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Public Nudity and Flashing is Sexy

Sometimes sexy is a look, the parts, the build, the tease. Other times sexy is the act. In this case, it’s a bit of both, with a sexy girl doing what I consider a very sexy thing.

Marissa is an 18 year old hotty that turned up to do her first ever nudes for FTV Girls (First Time Videos). She’s a hotty, sort of a solidly built girl with nice c cup boobs and a nice smile. Well, they take her out on one of the local popular hiking trails, taking some cute pics of her in a white top and cute little shorts. The dare her to flash her tits with some people around, and she does it – and loves it. Soon enough, she is flashing her titties and all that like mad, having a great time and getting turned on. They find a somewhat secluded area, and they convince her to get full nude, taking off her bottoms to expose her shaved teen pussy, and she masturbates like crazy in public. She is worried a bit, because she is sure people are watching (and they are… and probably whacking off too!). She looks so damn sexy getting naked outdoors, it’s a real turn on!

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Tanning Bed Candid Pics are Sexy

Mallory Martin is a sexy and wild amateur who loves to show off, and loves to play World of Warcraft. That’s right, she a sexy geek girl, which is always sort of hot all by itself.

This time she serves up what I consider a pretty sexy thing, hot candid pics from a tanning salon. Tanning may be a little bad for your skin, but the thought of coming into a room and finding a naked girl getting a tan and being able to check out her body without her realizing you are there is pretty darn hot. Mallory is getting into showing off too, I think she is trying to make sure that her fingers don’t get too tanned by hiding them in her pussy!

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Rilee Sexy in Heels and Undies

While there are many things that some people find sexy and other people don’t seem to like much, generally I think most guys are turned on by hot girls in just their underwear, and a lot of guys love a girl in sexy high heels. Well, together, that is damn sexy!

Rilee is a cute 18 year old I found at FTV Girls, and she is such a cute little flirt! Wearing just her tiny bra and panties and some cute heels, she is the perfect little teaser, the type of girl you wish you found in your bed every night horny and willing to go. Her sexy smile will light you up, and her hot and tight little body will certainly get you going. Oh yeah, she loves to get off too, and as you will see in her sets, she isn’t shy to ride some of the biggest sex toys around. Damn, the girl is a hot tease and a real pleaser too!

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Lexi Belle Sexy In Your Shirt

Lexi Belle is doing something that many girls do, dreaming about a man. They are lying alone in bed, thinking about you, and the best way to get close to you is to put on one of your shirts so that they can smell and almost feel you on them. Lexi is making sure she doesn’t get caught, she’s got your shirt on and she is feeling a little randy!

Soon enough, sexy Lexi Belle is playing with herself and having a great time, with your shirt on and making her think of you, a true dream. Can you imagine walking into your bedroom and catching her doing this? What would you do?

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Flashing in the Subway is Sexy

There is something about flashing in public that intrigues almost all of us. It certainly turns on the girls doing the flashing, that is for sure. It’s a pretty naughty and wild thing to do, when you think about it.

Sexy Melisa from Glossy Angels shows us how to do it right. This dark haired cutie is wearing the wrap around coat, the skirt, stockings, heels, and she looks steaming hot already. When she lets that jacket open up for some pics, it’s very sexy to see her beautiful breasts and soft skin getting some air. The women behind her don’t even know what is going on. Then she sits down, slides her panties to the side, and starts playing with her pussy right in the subway!

She then heads outdoors for some more flashing and fun, this girl is sexy and more than a little naughty too!

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Teen Zafira is a Sexy Showoff

I love girls that love to tease, it’s the reason why my blog is all about sexy and not about anything else. There is a magic moment in the tease where the girl can cross the line a little and still be teasing you senseless. This picture shows exactly hot it can happen.

Zafira is a sexy European teen with the most amazing eyes and a look that says “take me”. In this set she is outdoors near a pool, sitting on a park bench. She teases with her long legs, sultry looks, and gentle peeps, but at this moment, she has crossed the line from tease to please with an excellent show of her nice little teen tits. There is something about a girl pushing her clothes out of the way so she can present you her fine charms, sort of in a ruch so she can’t wait to get undressed, rather she just hauls those little nubs out over the top so we can enjoy them. That’s damn sexy.

Just as sexy is watching this girl strip down entirely and pleaseure herself in many ways, showing off her very pretty pink parts and using her talented fingers to give herself the orgasm she needs, all while you are right there watching. A very sexy set from a very sexy girl.

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