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Misty Gates Sexy Soaking Wet

Misty Gates is one of those girls that has a bunch of different looks, from sexy and sweet to hot rocker style goth chick with the tattoos and the hard looks. She’s almost two different girls in one, but both of them are very sexy!

Misty Gates also proves that, even soaking wet, she is still sexy as hell. A soaking wet girl gives up all those things that protect her, like the hair style, the perfect makeup, the right clothes… Misty is just naked, soaking wet, and 100% sexy. I love her perky titties, and her cute smile, she has a look that is just so nice, wet, dry, or any level of dampness in between. The tattoos are big, and yet it’s sort of a nice offset to her sweet smile, showing her as both sweet and naughty, all in the same package!

Check out more of Misty Gates on her personal site, she’s waiting for you!