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Sexy Girl Naked on the Train

glossy angels, naked outdoors, public nudity, upskirts - 4 Comments » - Posted on January, 27 at 2:07 pm

I have to say, this is one sexy scene from Glossy Angels. Gewn (I think they typoed her name, but let’s roll with it) is quite the sexy girl, in a sexy short skirt and a night tight top. She buys her ticket to the train and we follow her through the main station on her way. She gets on the train, and once in motion, she starts to get her clothes out of the way so we can enjoy her hot body.

There is something just hot about public nudity, she could get caught at any time, and I think she knows it. She is damn turned on doing this, and looks so hot. She has wonderful breasts and a smooth shaved pussy that looks good enough to eat right there where she sits. I think a ride on the train with this girl would be a whole lot of fun!

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Tanning Bed Candid Pics are Sexy

Mallory Martin, masturbation - 6 Comments » - Posted on January, 12 at 12:13 pm

Mallory Martin is a sexy and wild amateur who loves to show off, and loves to play World of Warcraft. That’s right, she a sexy geek girl, which is always sort of hot all by itself.

This time she serves up what I consider a pretty sexy thing, hot candid pics from a tanning salon. Tanning may be a little bad for your skin, but the thought of coming into a room and finding a naked girl getting a tan and being able to check out her body without her realizing you are there is pretty darn hot. Mallory is getting into showing off too, I think she is trying to make sure that her fingers don’t get too tanned by hiding them in her pussy!

See more of sexy Mallory Martin on her personal site, she is very interactive!


Sexy Kate Nice Cleavage

cleavage, Kates Playground, large breasts - 6 Comments » - Posted on January, 3 at 7:01 pm

Kate from Kate’s Playground has one of the longer running Amateur sites on the net, she has been at this since she turned 18, and she is still looking so damn hot and sexy. She knows exactly how to tease, and this set is a great example.

This is her Chistmas outfit, a sexy red thing that shows off her wonderful curves so well, that top is barely covering her yummy breasts, giving us a cleavage shot of superior quality. Kate is so sexy too, a smouldering sort of sexy that you know will catch fire any second. This hot Canadian has a website packed full of hot stuff, she is certainly a sexy girl worth checking out!

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Sexy and Soaking Wet Wivien

In Focus Girls, wet, wet t-shirts - 1 Comment » - Posted on January, 1 at 12:53 pm

let’s start 2010 off right with a truly sexy girl. Wivien is a European hotty who knows how to drive us all crazy. I never quite figured out the wearing clothes to take a shower thing, but in this case, the idea is clear! Damn, she look so sexy soaking wet, with her pretty nipples poking through.

She isn’t shy either, when the clothes come off she is just as sexy, using the shower head and her fingers to pleasure herself in a very sexy scene, it’s hot to see such a stunning model type girl getting herself off. I guess her new year is starting well!

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Ariel Rebel Sexy Boxing Day

Ariel Rebel, see thru, teasing, teens, tiny tits, wet t-shirts - 7 Comments » - Posted on December, 26 at 3:03 pm

I don’t know about you, but if this is what boxing day is suppose to be about, well, sign me up!

Sexy and petite french Canadian hotty Ariel Rebel brings a whole new meaning to boxing day, forget the maddening crowds, forget the special that aren’t really special, and let’s concentrate on what is important: A sexy, petite coed with an amazing body, such a cute look, and some of the nicest and sexiest little titties you will ever see. I love the see thru the top look, her nipples are hard and very much ready for a little attention, Ariel always gets turned on showing off. She’s one hot teaser, that is for sure!

Ariel Rebel has been in all the hot teen magazines, but her personal site goes way further! She’s sexy and smart, she designed her own site, runs her own site, and loves to show off and make you guys sweat as you see her absolutely stunning petite curves. Boxing day will never get better, so check out Ariel Rebel now!


Misty Gates Sexy Soaking Wet

Misty Gates, teasing, tiny tits, wet - 8 Comments » - Posted on December, 25 at 12:39 pm

Misty Gates is one of those girls that has a bunch of different looks, from sexy and sweet to hot rocker style goth chick with the tattoos and the hard looks. She’s almost two different girls in one, but both of them are very sexy!

