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Underboob Shots Are Always Super Sexy

Underboob shots are always sexy. I personally find underboob shots of girls with more reasonable sized breasts and a slutty look to be the best. This sexy scene from Private Black with Lana Roy has exactly that attitude, she looks amazing in jean shorts, her long hair out and her sweet mid-sized titties making an appearance out of the bottom of her shirt. I can picture this girl walking in public too, because you know that shirt would drop just enough to barely cover the bottoms of her boobs, but as soon as she moves, it’s underboob flash time! Fucking awesome. This girl is super sexy for sure, and horny as they come – she gets busy, very busy indeed!

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Petite and Sexy Ariana Marie

ariana marieThere are lots of girls who come into the adult / porn / sexy world thinking that they are the hottest thing around, but honestly very few of them can truly pull off sexy. They know how to get naked, but they don’t know how to really turn you on. There there is Ariana Marie, a truly sexy little thing!

Ariana Marie is super petite and very sexy, bridging that gap between “oh my god check her ID” petite girl looks and a super sexuality that is turned up to 11 and always on. This set from HardX is a sort of pre-fuck set that shows off this petite hotty so well, her perky titties peeping out of the bottom in a nice display on underboob, her sweet face contrasting in a very sexy way with her killer body, and you know this girl is good to go (and don’t worry, she’s a goer, you know… she goes!).

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Happy St Paddys Day from Nikki Sims

big titsHappy St Paddy’s day everyone!

Nikki Sims is giving us a whole new reason to enjoy St Paddy’s day, it’s nothing to do with green beer or floor cleaner strength booze, and instead it’s a wonderful pair of big, big titties with a good pair of well placed stickers. Kiss them, they are Irish… talk about a great invitation!

As always, Nikki Sims is hot and sexy in this set, she’s a teaser amateur who loves to drive us wild with her big cleavage and her very hot look. She really gets into St Paddy’s day with some nice green clothes and and some nice green lingerie too, which fits the holiday and looks damn good too. She gives us a great show, this girl knows how to show off her body perfectly, plenty of hot positions that make me think of naughty things I could do with her!

The stickers on the tits are perfect, a great way to celebrate the holiday!

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Diamond Kitty Sexy Sandy Tits

It’s days when there is a pile of snow outside, the thermometer is stuck at nothing, and I feel all cold… it’s those days when I love to see sexy girls on the beach to warm me up!

Diamond Kitty is one sexy latina pornstar babe, with a real intense look and a hot body to back it up. She loves to get naked at the beach, and this series shows her off really well. I love the teasing use of sand on the tits (and other places) to hide and yet expose her sexy body to us.

She also does some nice bikini stuff, plus some really hot wet t-shirt stuff that shows off her very impressive man-made big titties and hard nipples. Damn, she’s cute, sexy, intense, and more than willing… she’s more than enough to warm up my winter day!

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Aura Amore Sexy and Censored

When it comes to totally hot models and teasing babes, I am really starting to fall in love with Alluring Vixens. This site has tons of super hot mega babes, the model type, not the pornstar type, and while they mostly don’t get naked, they are so sexy and so flirty that it’s good fun and really enjoyable.

Like Aura Amore here. This sexy early 20 something model from Vancouver Canada doesn’t do nudes, but damn, she gets close enough for me. This girl is super sexy, a great body, big boobs, and a totally spankable ass. She loves to tease us with her sexy body, she’s a professional model with plenty of credits including TV and all the top magazines. It’s a thrill to see her getting almost naked, her body is fucking awesome hot and sexy!

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Hailey Has Sexy Firm Boobs and a Cute Smile

Hailey from Hailey’s Hideaway is back with more new stuff on her sexy personal site, and wow, I am blown away by her incredible natural looks and sexy body.

I love this shot because while the bra is suppose to be one of those nice support things that give great shape, you can actually see that it really isn’t holding much of anything up, because Hailey has wonderful natural firm tits. Yes, they are wonderful boobs for sure, and she isn’t shy to tease us with them like crazy. She looks so sexy in this bra, plus her short skirt and tiny purple panties that are there just to drive us mental. This is one sexy girl who loves to show off and tease us without mercy!

Plus Hailey loves to play, she does live cam shows, driving guys completely nuts with her sexy body and teasing ways. I wonder if she gets naked on cam?

Want more? Check out Hailey’s Hideaway and enjoy this sexy girl!

Party Girl Avery Losing Her Bikini

Sexy redhead Avery is back with another teasingly hot set from Party All Star, and I have to say she is starting to add to my redhead fetish.

Party All Star is a great site because they have a whole bunch of hot girls who love to tease and play. Avery is a sexy redhead with a great body, nice big breasts, and a curvy butt. She is in a tiny, shiny bikini that sort of looks more like stripper wear than a real bikini, and she looks stunning in it. Somehow, she manages to strip down entirely and still give us a great tease, which is impressive for sure. I would love to have her as a neighbor on the lake, she would certainly make it look better!

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Very Sexy Babe Maria Venus

Some girl have all the luck. When you have a mixed background heritage, sometimes you get end up with all the bad parts. In the case of sexy Maria Venus, I think she got all the good parts.

This sexy girl is a very unique Italian and Thai mix, which makes her about as exotic as they come. A great face, stunning sexy body, really nice boobs, and one incredible ass (you need to check the gallery to see this ass, it’s fucking awesome nice!), all that with some nice dusty skin that is just toned like a full time tan. She is a stunning girl for sure, a professional bikini and teaser model and with a body that just doesn’t quit.

I found her at Alluring Vixens, who just seem to keep adding some of the worlds hottest babes to their collection. No hardcore, not a ton of nudity even, just the most amazing, sexy girls in some of the most sexy and well produced shoots you will see. Amazing and sexy, just the way we love them!

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Sexy Viki Totally Nude Teaser

I don’t usually go for the easy nude shots of girls, because nude is pretty much always sexy. Most of the time I am looking for something just a little sexier than that, something that will engage your desires at a better level.

Then Viki gets naked, and I sort of lose control. Damn this girl is hot!

I found Viki in a couple of fresh sets from, and she is getting hotter all the time. She is tall (model height 5 foot 7 or higher) and lean, with a very sexy ass, perfect small tits, and a sultry look that is as sensual as they come, all without looking forced. She loves to tease and show off, and this picture sort of does both, she is totally naked, and yet totally covered, her sexy small boobs peeping out through her hair in a maddening tease. Don’t worry, she gets fully naked so you can really enjoy her sexy body.

See more of Viki at, click here and enjoy!

Ashley Sexy Finger Bra Shots

Most of us have seen or have learned about the hand bra, you know where a girl is totally topless but supporting her breasts with her hands, usually just covering her nipples and giving us a great cleavage shot. That is pretty sexy, for sure! However, Ashley from Ashley’s Candy goes one step further and shows us the incredibly sexy finger bra.

That’s right just enough finger to barely cover her nipples, exposing the rest of her sexy breasts to us in one incredibly teasing shot! Ashley is looking so hot in her sexy gold outfit, the pants fit tight and the top, well, it shows her rock hard nipples through it very well before she slides it out of the way and gives us these sexy finger bra shots. She even does a pink bra, just pinking her smaller nipples between her fingers to make them not show up totally. Damn, this girl is a teaser! Her live cam shows apparently are very hot too!

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