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Month: March 2013

Meet Madden Sexy Bra and Great Cleavage

meet madden sexy bra
Most petite girls just don’t seem to be able to find a bra that fits well, I think they are trying to buy one size bigger hoping they fill it up. Madden from Meet Madden knows how to buy a bra, and well, she fills the up nicely!

This sexy girl is a real teaser, she’s been online for a long time and she loves to drive us wild with her sexy body and dress up shots. She also knows the power of cleavage, and even as a relative petite girl, she can manage some very tasty cleavage shots. This one in her leopard bra is quite nice, you can tell this girl has some nice tits on her, and she is more than willing to let the cleavage do the talking for her.

Best of all, she loses the bra and gives us even more teasing with hand bras, arm bras, and almost flashes of her tasty tits, as well as some really nice sexy shots of her ass and legs. This girl knows how to do sexy, that is for sure!

See more of sexy Madden on her personal hot site Meet Madden – she’s hot and ready for you!

Rachel Roxxx Sexy Monokini

rachel roxxx sexyI don’t know what happened, but all of a sudden the pornstar girls are really working their looks again and coming out with some really hot and sexy shots for us to enjoy.

This set with Rachel Roxxx is a great example. It’s pure hardcore porn, but this shot and the setup is very sexy indeed. Rachel Roxxx looks hot in this blue Monokini, a great design for girls who love to show it all off and yet keep it all under control too. She has some pretty amazing cleavage, and this bathing suit does a wonderful job of showing it all off but keeping it all just barely tucked in too!

Rachel Roxxx is hot in all directions too, she looks great going away as well, and oh yeah, she looks super sexy as the lucky guy pulls down the zipper on the front of her bathing suit to reveal more of her luscious cleavage and sexy body. Hot stuff for sure!

Naughty America has tons of hot scenes with Rachel Roxxx – click here for all her sexy looks!

Audrey Bitoni Amazing Cleavage Lingerie

audrey bitoni titsI cannot believe that it’s been five long years since I last featured sexy pornstar Audrey Bitoni on this blog, but hey, have a look at sexy Audrey Bitoni in 2008!

Today, well, she’s hotter than ever in my opinion, her look has matured nicely and she looks just as sexy as they come. Even her incredibly overdone man-made tits aren’t looking so bad, especially in this sexy lingerie set. I mean, wow, she’s matures into a hot sort of semi-MILF babe, with a rocking body and a sexy, sensual look that is hard to beat. her body is tight as they come and she knows how to use her ample assets to drive us wild. See thru lingerie always rates well on my Sxxy, and this set is perfect, her nipples more than willing to show up and drive us all wild!

Want more? Check out this set and all the action from Audrey Bitoni here!

Happy St Paddys Day from Nikki Sims

big titsHappy St Paddy’s day everyone!

Nikki Sims is giving us a whole new reason to enjoy St Paddy’s day, it’s nothing to do with green beer or floor cleaner strength booze, and instead it’s a wonderful pair of big, big titties with a good pair of well placed stickers. Kiss them, they are Irish… talk about a great invitation!

As always, Nikki Sims is hot and sexy in this set, she’s a teaser amateur who loves to drive us wild with her big cleavage and her very hot look. She really gets into St Paddy’s day with some nice green clothes and and some nice green lingerie too, which fits the holiday and looks damn good too. She gives us a great show, this girl knows how to show off her body perfectly, plenty of hot positions that make me think of naughty things I could do with her!

The stickers on the tits are perfect, a great way to celebrate the holiday!

Check out more of Nikki Sims on her hot personal site here!

Sexy Arm Bra Cleavage

arm bra cleavageSexy models are forever coming up with new ways to tease us with their sexy bodies, and one of the most popular seems to be the hot and naughty arm bra.

I found bikini model Jackie over at Alluring Vixens giving us a great example of this sexy art. She’s a hotty for sure, with an incredibly hot body and some nice full breasts that we are all dying to see pop out of her bikini top. Well, she sort of gives in, but then it’s time for the arm bra and the hand bra and a few other sexy alternatives that show a whole lot and nothing, which is an incredibly sexy way to do things.

The real bonus here I guess is that this girl is hot all over, she’s not just about a sexy pair of boobs and a tease, but also a look that says you really want to be getting with this sexy girl and exploring her all over. That’s a perfect sexy tease to me!

Check out more of Jackie at Alluring Vixens here!

Stunningly Sexy Cameron Dee

cameron dee innocent highWhen I saw this single picture of Cameron Dee (aka Embry Prada), I knew that this hot babe was totally perfect for this blog. I mean, what a wonderful combination of smile, cleavage, and lingerie.

I found her over at Innocent High, pointing out how hot she really is – she’s playing a schoolgirl, but she is actually in her mid 20s. She’s hot as all get out and still has a fresh young long, and she knows how to work it. I love a hot girl in lingerie, and the look of opening the shirt to show off that sexy bra and panty set is just powerful for me. She looks totally amazing, comfortable and confident in her sexy looks.

Even better, we not only get to see this babe get totally nude and show off all of her secrets (like her pierced nipples, bet you didn’t see that coming),we also get to see her in all out hardcore action too. That’s right, this sexy babe isn’t just teasing, she’s pleasing too, and she look absolutely amazing and sexy the whole time, the true sign of a red hot babe!

Check out more of Cameron Dee in this scene from Innocent High now!

Anissa Kate Naked and Sexy

anissa kate big titsI don’t usually go for totally naked girls on this blog, mostly because pure nudity is sexy in it’s own way, but it’s sort of the cheap way of doing it. However, there are exceptions to the rule, and Anissa Kate is certainly one of them.

This girl has a sultry look that is a little bit hard to describe, but I can assure you that she is absolutely smoldering hot in this set from Babes. She’s got that come hither look, or that sort of horny for your cock look, depending on how you look at it, I guess. I love the tousled hair, obscuring her rather large breasts and hard nipples. Very sexy indeed! One look at her like this and you pretty much want to jump right at the screen and go visit with her.

The full set is equally sexy, with plenty of hot, glamour style shots of her sexy body, her great looks, and of course that come and get it look that is sexy all by itself!

Check out the hi res pics and hot HD video of this sexy babe pleasuring herself at Babes, click here now!

Maggie Green 50s Style Pinup Cleavage

maggie green cleavage
During the 40s and 50s, pin up girls were all the rage. Back before nudity was considered socially acceptable, pinup girls where the porn of the day, showing off their sexy long legs, nice smiles, and occasionally some cleavage – or more likely, some of those big bra torpedo tit things that were so odd to see.

Maggie Green is a sexy busty model I found over at Scoreland, and she loves to show off and play. She’s also into playing dress up games, and this set has her dressed up as the near perfect 50s pinup girl, from the outfit to the makeup and hair, she’s got it almost perfect. She is also cheeky, turning around to show us her sexy stockings (with the line up the back) and her see thru panties! Wait, they didn’t have those in the 50s!

Maggie Green gives us a sexy strip down too, finally letting her massive breasts loose, proving that this ain’t the 50’s, because we can enjoy her big boobs without censorship!

Check out more of Maggie Green at Scoreland, click here now!

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