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Kathy Campbel Sexy Bikini Babe Goes Wild

I don’t usually go looking for sexy girls on hardcore porn sites, because, well, most of them just aren’t sexy enough to make it here. But every so often I hit an exceptional set, a great scene, a hot look, and I know you guys will love it!

Kathy Campbel (yes, 1 L) is a hotty pornstar with a great natural body, a great overall look, and holy shit, can she rock a bikini or what? This set from Private shows this sexy hotty off at her very best on the lush tropical beaches of the Dominican Republic, in a sexy set that turns hardcore, but still has so much sexy it’s hard to resist! Kathy looks amazing, and that tiny bikini is sexy as hell, even as she pulls it away to reveal her sexy body.

A truly sexy scene! Check out the full scene at Private, click here!