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Charley Atwell Tantalizing Cleavage Babe

charley atwell cleavage
If you haven’t noticed, I will tell you a secret: I love cleavage. I can stare at cleavage all day, and in the summer nothing better than checking out all the girls with their boobs just about hanging out. It’s fucking sexy as it comes. If you want to get my attention, show me your cleavage!

Charley Atwell does just that in this set from DDF Busty, this girl has phenomenal boobs and a great overall look, and she isn’t just about pulling off her clothes and stuffing her boobs in your face (she will get to that later) but she is also into the fine art of teasing and giving us something to think about first. This Cleavage shot is very tasty indeed, showing more than enough to prove that she has a massive rack, while at the same time leaving us feeling like the guy standing in line for the buffet – you know there is a huge meal to be had in a second but for now, you can only look!

You have to love a girl who knows the power of not showing it all off right away, and this set has plenty of the deep cleavage and teasing shots we all love – and the pay off too because her boobs are coming out to play!

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Capri Cavanni Sexy Stripper

capri cavanni feature danceFor any guy (or girl) who has spent some time in a strip club, you will recognize this pose and this position, it’s the sexy strip club money shot!

The stripper in question is hot pornstar Capri Cavanni (she was Capri Cavalli, and then changed her name…). It’s not hard to imagine her as a feature dancer, because I actually think she really does feature dance stuff. She’s got the look for sure, from the mesh top showing off her massive melons to the boots… ahh the boots, a wonderful piece of sexy all to themselves, thigh high boots with big heels are classic sexy. They are often referred to as Fuck Me Boots or Fuck Me Faster Boots, and they are totally hot. They pretty much have to be custom made for the girl, so these are expensive and truly hot to look at, making her sexy long legs look even longer.

Capri Cavanni knows all the good stripper moves too, she’s got all the positions and angles right, and she does some pretty distracting things with those little white panties too! It’s like a private visit to your favorite gentleman’s club, and that’s pretty sexy!

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Kirsten Price Sexy Busty Angel

kirsten price bustyI will be honest that in the porn world, it’s pretty rare to get a shot that makes you stop and take notice. There is plenty of poorly lit, schlock stuff that fills the pages of most sites and makes you wonder if anyone even looked at it. However, this incredibly sexy set with Kirsten Price pretty much redeems the entire industry, and the lighting isn’t even that good!

Kirsten Price is a hotty, that much is clear. Before anything else, this girl has that special look that only true babes seem to have. She’s not perfect, and that’s pretty much the key – she’s smoldering hot in a wildly defiant way, sexy because she feels it, and she exudes that sexuality completely. This set has her dressed as a red wing angel (and you have to say there are probably a few snickering jokes that went down at the time), and she looks stunning. Kirsten Price just looks at the camera and most guys start getting wood.

Her lingerie matches and it’s exceptionally nice too, pushing up her (somewhat unnatural) boobs in a more enjoyable way, giving her a big cleavage that still almost cannot compete with her overall sexuality. This girl just smokes no matter what. That she gets full nude and proves that she has the goods to match up to that attitude only makes the whole situation a little more sexy than it already is.

This girl is hot! Check out more of Kirsten Price on her new official site here!

Marina Viscounti Busty Bikini Babe

marina viscounti bikini babeNothing says sexy like a hot babe with big boobs in a bikini, and Marina Viscounti is really doing for me this morning.

Maybe it’s the fact that winter is here and it’s cold this morning, but this shot of sexy Marina Viscounti is certainly warming me up. This girl has an amazing natural body and sexy full natural breasts, and the bikini is just perfect. She could wear it to a public beach is she wanted too, but she might need a body guard or two! She isn’t shy to show it all off too, and she oils up her sexy body in this wonderful outdoor set.

She’s also more than willing to go, if you know what I mean, so not only is this girl a sexy tease, she’s also hot and ready for some naughty sexy fun under the sun!

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Lily Madison Shows Bigger Can Be Better

lily madison cleavageLily Madison is a girl that really caught my eye not just because she has an incredibly massive natural cleavage, but also because this girl seems incredibly comfortable and sexy as a somewhat bigger girl. That confidence is pretty darn sexy to me!

Lily Madison isn’t petite that is for sure, she’s not really a BBW and really barely makes it on the chubby scale, but she certainly isn’t a waif. Lily Madison has massive natural breasts, something like 34G or so, and she’s very curvy down below too. She’s also a little soft in places, but like I said, that’s a nice thing that makes this Lily Madison both real and a sort of real world fantasy for most of us. Her enormous breasts are just amazing, her cleavage is super sexy and very distracting, and her time working as a webcam girl has certainly taught her well! She knows how to show enough to drive us wild with her sexuality and not enough just to make us stop wanting more, I guess.

Moreover, this UK girl certainly shows a lot of confidence in her sexy, curvy good looks, and that confidence makes a sexy girl even more sexy, that is for sure!

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Petite Anita Just Simply Sexy

anita nubilefilmsWhen you discuss sexy, what one person considers sexy may not ring anyone else’s bell. But I have discovered over the years of writing this blog that there are a few things that almost everyone can agree on, and I think this is one of those cases where simple is truly sexy.

The girl here is named Anita, she’s almost a waif of a girl, but plenty curvy and soft and sexy in all the right ways. She’s all simple here with light makeup, simple white top and panties, and she just looks like the sort of girl you would love to wake up next to. She’s got that sexy sort of tousled look, fresh in the morning and ready for some fun. She’s really cute, and a girl who can pull of just a little undershirt and white panties and look super sexy certainly ranks high on my list.

Plus she’s a horny little thing, and this sexy girl proves that if you leave her alone, she will still have a very good time in morning! So wake up and enjoy the sexy girl!

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Sexy Sophia Knight Lets Her Top Drop

sophia knight lets her top dropLong ago, I realizes that one of my favorite times in the game of seduction is the time that the girl finally “gives in”, and goes from playing coy to leading the show. It’s a key moment where all your hard work to seduce a girl and get her all worked up pays off.

I think that there is no better indication of this than the moment that the girl starts to undress herself. She is no longer trying to act like she isn’t going to do anything, rather she wants to make sure that you have full access to all of the goods, and that you can start to truly satisfy all that horniness that the seduction created.

This set from Twistys features Sophia Knight exactly at that moment. She’s turned on and now is just releasing her bikini top so that her breasts are coming out, a moment of triumph for most men know that we are only seconds away from sucking on her hard nipples and having her whimper in joy. Totally awesome, the look on her face is perfect! Now you know why I find this so sexy!

Sophia Knight is the Twistys Treat Of The Month for June, 2013 – a well deserved honor for this totally sexy babe!

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Natasha Belle Wet and Sexy

natasha belle wet and sexyNatasha Belle is one of those natural sexy girls who looks good pretty much no matter what. Most girls have to spend hours on makeup and hair and stuff to have an amazing glam look, but Natasha Belle pulls it off naturally.

This sexy scene from her hot official site is a great example of natural beauty, it’s pretty hard to be glammed up when you are in a swimming pool, wet and out of control. Natasha Belle proves she has an incredibly sexy body and a hot natural look as she gets soaking wet and strips down to reveal her succulent curves. She has super sexy firm breasts and a great ass, this girl is hot no matter what. She looks really hot being all sexy and glam too, but this set does it for me.

After all, is there anything more sexy than a girl who is wet and waiting for you?

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