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Nikki Sims Sexy Deep Dish Cleavage

nikki simsIt’s not the first time I have posted up a set from sexy Nikki Sims, this girl is like a fountain of sexy looks that just keeps giving us more to enjoy.

This new set from her hot personal site has Nikki Sims in a sort of black lace outfit, looks almost like a lace biker jacket, and she looks fucking awesome. The lighting is dramatic and her look is like goth light. She gives us plenty of interesting views and angles, slowly but surely putting more and more cleavage into the game.

I really like this particular shot, I think that a top like this completely unzipped is insanely sexy to look at, it promises something more to come and at the same time makes you use a little of your imagination to fill in some of the blanks. The results with Nikki Sims is pure sexy, a truly tasty combination of what is and what could be.

She’s certainly yummy, come on and check out more of Nikki Sims on her personal site here!

Black Mesh Top With Nikki Sims

nikki sims mesh topIt’s not the first time I feature Nikki Sims on the SXXY Sexy Girl blog, and these is a reason: She’s frigging hot in an almost natural sort of way.

It’s also not the first time I feature Nikki Sims in a mesh top, it’s one of those things that seems to do amazing things for her look. She’s a hotty for sure, near fashion model babe with a totally killer body and a great attitude. She’s also more than willing to flaunt her sexy body and drive us wild. She’s super sexy but almost approachable, the sort of girl you might meet in a bar and actually chat up with some success, rather than getting the cold shoulder.

Nikki Sims also has her own website, packed with plenty of exclusive sets, videos, and playful things, and this hotty is a bit of a show off that loves your attention!

Check out Nikki Sims personal sexy site here, this girl is hot and sexy and ready for you!

Nikki Sims Sexy Mesh Top

nikki sims mesh top

Some girls just have that it factor, that special something that makes them sexier than the other girls. In the case of Nikki Sims, it’s pretty much everything, because this girl is sexy hot.

I love that she has the shape and the attitude to wear this incredibly sexy mesh dress. It’s as see thru as you can get, yet it still covers. But her big breasts and tasty full nipples are well on display, and I have to say it would probably be a whole lot of fun to suck her nipples through the material! Naughty! Nikki Sims teases us like crazy with this top, giving us great views of her sexy body and even a nice bending over ass shot that is hot as it gets. This girl loves to tease, but she also loves to show it all off, that’s fun!

Check out more of Nikki Sims on her official sexy site here!

Happy St Paddys Day from Nikki Sims

big titsHappy St Paddy’s day everyone!

Nikki Sims is giving us a whole new reason to enjoy St Paddy’s day, it’s nothing to do with green beer or floor cleaner strength booze, and instead it’s a wonderful pair of big, big titties with a good pair of well placed stickers. Kiss them, they are Irish… talk about a great invitation!

As always, Nikki Sims is hot and sexy in this set, she’s a teaser amateur who loves to drive us wild with her big cleavage and her very hot look. She really gets into St Paddy’s day with some nice green clothes and and some nice green lingerie too, which fits the holiday and looks damn good too. She gives us a great show, this girl knows how to show off her body perfectly, plenty of hot positions that make me think of naughty things I could do with her!

The stickers on the tits are perfect, a great way to celebrate the holiday!

Check out more of Nikki Sims on her hot personal site here!

Nikki Sims Sexy Cleavage Shot

nikki sims cleavageAhh, cleavage! What a wonderful thing you are!

Smart girls know the power of cleavage, and I am sure many of them spend hours in front of the mirror perfecting the look, so they can drive guys wild with the thought of their boobs being out. Nikki Sims is that sort of a girl, she has some honking great hooters on her and she knows how to use them. Her D cup boobs are wonderful, but better than that, she knows how to do the cleavage thing.

This set is called sweater kittens, instead of sweater puppies I guess. It’s a wonderful strip down as Nikki Sims teases us with her hot body, and gives us plenty of nice under boob shots, cleavage peeps, and much more before finally stripping down and let it all out. She’s one girl who is just as hot dressed as naked, because she knows how to use those clothes to drive you wild.

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