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Hitomi Sexy Japanese Girl With Massive Natural Boobs

A little off our beaten path here in a way today, because this time out we are going for sexy not because of what the girl is wearing or the location, but rather the true rarity of mega busty Japanese girls.

Hitomi is one of those rare cases, a well rounded Japanese girl who has been blessed with absolutely titanic class boobs. This AV star has got something in the range of J cup titties, they are huge, they are real, and they are sort of overwhelming. It’s sexy as hell to see her massive breasts, that is for sure.

Plus the bonus sexy is her outfit in this debut set for Scoreland has some real nice parts to it. It’s pretty impressive to see her huge boobs trying to escape from this top, they are going all over the place trying to get out of confinement, giving us both some sexy cleavage, some underboob, and side boobs all at the same time. It’s like a boob buffet! Plus the girl has an overall sexy look, and she is sort of shy and open at the same time. Very nice!

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Japanese Girls Are Sexy

I will admit that I have always loved asian girls, and Japanese girls are some of the hottest and yet most innocent asian girls around. The Japanese people love sex, they love being sexual, but they are also very shy and conservative at times. So you end up with some of the most amazing, stunning girls, who often come off as innocent as a schoolgirl.

Hiraku here is a great example of how damn sexy Japanese girls are. She is playing outside on a tropical beach in her new bikini, looking both sexy and innocent, sweet and horny, hot and shy. So even when she gets a little more serious and the bikini starts to come off, she is still looking like a naughty girl getting away with something. Her body is amazing, her pussy naturally hairy with the straight, soft, and bush hair that only Japanese girls seem to have.

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