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Anette Dawn Sexy Eyes

I think I spent about an hour looking at this gallery. It is sort of unusual because I usually glance and move on, not finding the girl quite sexy enough for you guys here. But well, Anette Dawn pretty much stopped me in my tracks. What a hotty!

What really gets me is her light brown eyes. they seem so deep and I feel like she is looking right at me, daring me to get turned on by her sexy body. But I can’t leave her eyes for more than second, even though this sexy girl has got an impressive pair of breasts and totally hot look. If you do get away from her eyes, you will still be blown away by her sexy body, but I think you will be back on her eyes with in seconds.

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Miko Sexy Asian Bikini Girl

The only thing in the world better than a sexy asian girl in a tiny bikini by the very blue waters is to have one slowly losing that bikini!

I found sexy Miko over at Club Thaichix, and let me tell you, even with the bikini solidly on, this girl is such a hotty that my screen almost started to smoke. Sheis so hot you think that there is no chance you would ever see this hotty any more naked than that. Then she starts undoing her bikini top, and you know this is going to get even more sexy before she is done.

Absolutely flawless is a great way to describe Miko, and I can’t wait to see even more of her!

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Alexis Silver Sexy Mesh Top

Alexis Silver is one of the better known big titty girls out there these days, but I selected this set not because of her big tits, but because the pics are so damn sexy!

Mesh tops are always so sexy because you get too see so much, and yet you aren’t seeing everything. Can you imagine Alexis in public in a top like this? Damn, that would just about stop traffic, I think. She has an amzing pair of natural big boobs, and a truly sultry look, and dressed like this she is a head turner that would cause accidents and have guys walking into buildings!

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Alison Angel Topless Swimmer

alison angel shows off her amazing nipplesAlison Angel is a back with a fresh set that is just blowing my mind. I love this girl’s innocent look and killer body, but this set of her in the water is just stunning.

Having her boobs out of her bikini and the water just under them really is amazing to see. Her nipples are up hard and ready, the water is probably a little cold and Alison Angel is certainly turned on showing off in the great outdoors. Her oh-so innocent smile is set off by her perfect tits, a tease and please all at the same time.

Plenty of nice shots in this set, all outdoors and all sexy! Alison Angel can really rock a bikini!

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Memphis Monroe See Thru Shirt

memphis monroe babe with big titsI was cruising around looking for something truly sexy when I ran across this pic of sexy Memphis Monroe. I have featured her on this site before, she is a truly sexy girl with huge natural tits and dinner plate nipples, and she always looks hot to me.

This set in particular though hits sexy for me because I love see thru tops, where you don’t see quite everything but man you are getting an eyeful. Memphis Monroe has amazing huge tits, so there is plenty to see, but she pulls of this very sexy look so well and just blows me away.

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Sexy Wet and Naked

sexy girl loses her bikini while sitting on the edgeWhat is that old song, “Sitting by the Dock of the Bay?”. Well, FTVGirls has given us pretty much the hottest version of this you are going to see, with this stunning, sexy girl getting a little wet and losing her bikini.

The set is entitled Pepper and Danielle, so this girl is one or the other but I am not sure which. But just like forgetting the name of that hot girl you are making love to, sometimes names aren’t important when you are enjoying yourself too much. This girl has got it all, a sweet sexy smile and a body that won’t quit – plus a perfectly shaved pussy that I know you will love! This girl knows sexy really well, and the FTVGirls crew manages to get all that sexy energy on to video and pictures for you. This is this girls first picture sets, so it’s stunning to see her naked outdoors showing off her perfect bod.

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Lux Kassidy Long Legs Upskirt

lux kassidy shows off her long legs and nice assHot fucking damn this is exactly the type of shot that registers a 10 on my sexy scale. Lux Kassidy has got a wonderful long pair of legs, and the photographer has schemed together those amazing legs, a great outfit, and the perfect angle to give us a sexy thrill!

I found this set over at Stunners, and Lux Kassidy surely is stunning. They have a whole bunch of stuff from this blonde hotty, but for me these long socks on her super long legs just gets me going. Talk about fucking sexy! Wouldn’t you just love to be walking up those stairs behind her, enjoying peeping at her little panties and nice round ass cheeks as they pop out of the skirt?

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Your Fierce Kiss

very intense domination kissIntensity.

Sometimes when I am cruising around looking for sexy girls I run across a scene that just stops me in my tracks. This is one of those images that just makes me go WHOA! I feel like Neo when I do that, but hey… these two girls are the same and different. Their kiss isn’t so much loving as dominating, intense, personal and yet somewhat cold and exciting.

Oh, did I mention that the girl on the left is getting her pussy licked out by a guy at the same time? These two girls end up sharing him like two vultures fighting over food, and which makes for a very intense set, powerfully secual and very sexy, but somehow a little odd.
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Latex Lingerie is Sexy

latex lingerie is sexyYurizan is a sexy babe with curves in all the right places. She needs them curves too, because an outfit like this would be lost on a lesser girl. Lingerie is known to be sexy, but Latex Lingerie is taking it to the next step.

I found this set over at a new site called Stockings on Pornstars, and this site is packed full of all your favorite babes (and a few more obscure European hotties) in some of the most amazing lingerie you will see. This green latex and orange stocking set goes well with Yurizan’s absolutely amazing round ass, that butt is a thing of beauty (and more!), something that should be worshipped, and this outfit is just perfect! Click here to see more of the pics.

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Pam Rodriguez Curvy and Sexy

pam rodriguez in a sexy bikini and lessCurvaceous is the word that best describes Pam Rodriguez. This girl has got curves all over the place that will leave you breathless. I think it is so sexy to see a girl that has such a super hot body who loves to tease, and this set is an entire tease. She starts off in a super tiny bikini, and when it comes off, she still works all the angles to tease you without mercy. This girl knows how to give a guy a good case of the blue balls, that is a true tease and that is damn sexy.

She is a Hawaiian Tropics model, a hot import nights model, and generally just a stunning, sexy girl…

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