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Karla Spice Sexy Busty and Cute As Hell

Karla Spice is one of those girls that always amazes me because she combines some of the most sultry looks with absolutely the most innocent smile you can find.

This sexy latina girl has got a killer body, one of the nicest asses I have seen, long legs, just everything so good. Even her pumped up latina tatas are fucking awesome to look at, and best of all, she knows how to dress to tease us without mercy. This set has her in some sexy lingerie that has her massive breasts popping out huge, giving us some great cleavage to look at, and down below, she is wearing tiny panties that reveal all of her ass and almost let everything else pop out too.

Best of all, you look up, and she is smiling that sweet innocent smile of a girl who doesn’t even realize just how sexy she is!

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Karla Spice Hot Teasing and Sexy

I think that Karla Spice is one of the most sexy web girls I have ever run across, a stunning combination of natural and man made curves, an innocent smile, a sultry look, and teasing skills that could kill a man!

This new set from her site has her outdoors somewhere in the city, behind a fence in a black minidress that hugs her every curve like I wish I could, squeezing her in all the right places and making her intensely hot latina ass look even hotter. Then she loves the dress, crosses the fence, and we are left with her in this amazing little bikini style top and some insanely small panties that are just barely keeping her sweetness covered.

We end up with Karla Spice topless in the sun, teasing us like crazy, and making us want to be there to offer her a little shade and a whole lot of lotion!

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Topless Karla Spice in Tight Lowrider Jeans

I think that sexy latina Karla Spice could wear a potato sack and still manage to make it look sexy. So when she puts on a pair of super tight low rider jeans that hug her incredible sexy ass, well, it’s a slam dunk sort of a day.

Karla Spice starts out fully dressed, but soon enough the top comes off and she starts her amazing teasing, letting us see almost all of her sexy big tits, but never quite, at least not for now. But seeing her in a public place (this is all outdoors) with nothing but those jeans on is totally fucking sexy, she looks great. Then she goes a step further to inflict another round of boners, turning around to slide down the jeans to expose her absolutely stunning latina ass and pussy just barely contained by a small white g-string that is being stretched to it’s limits. This girl is hot pretty much in every direction, a truly sexy babe!

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Karla Spice Sexy Latina Ass

Karla Spice is sort of like the gift that keeps giving, this latina hotty is just stunning in pretty much all angles.

This latest set has Karla Spice taking a bubble bath, starting out in her tiny bikini and ending up somewhat less covered, if you know what I mean. This girl has an amazing body, a really hot look. I love that she looks model serious one moment, and then smiles and that little girl next door thing comes out. What really caught my eye in this set though is her absolutely tasty ass, a perfect peach of a tail that left me staring for a lot longer than is natural. Her ass cheeks are full, round and ready for eating. I love how she doesn’t even have to stick her ass out to make it look so good, she is just naturally gifted in the ass, I guess.

The whole set is totally hot, Karla Spice certainly enjoys showing off her hot body and getting all wet. I like my girls wet!

Karla Spice Sexy Tiny White Bikini

With the winter months upon us here in the northern hemisphere, our thoughts turn to the warmer days of summer. With sexy Karla Spice, we get to enjoy summer all over again.

This stunning latina babe just rocks this white bikini, absolutely overwhelming it and still keeping it all in place. I love her dark skin and sexy eyes, and I love her smile. Karla Spice knows how to tease, that is for sure, and she really goes all out in this set. Her sweet ass cheeks are so fine, sexy firm and ready for some spanking or maybe just some good licking, whatever you prefer.

Can you imagine getting to oil this sexy girl up so she doesn’t burn in the sun?

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Karla Spice Sexy Blue Bikini

As the seasons change and it gets colder in my part of the world, I find myself needing more and more the sexy boost of sexy babes in bikinis. When it comes to filling a bikini and looking hot doing it, I think Karla Spice is all that.

This cutie just overwhelms this blue bikini, her sexy dark latina skin, her cute smile, and her impressive boobs all come together to bring me a sexy little piece of happiness to make me forget for a minute that soon I will be shovelling snow instead of building sand castles. With Karla Spice, it’s always summer, and always hot. That’s a damn good thing!

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Sexy Karla Spice in Bikini

Karla Spice is one of those amazing Latina girls with the type of body that just makes a bikini sing with joy. Heck, she makes me sing with joy.

I have featured Karla here before, mostly because she is just so fucking awesome in tiny bikinis. Bigger breasts, tiny waist, and a perfect bulbous latina ass that just begs to be squeezed, this girl has it all, and looks great every time.

The real bonus now is that on her personal website, this sexy latina kitten has gone full topless and somewhat more revealing, and let me tell you, she looks hot! Want a sexy wet dream for your day? Check out Karla Spice!

Sexy Karla Spice

karla spice looks amazing in a tiny yellow bikiniSome girls are sunshine girls, some girls are night time girls. Sexy Karla Spice is a sunset girl, looking totally hot and smoking in this yellow bikini at sunset. Talk about rocking a bikini, this girl just overpowers this little piece of yellow cloth!

Can you imagine spending a day poolside or at the beach with her in this little bikini? Talk about sexy, with her dark skin, sexy smile, and totally awesome body. Check out those boobs, huge and firm and just yummy! Oh and yes, Karla Spice has an amazing latina ass too, so no matter which way she turns, this sexy girl turns heads and hardens cocks!

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