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Sexy and Hot Aaliyah Love

aaliyah loveThis isn’t the first time I have featured sexy Aaliyah Love on this blog, and it likely won’t be the last. In a world of big tits model and plastic fakery, sexy Aaliyah Love is a breath of fresh air, a natural girl with sexy smaller breasts and a totally hot and naughty attitude.

Aaliyah Love started out as a non nude teaser model, turned to a nude model, and now is a pornstar. All the way along, she has managed to keep both her sparkling and sort of funny personality, and also managed to keep from getting turned to fake and glam. She’s kept her natural small titties, and dresses to impress with those small boobs often the center of attention. She knows how to do sexy without having to buy it at a doctors office.

Plus, Aaliyah Love has a truly sexy ass and great legs, and this set has plenty of shots of all of her hot features. Plus it shows her sex skills too, and she has plenty of that too. Even naked and giving head, this girl exudes and perfect air of sexy that most girls will never have, she’s the hotty you want more of every day!

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Aaliyah Love Sexy See Thru Pants

aaliyah love
I have done a number of posts here with girls in see thru tops, see through lingerie, see through wet t-shirts, but I don’t think I have ever seen a girl in see thru pants. Excellent!

Aaliyah Love is one sexy girl, a hot blond with a nice natural body, smaller breasts, and a rather nice ass. She’s a teaser, a show off, and a lover of fine pussy, and she loves to show off and play. She also knows how sexy a good tease is, and that is where these pants some in. They are sort of patterned stockings, looking like lingerie, without any panty inside of them. So what you see is her incredibly sexy ass, and a pretty solid glimpse of her neatly trimmed and very sexy pussy too. It’s neat as check to peep in like this!

Plus she doesn’t disappoint us, in the end peeling off those see thru pants and pulling out a nice big ball vibrator to pleasure herself, proving that these see thru pants are turning her on too!

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Aaliyah Love Sexy Little Bikini

Sexy Aaliyah Love proves that you don’t have to have big titties to look sexy in a bikini. This sexy sunshine blond has got an amazing natural body with some nice small tits and a really curvy ass, she is just so freaking hot.

I love girls in bikinis, especially when they pick a bikini that makes their bodies look just perfect. Aaliyah Love does just that, this little bikini fits her in all the right places, making her look curvy and sweet. She is sexy with it on, and as she takes it off, we get to check out her sexy body even more, and damn, this girl is fine! She isn’t shy, and soon that sexy bikini is just a pile of cloth on the ground as Aaliyah Love gives herself a good time! Sexy!

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