Hot Model Claudia Has Great Cleavage

claudia cleavage
Is there anything better than cleavage to get your attention?

I found this sexy of sexy Claudia (I think her name is Claudia Gestro or Claudia G) at Alluring Vixens, looking just stunning. This sexy Peruvian girl has got a rocking body, and she is a bit on the Amazonian side at a tall 5 foot 9. She’s got some pretty big boobs too, and she works them really well, giving us these massive cleave shots in her lingerie. She’s a real life model that does everything from magazines to spokesmodel work, and even has done a little fashion runway work too. She’s a real honest to god sexy model babe.

I love the idea that a girl knows just how powerful her cleavage is. I think it’s sexy as hell when a girl will drive you wild by showing almost exactly what you want, but just barely keeping you away from seeing it all. Claudia does that tease so well, she’s very sexy to see!

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