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Hotty Aurora Does Sexy Many Ways

ftvgirls aurora
Often when you see a sexy scene or a sexy girl, they are being sexy for a given reason. You know, hot body, sexy face, deep cleavage, hot lingeries, and things like that. Well, this time out we get sort of a double dose of sexy from Aurora.

I found Aurora over at FTV Girls, and while it’s claimed to be her first time, she looks sort of like a newbie pornstar girl I have seen around. None the less, the sexy factor is there big time in two ways. First off, her shirt is very see thru, she isn’t wearing a bra, and the back lighting is making her rather nice breasts show up in ways that are sure to catch a guys attention.

Then you look a little further down and wow, this girl has an incredibly sexy ass and a nice pair of booty shorts to show that off with as well, giving us a whole other layer of sexy. Add in a little outdoor nudity (and masturbation, sexy girl!) and you have a perfectly sexy scene from top to bottom and front to back!

Check out more of Aurora at FTV Girls, her exclusive video is hot and very sexy!

Jessi Girl Next Door Sexy

I tend to make the mistake of tossing around the term girl next door a little too much, but I think in the case of sexy Jessi, it’s exactly the right term.

Jessi is 18, doing her first ever nude shoot for FTV Girls, and she is just so cute. I am particularly turned on by this tank top and cut off jeans look, it’s sort of very retro 70s and incredibly sexy, reminding me of some of the hot girls from back in the day. She’s got a really hot natural body too, smaller boobs with sexy nipples, nice long legs, and she just overall exudes that hot look of sexy and innocent at the same time.

Those jean shorts are so tiny too, you can see her sexy teen ass sort of trying to escape out of the back of them, and she smiles innocently as she shows off her cute body. Damn, this is one sexy teen girl next door!

Want more? check out Jessi at FTV Girls, she gets very sexy and naughty!

Sexy Leila Great Smile and Sexy Cleavage

FTV girls is like an endless buffet of truly sexy girls doing pretty naughty things for the first time on camera. They find some truly stunning girls, and Leila is certainly a hotty.

It is incredible to think that this sexy girl is only 18 years old, and so well endowed. Yup, those are natural DD boobs there, making for some very firm, and very tasty cleavage. I mean, she is topless here guys, and those big firm tits are standing up happy and proud, giving us one impressive cleavage shot. I love a girl in lingerie, and I love a girl half out of lingerie too! She really rocks it!

She has such a sweet smile too, it’s impressive to see this absolutely sexy creature getting fully nude and playing with herself for her first ever orgasm on camera. Trust me guys, the rest of her is just as sexy as that smile and those amazing boobs. This girl is a sexy keeper!

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Public Nudity and Flashing is Sexy

Sometimes sexy is a look, the parts, the build, the tease. Other times sexy is the act. In this case, it’s a bit of both, with a sexy girl doing what I consider a very sexy thing.

Marissa is an 18 year old hotty that turned up to do her first ever nudes for FTV Girls (First Time Videos). She’s a hotty, sort of a solidly built girl with nice c cup boobs and a nice smile. Well, they take her out on one of the local popular hiking trails, taking some cute pics of her in a white top and cute little shorts. The dare her to flash her tits with some people around, and she does it – and loves it. Soon enough, she is flashing her titties and all that like mad, having a great time and getting turned on. They find a somewhat secluded area, and they convince her to get full nude, taking off her bottoms to expose her shaved teen pussy, and she masturbates like crazy in public. She is worried a bit, because she is sure people are watching (and they are… and probably whacking off too!). She looks so damn sexy getting naked outdoors, it’s a real turn on!

See more of Marissa at FTV Girls, she does plenty more naughty stuff! See the video here!

First Timer Sabrina Has a Nice Cleavage

I love the FTV Girls site because they are always finding newbies, first timers, and just generally sexy girls to take part in their first on camera nudes, sexy shots, and even orgasms. Like Sabrina here, a hot 22 year old with some nice (store bought) D cup titties that come together to give her an absolutely great look in this lingerie. Check out the story:

we watch her try on sexy lingerie, and show off her figure. Then its time for toy play, using several vibrators until she’s able to have an orgasm. It takes a while for her, but it becomes the very first orgasm she’s ever had on camera! Notice the strong vaginal contractions at the end. She becomes all giggly and wants to see her orgasm on video

What a hot idea. This girl is totally into having a good time, first time nude and first time cumming on camera, now that is sexy!

See more of Sabrina including all of her sexy video at FTV Girls, here here!

Rilee Sexy in Heels and Undies

While there are many things that some people find sexy and other people don’t seem to like much, generally I think most guys are turned on by hot girls in just their underwear, and a lot of guys love a girl in sexy high heels. Well, together, that is damn sexy!

Rilee is a cute 18 year old I found at FTV Girls, and she is such a cute little flirt! Wearing just her tiny bra and panties and some cute heels, she is the perfect little teaser, the type of girl you wish you found in your bed every night horny and willing to go. Her sexy smile will light you up, and her hot and tight little body will certainly get you going. Oh yeah, she loves to get off too, and as you will see in her sets, she isn’t shy to ride some of the biggest sex toys around. Damn, the girl is a hot tease and a real pleaser too!

