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Sexy Bikini Bartender

I don’t normally promote specifically hardcore porn sites on this blog, I tend to keep things sexy and simple, just the way I like them. However, I will make an exception for this exceptional bikini bartender. This my friends is sexy!

Can you imagine the tips this girl must make? Damn, if she was bartending in my local watering hole, the place would be packed all the time and the waitresses wouldn’t be making a dime, everyone would be lined up at the bar to get an eye full while they get a glass full! Oh yeah, this girl gets really sexy and naughty in the middle of the bar later in the set, so you do get to find out what is hiding under that tiny bathing suit.

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Alison Angel Sexy Bikini

Anyone who is a repeat visitor to knows that I am a big fan of Alison Angel. This girl manages to combine a completely innocent, deer in the headlights sort of look with a smoking hot sensuality that is just mind blowing.

This set features this blonde stunner outdoors, where she loves to show off the most. This time in a pool, she is wearing (at least for a while) a cute green polka dot bikini that she could wear to any beach. it isn’t long before that bikini starts to come off, and Alison starts to give us views of her stunning body, all the while looking as innocent as they come.

Watching her get naked in the pool is like spying on your sexy neighbor, you are always amazed when you see what she does next! Alison looks shy but she sure isn’t scared to get her fingers wet playing with her sizzling hot pussy either!

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Nightclub Party Girls are Sexy

wild club girls party so sexy
This is probably one of the things we are all most likely to see in our lives, and yet it is always sexy when you see it. Two girls in the middle of a nightclub, maybe a little drunk, maybe a little horny, kissing and making out in front of everyone. It’s totally hot!

Well, the Reality Kings took it a step further and said, “let’s go party In The VIP” so you get an inside look at some of the wildest night club parties and sexy private parties that are just awesome. Plenty of sexy shots, public touching, nudity, and well, yes, even hardcore sex as these guys and girl go wild in some of the hottest VIP night club parties you will see anywhere.

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Kendra Sexy In Almost Nothing

kendra banx sexy
This is a great example of everything being covered and yet that, well, bathing suit, no, wait, halter, no wait, stripper outfit is just this close to coming off.

I think clothes that could come off at any time, either as a slip, or intentionally as a tease are great. You know that Kendra is exactly 2 seconds away from slipping that top the side and letting her nice natural boobs out, and in a public place too, that is just so sexy and hot.

Wouldn’t you love to be headed out to the consession stand at your next football game and run across Kendra in this outfit? Damn, she is a traffic stopper, that is for sure!

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Audrey Bitoni Sexy Workout

sexy audrey bitoni gym workout nice titsIf you have ever spent time in a gym, you know that one of the best reasons to go to a gym isn’t to get healthy or fit, but rather to enjoy the girls in their tight outfits in all sorts of positions where you can enjoy their sweaty hot bodies. Gym clothes were certainly designed by men with the intention of showing off the most of a girl possible while she stretches and works out.

Audrey Bitoni is one of those girls you love to see working out. This set from Flexible Positions certainly takes that whole sexy gym thing one step further, going all the way in the gym. I love checking out her hot body in this little stretch top, her boobs are succulent! She works out in ways I want to work out too.

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Sexy Nude Twin Girls

two hotty latina sisters nude together in the poolI have to be very careful when I write this, because i don’t want to suggest anything too wild… but hey, please, feel free to let your imaginations run wild (and try not to run over mine while you do it!)

I found these two hotties over at Pacino’s World, hanging out together in a neat swimming pool with a water fall and stuff, and let me tell you, I pretty much went solid boner right away. I think that anyone who has met sexy twins before has had a threeway fuck fantasy, and with these two, your imagination can make it even more so. They are perfect together, from their tan lined titties to their amazing latina bubble butts, these girls are perfect fantasy material and they are naked and no shy to get very very close to each other and hug and stuff. I want to get sandwiched in between these two, that is for sure…

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Almost Caught Flashing

alexa is almost caught flashing in publicIf you are a regular reader of my blog (and I hope you are) then you know I love public flashing and nudity. FTV Girls is one of the best sites in the world for sexy girls showing it all off in public locations, and when you combine that with girls making their first nude pics and videos, well, the fun never stops.

Alexa here is a great example of a first timer a little freaked out about the whole idea. They are shooting pics on a staircase in a big public building, and everything has been quiet as she has slowly pulled off her top to expose her amazing firm little tits. Well, all of a sudden someone opens a door somewhere, and Alexa goes into panic mode…. the entire set is so sexy because she is so shy and worried… and you can bet her pussy is dripping wet from the excitment!

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Naked on the Beach

verunka gets naked on the beach for glossy is one of the better teen and coed babes sites around. This site is packed full of sexy girls in amazing photsets and very sexy videos.

Take Verunka here as an example: A truly stunning babe, with all the nice natural curves, a sultry look, and a ton of hot attitude. You know this girl would be great fun to play with. Can you imagine fucking her in the surf? Her smaller boobs are just wonderful, and her shapely ass is a thing of beauty.

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Locker Room Sex

fucking in the lockerroom at the gymFantasies are often things that come to us early in life. Anyone who ever had to change in a high school locker room for gym probably has had a fantasy or two about the girls from the next gym sneaking into the guys locker room for a little fun. Sometimes a girl might accidentily walk into the wrong room at your health club, and get all flustered and leave. Can you imagine if she stayed there, or was even waiting for you?

Daisy Marie plays out this fantasy so well at Naughty America, waiting for her trainer to come in after her workout so she can get some very different sorts of exercise. She has been teasing him all through her boxercise lesson, so she is pretty sure she can get him going. This is one of those fantasy sets that makes me want to join up to a gym and get healthy, especially if the reward is getting to boff a sexy latina babe.

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