Taylor Vixen Sexy See Thru Top

Sometimes sexy isn’t in what you see, but in what you almost see.

This set from Taylor Vixen for Twisty’s is a perfect example. Her purple stretchy lace top is sexy as it comes, see through in many of the right places, but still covering it all. Covering it is a big job considering Taylor has a rather nice pair of tits on her. But it manages to just barely cover her to the point where you can see everything, but you can’t see anything.

Thankfully, Taylor Vixen fixes that problem after a while, letting her nice big boobs out to get a little sun, and I have to say she is just one sexy girl over all. She’s totally into showing off, and I suspect some of the neighbors got quite an eyeful of this incredibly sexy babe stripping down. She looks sexy as hell covered up, hotter than hell naked, and tasty as they come as she fingers and plays outdoors.

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