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Ashley Is a Sexy Fishnet Kitty

I had to sort of look twice at these set to really understand it all, but no matter what you see otherwise, I think we are all enjoying sexy Ashley from Ashley’s Candy in her fishnet bikini.

The truth is that it is a kitty cat outfit of sorts. I caught on when she turned around to show off her sexy ass, and there is a tail! Check out the ears in her hair too, and now you have it, she is a sexy fishnet kitty cat. I love the bikini top, I can picture myself trying to suck her nipples through the cloth, getting them to poke through so that I can tease her some more. It’s a great idea, no?

She just looks so sexy like this, a great look and a great tease… and the fishnet is coming off too!

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Ashley Sexy Finger Bra Shots

Most of us have seen or have learned about the hand bra, you know where a girl is totally topless but supporting her breasts with her hands, usually just covering her nipples and giving us a great cleavage shot. That is pretty sexy, for sure! However, Ashley from Ashley’s Candy goes one step further and shows us the incredibly sexy finger bra.

That’s right just enough finger to barely cover her nipples, exposing the rest of her sexy breasts to us in one incredibly teasing shot! Ashley is looking so hot in her sexy gold outfit, the pants fit tight and the top, well, it shows her rock hard nipples through it very well before she slides it out of the way and gives us these sexy finger bra shots. She even does a pink bra, just pinking her smaller nipples between her fingers to make them not show up totally. Damn, this girl is a teaser! Her live cam shows apparently are very hot too!

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Sexy Ashley Gets Topless Outdoors

Sexy Ashley from Ashley’s Candy is back with a fresh teasing set, and she is looking sexier than ever in this hot outdoor teasefest.

Ashley has an amazing body, and she loves to tease. These pics are some of her most daring near nudes and near topless shots, with everything out and just barely covered with her fingers. You know this girl has some nice boobs and small nipples if she can cover them with a single finger. Damn, that is sexy. She does plenty of hot teasing like this, and looks great outdoors. I love girls getting naked outdoors, and Ashley looks great doing it.

This hotty does sexy live cam shows for her members too, and loves to chat and have fun. Check out her personal site with tons of videos and home movies too.

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Ashley Sexy Reverse Cleavage Shot

Sexy Ashley from Ashley’s Candy is giving us what I call a reverse cleavage shot, basically starting at the bottom and working her way up. This is to me one of the most sexy sorts of non-nude shots, because it shows of the part of the breasts that are normally hidden by a bra or a bikini. Ashley really gives us a nice shot!

I have to say too that Ashley has got some really nice boobs too, nice and big compared to her fairly petite frame, certainly more than enough to catch my attention. She knows how to work it too, giving us some truly sexy shots of her lower breasts, tight tummy, and sexy ass. She’s hot in black, that is for sure!

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