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Mallory Martin Sexy Yummy Cleavage

Some girls just seem to naturally know how to drive guys crazy. Sexy Mallory Martin has it all figured out!

Any girl who knows how to show so much cleavage without actually getting her titties right out there is a born teaser. Mallory Martin certainly knows how to tease, and to give us that smart but naughty look with the glasses and all. She just looks hot and ready for some fun. Don’t worry, this teaser ends up fully naked and having a very good time, with plenty of teasing shots on the way. She knows not to just take it all off in a second and go for it, she has teasing and sexy stripping down perfect!

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Tanning Bed Candid Pics are Sexy

Mallory Martin is a sexy and wild amateur who loves to show off, and loves to play World of Warcraft. That’s right, she a sexy geek girl, which is always sort of hot all by itself.

This time she serves up what I consider a pretty sexy thing, hot candid pics from a tanning salon. Tanning may be a little bad for your skin, but the thought of coming into a room and finding a naked girl getting a tan and being able to check out her body without her realizing you are there is pretty darn hot. Mallory is getting into showing off too, I think she is trying to make sure that her fingers don’t get too tanned by hiding them in her pussy!

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