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Pam Rodriquez Bronzed

pam rodriquez in a sexy bikini and lessPam Rodriquez is one pure hotty! I got his new gallery mailed to me this morning, and I knew I had to share it with you guys.

Yes, Pam is just a teaser, but damn, she really has a smoking body. This set is particularly good at showing off her curvy round ass, big and full and ready for you to put your hands all over it! Her big tits are like always out there and looking fine, and there is a little nipple slipping going on in this gallery so it’s all good!

Enjoy your Monday morning with a little taste of Pam Rodriquez, click here!

Salute the Flag

pam rodriquez in a sexy bikini and lessEveryone stand up and salute the American Flag. Well, actually, I am Canadian, so it isn’t my flag to salute, but hey, when a sexy hotty like Pam Rodriquez is wearing it and pretty much bursting out all around, I am going to salute (or at least give her a flagpole to run that flag up!)

You remember curvy and sexy Pam Rodriquez… a Hawaiian Tropics model, a hot import nights model, and generally a walking wet dream that can turn a regular bikini into a boner causing, pants straining piece of sexiness that leaves the guys drooling and the girls envious. Pam is a professional teaser, so I love her sexy site because she just knows how to make you feel, well… horny 🙂

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Pam Rodriguez Curvy and Sexy

pam rodriguez in a sexy bikini and lessCurvaceous is the word that best describes Pam Rodriguez. This girl has got curves all over the place that will leave you breathless. I think it is so sexy to see a girl that has such a super hot body who loves to tease, and this set is an entire tease. She starts off in a super tiny bikini, and when it comes off, she still works all the angles to tease you without mercy. This girl knows how to give a guy a good case of the blue balls, that is a true tease and that is damn sexy.

She is a Hawaiian Tropics model, a hot import nights model, and generally just a stunning, sexy girl…

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