See more of Sexy Rilee at FTV Girls, download all her videos here!

Sexy April has Bedroom Eyes

April has bedroom eyes, the type of eyes that say “I want you now, on the bed, do me!”, which is just so fucking sexy. Totally hot.

How sexy are her eyes? Well, I would say that many of you didn’t even notice her absolutely stunning big natural breasts out there totally exposed. Yes, April is stunning in many ways, an all natural girl with a body that doesn’t stop, sexy looks at every turn, and smooth skin that you will just want to lick. But for me, it’s the sexy eyes, the look of lust, of need, and of desire that is so damn sexy. But hey, she has nice big tits too!

Make up your own mind, check out April at FTV girls here!

FTV Girl Taylor Amazing Sexy Cleavage Shot

Sometimes it is so hard to express how truly sexy a girl is, or how large her natural breasts really are. Sometimes it is just a picture, a look, and that explains it all.

Taylor is one of the most recent newbies to become part of the FTV Girls family. She is a stunner, that is for sure, a natural hotty with absolutely stunning boobs, and yet such an innocent look as well. While she does get full naked and show you all of her charms, I just thought that this sexy shot of her cleavage and sweet innocent look was perfect, a totally sexy way to make your day a little better!

Want to see more of Taylor? Check her out at FTV Girls!

Sexy Suri Naughty Bubble Bath

Some things are so sexy they almost need no explaination. imaging finding a totally hot and sexy girl naked taking a bubble bath right in front of you. That is already pretty darn sexy.

Sexy Suri from FTV girls is making her very first naughty nude videos, and she is a little shy to start. But by the time she is in the bubble bath, she is feeling very sexy and more than a little randy, and she does some very naughty things in the tub! But I love the sexy shots the most, with her nice eye and cute smile, this girl is a walking wet dream. Well, wet and bubbly dream!

Download Suri’s sexy debut videos at FTV Girls here!

Alexa Loren Sunday Morning Sexy

Okay, imagine this perfect sunday morning. You are lying in bed, you wakeup and the sun is shing in through the curtains, and the house has a wonderful smell of fresh baking bread or cinnamon rolls or something like that. You get up, and head towards the kitchen to see what is smelling so nice, and you find sexy Alexa Loren in your kitchen cooking.

The catch? She is wearing nothing but an apron, and her massive breasts are just overwhelming it, leaking out from the sides, the top, and all around, giving you some incredible sexy glances at her impressive rack, yet teasing you as they disappear back behind the cloth. She turns to get something out of the oven, and this is when you realize she doesn’t have any panties on either.

Sunday morning bliss! See more of Alexa Loren at FTV Girls, she is so sexy!

Ileana Goes Buns Up

Sometimes it is totally amazing hot damn sexy and hot a picture can be even with a girl completely dressed.

I found sexy Ileana over at FTV Girls (First Time Videos), and she strikes this pose that shows absolutely nothing and yet tickles my brain in so many ways. her smile is infectious, a happy sexy want to play with you grin that lets you know that showing off is really something she enjoys. Then my brain mentally spins her around to see what this would all look like from behind, and I have to say wow. This girl is hot in all directions, and she doesn’t have to get naked to prove it.

Good for us though that the guys from FTV like their hotties naked, and we are treated to some amazing shots of her totally naked body plus some toy play and public nudity shots that will leave you drooling – after all, if she is this hot with her clothes on, imagine what happens when she gets naked!

See more of Ileana at FTV Girls, download her movies here!

Sexy Wet and Naked

sexy girl loses her bikini while sitting on the edgeWhat is that old song, “Sitting by the Dock of the Bay?”. Well, FTVGirls has given us pretty much the hottest version of this you are going to see, with this stunning, sexy girl getting a little wet and losing her bikini.

The set is entitled Pepper and Danielle, so this girl is one or the other but I am not sure which. But just like forgetting the name of that hot girl you are making love to, sometimes names aren’t important when you are enjoying yourself too much. This girl has got it all, a sweet sexy smile and a body that won’t quit – plus a perfectly shaved pussy that I know you will love! This girl knows sexy really well, and the FTVGirls crew manages to get all that sexy energy on to video and pictures for you. This is this girls first picture sets, so it’s stunning to see her naked outdoors showing off her perfect bod.

You can download her hot movies and super quality pics at FTVGirls, click here!

Almost Caught Flashing

alexa is almost caught flashing in publicIf you are a regular reader of my blog (and I hope you are) then you know I love public flashing and nudity. FTV Girls is one of the best sites in the world for sexy girls showing it all off in public locations, and when you combine that with girls making their first nude pics and videos, well, the fun never stops.

Alexa here is a great example of a first timer a little freaked out about the whole idea. They are shooting pics on a staircase in a big public building, and everything has been quiet as she has slowly pulled off her top to expose her amazing firm little tits. Well, all of a sudden someone opens a door somewhere, and Alexa goes into panic mode…. the entire set is so sexy because she is so shy and worried… and you can bet her pussy is dripping wet from the excitment!

Check out the pics here, or download the whole sexy movie at FTV Girls, click here!