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Sexy Carlotta Champagne Polka Dot Bikini

I will admit to being a bit of a sucker for the old classical sexy stuff, the pinup models and the whole cheesecake sort of thing. So when I spotted newcomer amateur Carlotta Champagne, I was pretty darn excited. She is pretty darn hot, and does sexy live cam shows too!

First off, sexy Carlotta Champagne has got pretty much the classical proportions of sexy girls gone by. Nice face, big tits, tiny waist, and nice full hips and butt. She plays it up too, like in this sexy polka dot bikini, a real throwback to the 50s. She looks amazing, giving us both a cheesecake look and some pretty darn amazing cleavage. She is playing in a little baby pool, and I have to say she is sexy all the way. She doesn’t just tease us, she slowly strips off her bikini to reveal her sexy body, a total backyard sexy thing that makes me wish I could peep over the fence to check her out more.

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Sexy Ember Reigns Wet T-Shirt Teaser

Anyone who wonders why a wet t-shirt contest is so popular needs look no further than this sexy shot of busty Ember Reigns. Now, I know it isn’t part of a contest or anything, but this pic shows the teasing potential of a good wet t-shirt.

Ember Reigns has got some seriously huge titties, that is for sure, and I think I like her more in this teasing mode, where not everything is out there, just a whole lot of teasing, flashing, and generally driving us nuts. Her huge cleavage is impressive, and certainly is enough to make any sane, straight man look. Heck, I bet most of the girls look too! She is smoking hot and knows how to use those curves to drive us crazy!

Check out more of Ember Reigns on her personal site, check her out here!

Sexy and Soaking Wet Wivien

let’s start 2010 off right with a truly sexy girl. Wivien is a European hotty who knows how to drive us all crazy. I never quite figured out the wearing clothes to take a shower thing, but in this case, the idea is clear! Damn, she look so sexy soaking wet, with her pretty nipples poking through.

She isn’t shy either, when the clothes come off she is just as sexy, using the shower head and her fingers to pleasure herself in a very sexy scene, it’s hot to see such a stunning model type girl getting herself off. I guess her new year is starting well!

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Misty Gates Sexy Soaking Wet

Misty Gates is one of those girls that has a bunch of different looks, from sexy and sweet to hot rocker style goth chick with the tattoos and the hard looks. She’s almost two different girls in one, but both of them are very sexy!

Misty Gates also proves that, even soaking wet, she is still sexy as hell. A soaking wet girl gives up all those things that protect her, like the hair style, the perfect makeup, the right clothes… Misty is just naked, soaking wet, and 100% sexy. I love her perky titties, and her cute smile, she has a look that is just so nice, wet, dry, or any level of dampness in between. The tattoos are big, and yet it’s sort of a nice offset to her sweet smile, showing her as both sweet and naughty, all in the same package!

Check out more of Misty Gates on her personal site, she’s waiting for you!

Wet T-shirts Are Sexy

Wet T-shirts are an amazing idea, the concept of showing you everything and nothing at the same time, and that by itself makes them sexy.

Now, add in a hotty like Lee Madison and her rather large boobs, and you have a truly sexy scene. This set is from the Reality Kings Videos site Big Naturals, and features this busty hotty in some sexy beach action, first in a white bikini, and then in a wet t-shirt, looking absolutely sexy and wild. I can’t blame the guys for wanting to fuck her after, I mean, geez, she is such a turn on in thie wet t-shirt! Totally awesome set here!

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Japanese Girls Are Sexy

I will admit that I have always loved asian girls, and Japanese girls are some of the hottest and yet most innocent asian girls around. The Japanese people love sex, they love being sexual, but they are also very shy and conservative at times. So you end up with some of the most amazing, stunning girls, who often come off as innocent as a schoolgirl.

Hiraku here is a great example of how damn sexy Japanese girls are. She is playing outside on a tropical beach in her new bikini, looking both sexy and innocent, sweet and horny, hot and shy. So even when she gets a little more serious and the bikini starts to come off, she is still looking like a naughty girl getting away with something. Her body is amazing, her pussy naturally hairy with the straight, soft, and bush hair that only Japanese girls seem to have.

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Three Naked Girls Kissing is Sexy

You know that old expression, you can’t describe something, but you will know it when you see it? Well, when it comes to sexy, it is sometimes hard to explain, but damn, I know it when I see it.

Two girls kissing is sexy, that is for sure. Naked girls tend to be pretty sexy too. Three naked girls has got to be at least 3 times as a sexy, and when the 3 naked girls are kissing, well, that pretty much knocks it off the charts.

This set from Sapphic Erotica has these three teens in a very hot and sexy lesbian set. Sapphic Erotica is well known for some of the hottest and sexiest real lesbian sex encounters, with real natural hotties having intense real orgasms. It is really very sexy indeed to see teen girls often in their very first girl on girl action, really getting into it. It’s voyeuristic, it’s wild, it’s sexy.

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Sexy Karla Spice in Bikini

Karla Spice is one of those amazing Latina girls with the type of body that just makes a bikini sing with joy. Heck, she makes me sing with joy.

I have featured Karla here before, mostly because she is just so fucking awesome in tiny bikinis. Bigger breasts, tiny waist, and a perfect bulbous latina ass that just begs to be squeezed, this girl has it all, and looks great every time.

The real bonus now is that on her personal website, this sexy latina kitten has gone full topless and somewhat more revealing, and let me tell you, she looks hot! Want a sexy wet dream for your day? Check out Karla Spice!

Sexy Karla Spice

karla spice looks amazing in a tiny yellow bikiniSome girls are sunshine girls, some girls are night time girls. Sexy Karla Spice is a sunset girl, looking totally hot and smoking in this yellow bikini at sunset. Talk about rocking a bikini, this girl just overpowers this little piece of yellow cloth!

Can you imagine spending a day poolside or at the beach with her in this little bikini? Talk about sexy, with her dark skin, sexy smile, and totally awesome body. Check out those boobs, huge and firm and just yummy! Oh and yes, Karla Spice has an amazing latina ass too, so no matter which way she turns, this sexy girl turns heads and hardens cocks!

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Southern Brooke Wet T-Shirt

southern brooke shows off her nipplesI keep running across the sexiest scenes from non-nude hotty Southern Brooke. This girl is all about tease, not showing it all off, and yet she manages to turn that tease into something so sexy and pleasurable!

In this set, she is cleaning up, and gets a little wet. Well, a lot wet. So we are treated to the nice (and rare) view of her amazing tits and hard nipples through her wet t-shirt. Talk about nice big boobs, this girl really has it, and those nipples are rock hard so you know she is enjoying showing off. It isn’t often that you get to see her this way, what a treat!

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