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Month: May 2009

Latina Teen Lola Sexy in Mesh Top

I love this set of sexy teen Lola in her orange mesh top. I think the real turn on is that with the jean jacket over the top, this girl could walk into a shopping center or down the street, and besides guys checking her out because she is so sexy, they might never know the very sexy surprise under the jacket.

Mesh tops are sexy, pure and simple. Wearing a mesh top outdoors is sexy, and on a dark skin latina with nice big nipples, well, it’s so hot! I found Lola at La Zona Modelos, which is a great latina site packed full of all sorts of hotties doing very sexy things, plenty of outdoor nudes, things like that. Lola has an amazing body top to bottom, and a smile that is just so dazzling. Her boobs are amazing, through the mesh you just want to munch through to get to them. Watching her get naked outdoors on the rooftop where so many people can see her, well, that is damn sexy too!

Check out more of Lola at La Zona Models here!

Japanese Girls Are Sexy

I will admit that I have always loved asian girls, and Japanese girls are some of the hottest and yet most innocent asian girls around. The Japanese people love sex, they love being sexual, but they are also very shy and conservative at times. So you end up with some of the most amazing, stunning girls, who often come off as innocent as a schoolgirl.

Hiraku here is a great example of how damn sexy Japanese girls are. She is playing outside on a tropical beach in her new bikini, looking both sexy and innocent, sweet and horny, hot and shy. So even when she gets a little more serious and the bikini starts to come off, she is still looking like a naughty girl getting away with something. Her body is amazing, her pussy naturally hairy with the straight, soft, and bush hair that only Japanese girls seem to have.

Totally sexy! Check out all the hot Japanese girls at Unseen Japan, click here!

Braless Pokie Nipples are Sexy

I often think that the true meaning of sexy is something you can’t quite see, something that requires you to use a little imagination to get what you want. After all, your brain gets so stimulated from thinking about the possiblities. I love things that tease my mind.

Luscious Perscilla is one sexy teen with an amazing pair of not entirely natural big tits and nipples that pop so well, So when you put a hotty teen like this in a tiny tank top and let nature and a little cold air take it’s course, you get an amazing hot of Perscilla, her big hot tits, and her nice big nipples turned into t-shirt pokies for all to enjoy. Them’s some great looking teen tits, that is for sure!

Check out more of Luscious Perscilla and her amazing tits here!

Tiny Bikinis are Sexy

Summer is here in the northern hemisphere, and that means some sweaty hot days, sun pounding down, and of course, sexy girls in teeny tiny bikinis trying to get that hot all over tan. Some girls know how much it turns us poor guys on, so they really take it up a notch, teasing us with some of the most extreme and non-existant bikinis they can find.

That is sort of the spirit behind the site Sweet Natural Girl, which has a whole collection of hot teen girls from Holland and around that area showing off, but often never getting entirely naked. They know we love to be teased, and these girls know exactly how to do it. Like stunning teen Priscilla here, what a total hotty, sexy body, really nice ass, tiny tits, and wow, can this girl be so sexy in her tiny bikinis, see thru tops, and ultra tiny g-strings? What a teaser, what a sexy showoff!

Check out more of sexy Priscilla at Sweet Natural Girl here!

Sexy Sunny Leone

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have probably heard of Sexy Sunny Leone. This Indian Canadian babe has been rocking the world with her sexy good looks and amazing body for a few years now, she was the Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003, and now she has her own personal website and yes now you can see Sunny Leone Hardcore!

The hardcore is nice, but the sexy stuff is still tops for me. This girl has amazing curves in all the right places, a super hot face, and sexy dark skin. She is a total indian dream girl, that is for sure, and a real teaser that knows exactly what turns you on. This set has her in a sexy teddy style black lingerie that comes apart in all the right places, so she can slowly reveal all her impressive charms. Sunny Leone has beautiful boobs, sexy long legs, and well, her pink pleasure palace looks sweet enough to eat!

Want to see more of Sunny Leone? Check out her personal website here!

Sexy Cleavage from Love Gisele

Ain’t cleavage a wonderful thing?

Sexy Gisele from shows off her very impressive cleavage, this girl is quite a teaser. These shots are all from a camshow she did recently, and as you will see, the buxom blonde loves to show off, loves to turn you on, and of course, she loves to tease. With succulent big tits like those, you know this girl is going to tease!

So in this set, you see her in this sexy pink and black outfit, then she strips down and adds some cream to cover up her nipples for a while, totally awesome and sexy again, and then finally, well… you have to check out her site to see the rest. Let’s just say all of Gisele is as hot as her smile!

Check out Love Gisele here!

Alex Jolie Proves See Thru is Sexy

Okay, I have never doubted it for a second, but Alex Jolie has proven once again that see thru is sexy. It’s amazing what the mind and what the imagination can do, it’s what you can’t see that makes it so sexy, even if you can see everything.

This set from Alex Jolie is impressive, super nice quality images showing off the sexy 20 year old in all her glory. She is eating popcorn and showing off, this single light shooting is very intimate and quite sexy, and she looks amazing. Nice big nipples, firm titties, and well, all the rest. She looks great covered up, she looks sexy naked, and pretty much teases the heck out of us.

Want to see more of Alex Jolie? Check out her personal site here!

Shyla Jennings Sexy Cheerleader

I think it is a rule of the universe that cheerleaders are almost always 100% sexy. The uniforms are almost always amazing, the girls with their long legs out jumping around with their boobs bouncing and they short skirts flipping up and giving us panty flashes, well, it’s pretty much a given that cheerleaders are sexy.

Shyla Jennings is damn sexy too, so put her in a cheerleader uniform and it’s like spontaneous sexual combustion. She doesn’t even have to get naked, and this set is already steaming hot and sexy. She gives us some serious teasing this time out, with some nice upskirts and some nearly naked flashing, her pom-opms are pumping and she is looking so sexy!

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