driver and instead getting yummy Sandy Summers at the door with your stuff? Talk about fantasy!

Sandy Summers is a sexy blond Brazilian hotty with a body that just won’t quit! Talk about curvy, her sexy round ass is matched by her amazing tits, and her sweet smile is just disarming! I love watching this girl get naked and tease, and she loves to tease!

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