Misty Gates also proves that, even soaking wet, she is still sexy as hell. A soaking wet girl gives up all those things that protect her, like the hair style, the perfect makeup, the right clothes… Misty is just naked, soaking wet, and 100% sexy. I love her perky titties, and her cute smile, she has a look that is just so nice, wet, dry, or any level of dampness in between. The tattoos are big, and yet it’s sort of a nice offset to her sweet smile, showing her as both sweet and naughty, all in the same package!

Check out more of Misty Gates on her personal site, she’s waiting for you!


British Teen Emily Has Dreamy Cleavage

cleavage, Emilys Dream, large breasts - 10 Comments » - Posted on December, 23 at 10:03 pm

Emily from Emily’s Dream has pretty much got this cleavage thing all worked out. There is nothing more sexy than a girl who is willing to tease you in all sorts of ways, and Emily is just that type of teaser. With a body like hers, can you blame her?

This sweet looking British teen measures in at a stunning 30G, and she isn’t shy to use those major league breasts to drive you wild. She has some sexy live cam shows on her site as well, so you can check her out more. I just love the images, because this is a girl who knows what she has, and isn’t shy to let us have a peek. That’s pretty darn sexy!

See more of Emily on her personal site here, her huge sexy jugs are waiting!


Karla Spice Sexy Tiny White Bikini

bikini, karla spice, large breasts, latina - 1 Comment » - Posted on December, 12 at 8:55 am

With the winter months upon us here in the northern hemisphere, our thoughts turn to the warmer days of summer. With sexy Karla Spice, we get to enjoy summer all over again.

This stunning latina babe just rocks this white bikini, absolutely overwhelming it and still keeping it all in place. I love her dark skin and sexy eyes, and I love her smile. Karla Spice knows how to tease, that is for sure, and she really goes all out in this set. Her sweet ass cheeks are so fine, sexy firm and ready for some spanking or maybe just some good licking, whatever you prefer.

Can you imagine getting to oil this sexy girl up so she doesn’t burn in the sun?

See more of Sexy Karla Spice here!


Shyla Jennings Sexy in Blue

lingerie, sexy eyes, shyla jennings, teens - 2 Comments » - Posted on December, 9 at 12:50 pm

Every time I see Shyla Jennings sweet smile, I am blown away by how hot this girl is.

I have featured Sexy Shyla Jennings more than once on this blog, she is like a gift that keeps giving. This cutie has her own site, does hot webcam shows, and generally loves to show off and tease. Honestly, with looks like hers, we should all be happy she loves to get naked, because damn, I love checking her out!

This set has Shyla in some nice blue lingerie, at least to start with. Blue seems to be her favorite color, and she looks so cute. She’s like your sister’s naughty friend from school, who loves to tease you when nobody is looking. Her body is so wonderful, her smile to contagious, and her look always hot… Maybe Santa can deliver her for Christmas?

Check out Shyla Jennings on her personal site with videos pics and webcam shows here!


Rachel Sexton Sexy Fishnet Bodysuit

If you are regular reader of my blog (and I hope you are, if not bookmark us or add our RSS feed to your reader), you will know that I love fishnet. I think that fishnet was a miracle sexy invention, which allows girls to be both completely dressed and totally naked at the same time, which creates all sorts of sexy!

Tiny titty teen Rachel Sexton is the proud wearer of the fishnet bodysuit this time out, and she looks fucking awesome in this full length bodysuit and high heels. She’s so cute and petite too, the pigtails give her an innocent look even as she is nearly naked. Oh yeah, she isn’t shy to get ripping at her fishnets either so she can get at her more intimate parts for a little fun too, this girl loves to show off, and she isn’t shy to get off!

Rachel Sexton has a personal site full of sexy videos, pics, and she does hot live cam shows that will leave you drooling! Check out more of Rachel Sexton here!


