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Sunny Leone So Sari So Sexy

sunny leone sari
Sunny Leone may go down in the history of porn as being one of the most in control girls around. This sexy Canadian born Indian girl is a true hotty, a Penthouse Pet, a model, a babe, and much more. She has managed her career in porn, and always set the rules for herself, from doing only nudes, to doing only girls, to going hardcore and finally Sunny Leone anal sex scenes too. She’s the boss.

Moreover, this sexy Indian girl (her family is from India) has parlayed her beauty and brains into mainstream films in India, where her work as a pornstar has done more than raise eyebrows. She’s gotten huge amounts of publicity for her movie work as a result, and like it or not, Sunny Leone in India is a household name.

This set from her official site is what I call So Sari, as she wears a traditional Indian outfit and strips out of it, perhaps showing us what it might be like to get her on her wedding night. Damn, that would be sexy, wouldn’t it?

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Sunny Leone Sexy Hot New Look

For as long as I can remember, Sunny Leone has always been rocking the same sort of look. Smoky eye makeup, long straight hair, plenty of blush and gloss and all that. She’s always had a really hot, very glam look.

But these new shots from her new movie Goddess show sexy Sunny Leone off in a different way, and I have to say I am a fan of this look. Her hair is a little lighter color, wavy, and very sexy. She has a more natural look in makeup and such too, with way less of the glam-girl war paint and more of the just stunning naturally sexy babe she is. She looks amazing with this body suit, and you can see that this sexy Indian girl has some pretty amazing curves too. She loves to show off, and her body is just hot as it comes!

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Sunny Leone Sexy Traditional Indian Girl

Sunny Leone is a Canadian born Indian babe and pornstar who is not only hot as they come, but also very proud of her heritage.

This set from her hot official site shows sexy Sunny Leone off in traditional Indian clothes, with of course a sexy twist. That cloth is very see thru, and you can check out her newly enhanced boobs (second boob job at least), which has given her some fairly large breasts, but not quite pornstar size yet.

This all matches up with the upcoming release of her new Lies, Diary of a an Escort movie which features plenty of action and even some hot Sunny Leone hardcore for us to enjoy. This girl is super hot, that is for sure!

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Sunny Leone White Hot Babe

Sexy Sunny Leone continues to blow us all away with her stunning good looks and hot body, and this new set from her personal site is white hot.

Sunny Leone is a sexy Indian babe (born in Canada) who is a past Penthouse Pet of the Year, and who has moved on to doing sexy shoots, lesbian porn, and finally we got Sunny Leone Hardcore porn too. This girl is amazing, every set she looks stunning. This set is interesting because I haven’t seen her with her hair like this, and that white whatever it is does a great job of just barely hiding and yet totally exposing her exception body. I love her sexy brown skin and sultry looks, this girl could give a priest a hard on in a second!

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Sexy Sunny Leone Phone Sex Babe

Sexy Sunny Leone is back with more fresh stuff for her hot personal site. This time she is in a classical phone booth, you know the type you might have seen at a train station or an airport many years back. She is talking to someone and I guess the conversation is good, because she is getting very turned on!

Talk about a sexy look, her full Indian breasts are popping out, showing us her absolutely stunning cleavage. Talk about tempting, you know if you saw her you would stop and stare, hoping for the top to open a little more. Don’t worry, that top opens up and we get to enjoy her very sexy breasts and hot body as she gets naughty with herself on the phone.

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Sunny Leone Sexy Red Bikini

I have dreams that look so much like this. Sexy Indian babe Sunny Leone in a teeny-tiny red bikini, the ocean, the sun… it’s a fantasy that comes up now and again, that is for sure.

So when I saw these pics, well, I figured they must have been reading my mind. Yet the reality is even better than the dream, Sunny Leone is looking absolutely amazing in the seaside set, curvy, sultry, and let so fun and sexy. I could imagine spending a day at the beach with her…

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Sexy Sunny Leone

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have probably heard of Sexy Sunny Leone. This Indian Canadian babe has been rocking the world with her sexy good looks and amazing body for a few years now, she was the Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003, and now she has her own personal website and yes now you can see Sunny Leone Hardcore!

The hardcore is nice, but the sexy stuff is still tops for me. This girl has amazing curves in all the right places, a super hot face, and sexy dark skin. She is a total indian dream girl, that is for sure, and a real teaser that knows exactly what turns you on. This set has her in a sexy teddy style black lingerie that comes apart in all the right places, so she can slowly reveal all her impressive charms. Sunny Leone has beautiful boobs, sexy long legs, and well, her pink pleasure palace looks sweet enough to eat!

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