Sexy Viki Totally Nude Teaser

I don’t usually go for the easy nude shots of girls, because nude is pretty much always sexy. Most of the time I am looking for something just a little sexier than that, something that will engage your desires at a better level.

Then Viki gets naked, and I sort of lose control. Damn this girl is hot!

I found Viki in a couple of fresh sets from, and she is getting hotter all the time. She is tall (model height 5 foot 7 or higher) and lean, with a very sexy ass, perfect small tits, and a sultry look that is as sensual as they come, all without looking forced. She loves to tease and show off, and this picture sort of does both, she is totally naked, and yet totally covered, her sexy small boobs peeping out through her hair in a maddening tease. Don’t worry, she gets fully naked so you can really enjoy her sexy body.

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Viki In a Sexy Revealing Moment

I have featured this sexy girl on this blog before, Viki In Sexy Stockings has been one of the more popular posts I have ever put up here, as this girl has got just an amazing natural body and stunning, almost bitchy good looks that just make you want more.

This time out she is in a sexy white frilly tube top and a skirt (with sexy white panties underneath). She looks amazing. I love this girls smaller tits and sexy long legs, that is for sure, and those smaller boobs are nothing against her being incredibly sexy. In fact, I took what I think is one of the sexiest pictures in the whole set to put up here, the moment as she first reveals one of her breasts, pulling the tube top down to allow her small boobs to pop out, in a very sexy and casual way. Talk about nice. Her breasts are perfect for small tits, capped with smaller and very tasty looking nipples. they are so perky too, pointing just right and hard! I love that moment of reveal. Oh yeah, she ends up fully nude and all, and yes, she is shaved!

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Viki So Sexy in Stockings and Heels

Oh my god this girl is hot! I found sexy Viki over at, and while I am not entirely sure that she is really a teen (more like a coed), she is still absolutely stunning in this hot set.

First and foremost, I love girls in sexy stockings. These ones are patterned in a way that really show of her sexy long legs. Add in the high heels, and we are pretty much already maxing out the sexy meter. The lingerie is damn hot too, I love the look of a girl who is just about to get naked and hasn’t quite done it yet, the tease is still on and I am loving it!

Best of all for me is that that sexy Viki has got super hot tiny tits and a lean, sexy body that leaves me drooling. I love her look of long legs, lean upper body, firm little titties, and sultry looks. She’s absolutely sexy for sure!

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See Thru Tops are Sexy

It is one of the great mysteries of life, why is something we can almost see way more sexy than what we can see?

This hot set of Teasing Tea in her see thru top (and out of it) is a great example of how simple things can be so sexy. Tea is a hotty, nice looking babe with a smoking hot body, and some seriously nice boobs. This Czech Republic hotty is exactly model perfect, balanced, and sexy. The images of her fully nude are hot, that is for sure. Yet I am drawn to the see thru top shots the most, I guess it’s the thrill of seeing what you aren’t suppose to see or something, but whatever, I know where my eyes went first!

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