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Kathy Campbel Sexy Bikini Babe Goes Wild

I don’t usually go looking for sexy girls on hardcore porn sites, because, well, most of them just aren’t sexy enough to make it here. But every so often I hit an exceptional set, a great scene, a hot look, and I know you guys will love it!

Kathy Campbel (yes, 1 L) is a hotty pornstar with a great natural body, a great overall look, and holy shit, can she rock a bikini or what? This set from Private shows this sexy hotty off at her very best on the lush tropical beaches of the Dominican Republic, in a sexy set that turns hardcore, but still has so much sexy it’s hard to resist! Kathy looks amazing, and that tiny bikini is sexy as hell, even as she pulls it away to reveal her sexy body.

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Roxy Panther Sexy and Naughty In The Snow

Private Video has some of the most amazing sexy girls in some of the wildest hardcore scenes around. But what I love the most is that they often also have some of the sexiest solo sets done at the same time, letting these truly sexy girls work it for the camera in some great locations.

Like sexy Roxy Panther here, in this set called “Sex on the Snow”. Roxy has ridden on a snow cat to near the top of a snowy mountain. You might think it’s a good place for skiing, but for this sexy girl, it’s a wonderful place to show off her rather hot body. I love this shot with just the ski pant straps covering her firm tits and giving her a great look. It’s cold outside but this stunning babe is so damn hot, she almost melts the snow!

Plus after all this, a couple of guys join her for a rather wild threeway, proving that this girl isn’t just for show, she loves to go all out and be sexy that way too!

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Cherry Jul Sexy Babe in Lingerie

Sexy Cherry Jul is one of those girls who was absolutely made for lingerie and stockings. She has just the right build to pull it off, without overwhelming things.

This sexy blond is actually Russian, 25 years old, and measures a little oddly at 34a-21-31, but she still has a tasty ass. She is also a tall 5 foot 7, putting her into the model category. I am a big fan of her sexy small tits, they match her build just right. This scene from Private has her posing on a motorcycle trike, and I have to say that the girl is so good looking, even biker guys won’t notice the trike. She has such sexy long legs, and when you put stocking on them, they look like they go forever. Can you imagine having those things wrapped around your back? Nice!

Private has multiple sets of this sexy girl in action too, in great solo shots, in some pretty hot lesbian action, and even in a hardcore threeway. So not only is she sexy, but she is “good to go!”

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Sexy Boroka Nude on the Beach

Some girls just sort of catch my eye and I can never forget them. Boroka Balls (aka Boroka Bolles and Boroka Nubiles) is one of those girls, a stunning blond that I have enjoyed since her debut. I think her sexy long body and her perfect smaller tits are just so tasty!

Now she is one of the new “face” girls for Private Porn in Europe, which means we are seeing much more of this lean, petite hotty, and she is doing a whole lot more too. This scene is the warm up to a wild lesbian adventure in the surf with Kathy Campbell, and Boroka is even doing hardcore scenes exclusive for Private. This girl is stunning, sexy, and so well built, and she is now more open than ever. That is sexy in itself!

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Yasmine Gold Sexy Beach Nudes

I have been having a hell of a good time checking out the amazing archives and current material from Private Porn, and I have to day I have turned up some truly sexy stuff. They have so many great scenes, so many hot girls, and so many absolutely sexy locations that it is hard to resist!

This set features sexy Jasmine Gold in her Summer Sex Job, posing nude Guadalupe, right on the beach. This is certainly very sexy, and I can imagine coming out of my hotel and finding this hotty on the beach in the morning, working on her all over tan. I think I would be entirely distracted by her puffy nipples, that sort of stick right out there. I might want to offer he some lotion so she doesn’t burn.

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Sarah Twain Sexy in Black and Shiny Stuff

Okay, if there are true fans out there of latex or rubber wear, let me know if I get this one wrong. I know sexy, but I don’t know what all the bits and pieces are sometimes. But I know hot, and Sarah Twain is fucking hot in this set from Private.

This is where we get to the black stuff, latex I think, very sexy, kinky and hot as hell to see this girl in. Damn, this stuff does wonders for her, from the shiny tall heels to that amazing bustier, she is every inch a sexy, naughty woman who is going to whip your ass in a minute, just for fun. The best part of the outfit is that it has no pants or panties, so her neatly trimmed pussy and sexy ass are not just on display, but also ready for some attention. Can you imagine this sexy girl face sitting you in this outfit? Hotness!

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Angel Dark Sexy Beach Pirate

Angel Dark is a sexy model and babe, a Slovakian hotty with an absolutely amazing body and a a great look.

I found this sexy set of her over at Private, Europe’s top adult entertainment company. They have amazing stuff, and all the hottest girls. This set is a beach tribute to Robinson Crusoe, a sort of swash buckling pirate play. Angel Dark looks amazing in that outfit, and she looks even better as it slowly comes off. She is alone on this amazing beach, under the sun, looking so hot. She ends up totally nude, alone on the beach, just you and her. Can you imagine that? Her sexy big boobs catching the sun, you adding a little lotion to keep her from burning… oh yeah!

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