Viki So Sexy in Stockings and Heels

Oh my god this girl is hot! I found sexy Viki over at, and while I am not entirely sure that she is really a teen (more like a coed), she is still absolutely stunning in this hot set.

First and foremost, I love girls in sexy stockings. These ones are patterned in a way that really show of her sexy long legs. Add in the high heels, and we are pretty much already maxing out the sexy meter. The lingerie is damn hot too, I love the look of a girl who is just about to get naked and hasn’t quite done it yet, the tease is still on and I am loving it!

Best of all for me is that that sexy Viki has got super hot tiny tits and a lean, sexy body that leaves me drooling. I love her look of long legs, lean upper body, firm little titties, and sultry looks. She’s absolutely sexy for sure!

Check out more of Viki and plenty of other Euro hotties at, click here now!


Rilee Sexy in Heels and Undies

cotton panties, FTV Girls, high heels, lingerie, masturbation - 7 Comments » - Posted on December, 2 at 8:24 am

While there are many things that some people find sexy and other people don’t seem to like much, generally I think most guys are turned on by hot girls in just their underwear, and a lot of guys love a girl in sexy high heels. Well, together, that is damn sexy!

Rilee is a cute 18 year old I found at FTV Girls, and she is such a cute little flirt! Wearing just her tiny bra and panties and some cute heels, she is the perfect little teaser, the type of girl you wish you found in your bed every night horny and willing to go. Her sexy smile will light you up, and her hot and tight little body will certainly get you going. Oh yeah, she loves to get off too, and as you will see in her sets, she isn’t shy to ride some of the biggest sex toys around. Damn, the girl is a hot tease and a real pleaser too!

See more of Sexy Rilee at FTV Girls, download all her videos here!


Sunset Beach Nudes are Sexy

This sexy set from Stunners hits so many of my favorite things all at the same time, it’s like christmas for me.

First off, you have a sexy blonde, Natasha Marley, and she has got an amazing curvy figure. Then put her outdoors, fuck I’m liking this! On the beach? Wow! Now, let’s dress her in nothing but a sexy fishnet top, get her soaking wet, and wait for the sun to go down. Holy crap, this is about as sexy as beach pictures can get.

She ends up totally covered in sand, looking very sexy indeed, without much on but a smile and that is more than enough for me. This girl has a super sexy body, a naughty attitude, and she looks like she would be a whole bunch of fun to rolling the surf with and make love. I’m there!

Check out the full set from Stunners, click here!


Busty Layla Overwhelms Her Sexy Bikini

bikini, la zona modelos, large breasts, latina, teasing - 3 Comments » - Posted on November, 23 at 10:28 am

Bikinis pretty much are always sexy, a day at the beach or your local water park can tell you that. But there is a certain class of bikini that I would call the “too small to be believed”, which is usually found only in bikini contests and such. Unless you are a hot and busty girl like Layla here, she can turn the ordinary into the wildly sexy.

I found Layla over at La Zona Modelos, a site dedicated to finding the hottest latina girls from all over. Layla is cute, and she has some serious boobies. I love her in this sexy bikini because she is just overwhelming it, making me wish I would see her walking down the beach. What a nice look, the breasts popping out of the bottom, the material stretched to it’s limits. It’s so damn sexy to be wishing that the whole thing will just explode in front of you!

See more of Layla (much more!) at La Zona Modelos, click here!


See Thru Tops are Sexy

see thru, teasing,, teens - 2 Comments » - Posted on November, 21 at 8:44 pm

It is one of the great mysteries of life, why is something we can almost see way more sexy than what we can see?

This hot set of Teasing Tea in her see thru top (and out of it) is a great example of how simple things can be so sexy. Tea is a hotty, nice looking babe with a smoking hot body, and some seriously nice boobs. This Czech Republic hotty is exactly model perfect, balanced, and sexy. The images of her fully nude are hot, that is for sure. Yet I am drawn to the see thru top shots the most, I guess it’s the thrill of seeing what you aren’t suppose to see or something, but whatever, I know where my eyes went first!

Form your own opinion, check out the gallery and then check out more of Tea and more hot babes at Teen Models here!