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Hot Model Claudia Has Great Cleavage

claudia cleavage
Is there anything better than cleavage to get your attention?

I found this sexy of sexy Claudia (I think her name is Claudia Gestro or Claudia G) at Alluring Vixens, looking just stunning. This sexy Peruvian girl has got a rocking body, and she is a bit on the Amazonian side at a tall 5 foot 9. She’s got some pretty big boobs too, and she works them really well, giving us these massive cleave shots in her lingerie. She’s a real life model that does everything from magazines to spokesmodel work, and even has done a little fashion runway work too. She’s a real honest to god sexy model babe.

I love the idea that a girl knows just how powerful her cleavage is. I think it’s sexy as hell when a girl will drive you wild by showing almost exactly what you want, but just barely keeping you away from seeing it all. Claudia does that tease so well, she’s very sexy to see!

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Lily Figuera Sexy Asian Model

Sexy Asian model Lily Figuera is one sexy babe. I found her in a bunch of hot sets at Alluring Vixens, looking way more than alluring! She’s downright delicious!

Lily Figuera is a Philippines girl, she’s got a rocking hot body (C cup boobs and a very nice ass for an Asian girl) and she loves to show off. She’s worked as a spokesmodel, a trade show model, magazines, and all that stuff… and she loves to show off her sexy body! This girl isn’t as shy as some of those model girls about letting it all out, she’s got nice nipples and loves to play with them too!

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Stunning Model Daisy Marie Busting Out

Daisy Marie is a sexy model and babe I found over at Alluring Vixens, and I knew you guys would love her. I mean, without even looking at what she is wearing (or is that falling out of), you have to admit that this girl is stunning hot.

Then we add in this small crochet bikini. Wool was never meant to get wet, so this bikini is all for show and won’t even be used in a pool. That’s probably good for Daisy Marie, because there is no way this bikini can cover all of her impressive assets. This girl is just curvy in all the right places!

More over, the bikini is being stretched to it’s limit, Daisy Marie is busting out, her massive boobs are just going all over trying to find a way out of this tiny bikini, and they are succeeding, much to our enjoyment! This girl teases us like crazy with her hot model body, she’s a stunning girl!

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Megan Daniels Tattoos and Lingerie

Sometimes its the contradictions that are sexy. You know, Cookies and cream, ice cream and hot fudge, ebony and ivory. In this hot sexy from Alluring Vixens, the result are sexy and interesting, with sexy Megan Daniels in hot lingerie.

Megan Daniels is a non-nude model (although I have seen her topless, but I won’t argue her point), and she does plenty of the big stuff, from Maxim to appearing in commercials with Snoop Dogg and such. She’s a magazine cover girl for a wide range of titles from Lowrider to American Curves magazine.

I love the idea of extensive tattoos playing against lingerie, I think it is incredibly sexy, and Megan Daniels certainly has the sexy body to pull it off!

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Aura Amore Sexy and Censored

When it comes to totally hot models and teasing babes, I am really starting to fall in love with Alluring Vixens. This site has tons of super hot mega babes, the model type, not the pornstar type, and while they mostly don’t get naked, they are so sexy and so flirty that it’s good fun and really enjoyable.

Like Aura Amore here. This sexy early 20 something model from Vancouver Canada doesn’t do nudes, but damn, she gets close enough for me. This girl is super sexy, a great body, big boobs, and a totally spankable ass. She loves to tease us with her sexy body, she’s a professional model with plenty of credits including TV and all the top magazines. It’s a thrill to see her getting almost naked, her body is fucking awesome hot and sexy!

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Stunning Rosalee Ochoa Topless

okay, this is another case of me spotting a truly hot girl and trying to figure out who the hell she is. Rosalee Ochoa is one totally sexy babe, that is for sure, and seeing her sitting topless on the beach is worth it!

