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Audrey Bitoni Amazing Cleavage Lingerie

audrey bitoni titsI cannot believe that it’s been five long years since I last featured sexy pornstar Audrey Bitoni on this blog, but hey, have a look at sexy Audrey Bitoni in 2008!

Today, well, she’s hotter than ever in my opinion, her look has matured nicely and she looks just as sexy as they come. Even her incredibly overdone man-made tits aren’t looking so bad, especially in this sexy lingerie set. I mean, wow, she’s matures into a hot sort of semi-MILF babe, with a rocking body and a sexy, sensual look that is hard to beat. her body is tight as they come and she knows how to use her ample assets to drive us wild. See thru lingerie always rates well on my Sxxy, and this set is perfect, her nipples more than willing to show up and drive us all wild!

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Audrey Bitoni Sexy Workout

sexy audrey bitoni gym workout nice titsIf you have ever spent time in a gym, you know that one of the best reasons to go to a gym isn’t to get healthy or fit, but rather to enjoy the girls in their tight outfits in all sorts of positions where you can enjoy their sweaty hot bodies. Gym clothes were certainly designed by men with the intention of showing off the most of a girl possible while she stretches and works out.

Audrey Bitoni is one of those girls you love to see working out. This set from Flexible Positions certainly takes that whole sexy gym thing one step further, going all the way in the gym. I love checking out her hot body in this little stretch top, her boobs are succulent! She works out in ways I want to work out too.

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