I found Rosalee Ochoa at Alluring Vixens, which seems to have some of the hottest girls around. Rosalee is from Salt Lake City, of Hispanic decent (latina… but I don’t know from where) and she has a kilelr body. Oh yeah, she is 19, and she has only been modeling for about year. Already she has appeared in a number of non-nude men’s mags, her sexy looks and amazing (but not real) boobs driving the guys wild. This set has her on a beach, losing her top and obscuring her nipples with only a little sand. Damn, this girl has a killer body, and sexy lips that just seem to be looking for something to suck on, if you know what I mean. She is sexy as hell and gives me a bone!

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Melanie Elyza Brings The Cleavage

Being sexy isn’t all about just getting naked, and sometimes you can be pretty covered up and still be incredibly wildly sexy. Melanie Elyza does just that in this hot set for Alluring Vixens.

This sexy Filippina babe has got a drool worthy body and stunning model perfect looks (because, well, she is a model!). She has cleavage that just never seems to stop, and combined with her sexy tan skin, makes for a wonderful, sexy display of boobage. I mean, wow. The best part of this set is the perhaps less intended enjoyment of her sexy camel toe. She is wearing white panties, and they seem to be trying really hard to climb insider her pussy. So the bonus is some truly wonderful camel toe shots, even if she wasn’t intending to go there. Think of it as a bonus!

Overall this girl is just sexy as hell, and I could spend an hour or two motorboating her exceptional sexy cleavage. What about you?

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Very Sexy Babe Maria Venus

Some girl have all the luck. When you have a mixed background heritage, sometimes you get end up with all the bad parts. In the case of sexy Maria Venus, I think she got all the good parts.

This sexy girl is a very unique Italian and Thai mix, which makes her about as exotic as they come. A great face, stunning sexy body, really nice boobs, and one incredible ass (you need to check the gallery to see this ass, it’s fucking awesome nice!), all that with some nice dusty skin that is just toned like a full time tan. She is a stunning girl for sure, a professional bikini and teaser model and with a body that just doesn’t quit.

I found her at Alluring Vixens, who just seem to keep adding some of the worlds hottest babes to their collection. No hardcore, not a ton of nudity even, just the most amazing, sexy girls in some of the most sexy and well produced shoots you will see. Amazing and sexy, just the way we love them!

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Melanie Elyza Sexy Mesh Top

Sexy Melanie Elyza is absolutely drool worthy! I found this set of this sexy Phillipina at Alluring Vixens, and well, she is more than just alluring to me!

I love mesh tops, and any girl wearing mesh top or mesh body suits gets my attention right away. I think Asian girls are damn sexy too, so if you put an Asian girl in mesh, I am done like dinner. Melanie Elyza is one sexy babe, a true stunner with sexy curves and that classic model look that is so damn hot. She has nice full breasts too, and as you can see, her sexy nipples look ready for your attention!

This sort of lingerie and this sexy girl get together to give me a reason to get up in the morning, or perhaps to stay in bed with a hotty like her a little longer!

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This Barbie is One Sexy Doll

Alluring Vixens scores again with another stunning hottie! This girl’s name is Barbie, and no, she isn’t a real doll, she is a real sexy girl with an amazing body and a very sultry look.

This scene has her in a very, very tiny pink bikini, a little wet and a little shiny. She looks so hot in that little bikini, her sexy curves pretty much threatening to overtake that tiny piece of pink cloth at every move. Her nipples are rock hard and poking at the cloth, desperately trying to get out. Damn hot!

She gives us plenty of good looks, and as you can see, she isn’t shy to push the limits and let her sweet firm breasts get a little air too. This is one sexy babe in one tiny bikni!

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Sexy Justene In a Mesh Top

Wowsa, here is a hotty if I have ever seen one. Sexy Justene Jaro is one hot babe, and she is doing two of the things I like the most: Showing off in a see thru top, and just looking sexy!

This girl is a unique mix of Philippina and Puerto Rican backgrounds that gives her a very sensual and sexy look, sort of Asian but very much latina as well. I found this set of her at a new site called Alluring Vixens, which is nothing but hotties in sexy and teasing sets, great for us fans of see thru and sexy stuff. Justene looks amazing, rolling around on the beach in nothing but this mesh thing, her large breasts struggling to get out, her nipples looking very happy indeed. She has amazing smooth skin, and she looks like she is ready for some fun!

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